Dwarf confusion

Ian J

Sorry if this has been answered, but I am confused on Dwarves. In the 2.0 rules I am not seeing a restriction for 2 handed weapons but in the new CMA when I make a Dwarf it does state that restriction. Is this a typo in the 2.0 rules or the CMA?
I believe the error is in the CMA. To the best of my knowledge, all of the descriptions for the Races that didn't change much from 1.3 (Human, Dark Elf, Dwarf, etc.) were simply copied over from the ARB 1.3, because the ARB 2.0 hadn't been written yet and having the 1.3 description was better than no description.

In 2.0, there are no longer any Races besides Biata that are restricted from learning any Skill. This will likely be updated in the CMA once the ARB 2.0 is officially live, and proper 2.0 descriptions can be copied over.

ETA: In the meantime, if the CMA says you can buy a skill, assume you can buy the skill. Chris and Ken did a ton of work on it and the actual character building section is essentially bug-free at this point, and we're all very grateful for that.
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No problem! Good luck with your character. <3