Early Morning Wakeup


An open letter,

My apologies to the town for waking most of you up Saturday night, unfortunately one person deserved it. Early in the morning, I realized a theft had occurred by some member of the town when they either intentionally, or accidentally kept treasure from the final fight where we broke the Ward Stone.

I have recovered the sword in question, it is in my possession, but I do not know who took it. I would recommend the culprit come forward. I am fairly certain I will be able to magically determine the culprit, so please make it easy on yourself. As far as what to do with the sword, I will follow whatever laws come down from our Knights.

-Syver Olafson
Cpl. Dark Tide Armada
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. As well as thank you for recovering the stolen sword. There shall be no need to magically determine who stole it bc I myself am asking for the culprit to come forward.

As far as the sword. I wish to see it auctioned off FIRST thing next market day friday night to all those who went with to break the ward stone.

Thank you again Syver!
-Sir Sorn


I'm very pleased to see that thievery is being dealt with, but please don't use commands to find the culprit, if that was an option. I'm probably not the only person who would be upset.

On a side note, I think I missed something big late Saturday night, and I'm curious. What's a Ward Stone, and why did it need breaking? Anything else big happen that I and others might have missed? Please enlighten me.



The ward stones are what stop rifting on the other side of the door. Stopping rifting prevents the Tempi from jumping through the holes left in the rifts. Typically the wardstones do not need breaking, and should not be broken. However, the Tempi found a way to corrupt the specific ward stone we destroyed on Saturday. My understanding is that a corrupted wardstone is very bad, and would allow them to super charge their forces. Or drag the two continents into each other. So we went through the door, stopped it, and during that time someone pulled a sword from the treasure pile. I imagine Syver has already brought this to the attention of his majesty King Klous.


He indeed brought this to the attention of King Klous personally-it was with his assistance we were able to retrieve the stolen weapon.



Has anyone investigated the process of creating a wardstone? If so, please contact me.


Oh boy, Shar, you're messing with weird magics again. I can't say I'm surprised...I don't think you ever stopped doing that.

*sighs echo in the dream* This is why my guildmates need me...
This is why adventurers CAN have nice things: because we're foolish enough to go after them. I would, in fact, be interested in said research, and, though not in the ones I have currently, it's possible one of the Seeker's tomes has information on said topic.

- Wycliff, the Seeker.


I said what I did in jest, if that wasn't clear. It's hard to convey things like that in these dreams... Simply picture me rolling my eyes and grinning and I think you'll understand.
The magics used the create the stones is not of our lands. Please, if anyone does find out anything come contact me so it can be properly recorded.

Fredrick Crawford


I would politely ask that we don't go looking into how to build things that prevent people from getting places. Not only am I personally against this, but at this point I feel that there is no real benefit for anyone in doing this, especially if something goes wrong and gives the Tempi another opportunity to use it like they attempted this past market day.

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