Early November Solar Services


Chicago Staff
This market it will be even more imperative that those who may desire or need the aid of Celestial Magic attempt to plan in advance.

Ritual Services will be easier to manage shortly after initial arrival. Especially for those who may need last minute castings before anything happening the following day.

Celestial Spell Stores
I will have some Battle Magic available for purchase throughout the market gathering.
Circle Mastery 1-4: cost of production
Circle Mastery 5-8: retail value
Filled through personal energies: see Fredrick if/when he is available, first come first serve.

Ritual Casting Services
5s per difficulty required (from Fredrick or Myself). I will be available our first night, however I will not be available to cast rituals the following day.

I am able to accomplish those of lower difficulty, those of greater difficulty or a number of desired augmentations should see Fredrick if/when he is available.

Are first come first serve - available from Fredrick, seek him out to make arrangements if/when he arrives.
I will be at this next gathering. Please contact me early if you need any larger items crafted so timing can be planned.

Also, to all Solar Guild members or those intrested in joining, we will be having two meetings this market. The first will be Friday night after things have callmed down. The second will be just before and into lunch. These meetings will cover the same things so plan to make at least one. If any Solars are planning to join us this market, please let us know to which meeting you will be coming out.

-Fredrick Crawford, Saturnian Journyman of the Solars Guild


Is there any published information available regarding the Solar Guild?

I was able to find some basic information regarding the houses and the ranking members, but nothing regarding the general membership, requirements, methods of promotion, etc.

Any help you could send my way would be appreciated.
Since the shift in magics no formal documents have been provided. I would come to the meeting and I will go over what has been required in the past.

-Fredrick Crawford, Saturnian Journyman of the Solars Guild