Earth Circle Report from May Gather


Raleigh Staff
Hello, Adventurer’s. I hope your gathering was well. Judging from the Earth Circle Book, it couldn’t have gone too poorly. I am dreaming, once again, to make public the happenings of the Earth Circle.

May 6: Heinricht Invests Aoife

That is all. But there were some things left behind in the Earth Circle, and I will also being making a log of those here as well:

Enhance Source Ritual Scroll
Focused Resistance Ritual Scroll
Lore Ritual Scroll
Healing/Chaos Imbuement Ritual Scroll
Seek the Whole Ritual Scroll
Spirit Farewell Ritual Scroll
2x 10 Healing Potions
1x 20 Healing Potion
1x 25 Healing Potion
1x 35 Healing Potion
A Solid metal ring with a red gem known as “Ring of Three wishes” with a Store Ability Sleep/Paralysis Blow, Enchant Weapon Shield, and Enchant Cure Wounds 15 that is Earthen in Nature
A notes logging the potions
A note with the following text: “Please do not remove these scrolls or catalysts from this circle. The mist walkers are keeping this here for safe keeping, for the town to use them should the need arise. -Roland Tolstoy. P.S. The ring is reserved for whoever is decided to be champion of Hearthglen Mistwalkers. Please keep that here as well.

That concludes the Official Circle Summary.

From a personal note, I know I have questions. How does one become the champion of the Mistwalkers? What are the consequences of taking things from the circle unbidden? Only time will tell, I suppose.

Regardless, please let me know if you have any questions for me relating to the Circle summary or anything else for that matter. I rarely get a “How was your weekend, Enika?” It’s always “How many people did you resurrect this weekend, Enika?” “Help, Enika, I was attacked by a wolf. Can you please heal me!” So macabre.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,

Enika Pineguard