Elwynd visits the Enclave

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A plainly dressed elf carrying a staff wanders through the unfamiliar streets of Calanda's seat of power. He had been informed by his newly met acquaintances that it was customary for mages to register themselves with the appropriate magical guilds if they wished to practice their trade legally within these lands. To this end he has sought out the earth weaver's enclave hoping to find someone who can help him with this task.

Elwynd wanders in through the main door and approaches the front desk seeking to speak to whomever is on duty at the moment.


Calgary Staff
The little old lady finishes with the last person ahead of you. She writes something on a piece of paper, rolls it up and ties it, summons a page who takes it and runs out the door. Looking up, she peers at you over her glasses. "Yes?"
Upon being acknowledged Elwynd steps up to the desk. "Greetings, I have only recently arrived in the city but it has been explained to me that all earth casters must register with the enclave if they wish to practice within these lands. As I have studied in the way of earth I thought it would be prudent to seek the enclave out so I may be added to this list."
"I'll be sure to return when you have more time on hand." Elwynd turns towards the door and exits.

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