Emblem Contest!

Hey everybody Alliance Kansas is putting out a contest in search of three emblems to represent three organizations within the shard of Rumeria! The Organizations we are looking to represent are Our Healer's Guild, Celestial Guild, and the City of Haven our main Focus of plot, we are also looking for Emblems/Coat of arms/Heraldry symbols for other possible plot points. Every chosen emblem will be awarded 200 GS to the creator as well as being immortalized in banners we'll create and use every game! Any other emblem catches our eyes in a special way will be awarded 60 GS as runner-ups. Any All Final Submissions must be sent too AllianceKansasPlotTeam@gmail.com.

Be sure too Include with your submission
-Name ( So we can find you in CMA)
-Character ( So we can find you in CMA)
-Chapter ( So we can find you in CMA)
-And which Submission is for which

Edit: Deadline for all Final Submissions has been extended too August 20th due to the pandemic!
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Are these meant to be sew-able? Purely printed? Painted?
Yes to all those, we are looking for something we can put on banners, or other items so any and all forms work