Emeritus Magical Services April '23


Alliance Rules
Chicago Staff
Greetings to the adventurers of Evodia. For those of you who may not know me, I am Beryl, a celestial formalist of notable skill. Let me remind you of all the wonderful magical services I provide! I know quite a bit about magic and am well versed in spellcasting, but my specialty is ritual casting. My full services are as follows.

1. Celestial Ritual Casting - Costs are dependent on ritual risks and casting time. Most single castings range from 1-3 gold. I also offer any Ritual Manipulation at a rate of 1 gold per manipulation. Ritual Manipulations can alter the power or usability of an item, save valuable reagents, shorten the casting time, make the ritual more likely to succeed and more. If you are unfamiliar with Ritual Manipulations, feel free to ask questions.

2. Celestial Spell Crafting - Cost dependent on the type of scroll, typically a gold or less. I have a collection of personal scrolls that can be used for spell crafting at no extra charge.

3. Earth Spell Crafting - That's right, Earth! While costs are comparable to Celestial Spell Crafting, I require at least one days notice for Earth spell crafting or it will be unavailable as space is extremely limited. First come, first served.

4. Wards - Need peace of mind while sleeping? Buy a Ward which keeps others out and your belongings safe! I needen't be invested in the ward to create it. I can simply cast the spell from memory or I can create a Ward within a Celestial spell store item for you to cast yourself at a later time. Wards cost 2 gold.

5. Tutoring - Not sure what a lot of this means? Looking to make yourself a magical item but not sure where to start? Just want to learn more about magic? Lucky for you I know a lot about all these things! I'd be happy to chat with you about any magical topic of your choice. Tutoring is free, but I wont say no if you want to pay for my meal either.

6. Custom Item Creation - Do you want a magical item but don't have the necessary ritual scrolls or reagents? If you know what you want then I might be able to make it for you myself with my own resources. Costs and availability are highly dependent on your desires, but it never hurts to ask.

All services and prices subject to prior notice and availability. Please schedule services in advance for convenient timing and low rates.

- Beryl M.R., Magus of Darkened Skies