Emeritus Magical Services


Alliance Rules
Greetings to the adventurers of Prademar. For those of you who may not know me, I am Beryl, a celestial formalist of some skill. My associate Khademus and I will soon be visiting Prademar at the end of the month. We make our living casting rituals for the discerning customer and are ready to cast rituals for you! Our rates are quite reasonable, we charge a single gold piece per five minutes of casting (most rituals only take five minutes!) as well as a secondary charge based on the most difficult ritual in a batch, as this determines how much Formal Magic we need to allocate in a given day. As a result, most single ritual castings cost between two and three gold pieces. We also offer a wide variety of magical services. Our services are as follows.

1. Ritual Casting - All scrolls, components, and possible catalysts provided for the casting by the client. Cost dependent on time and difficulty, typically 2-3 gold. I am now offering ritual manipulations, up to and including Terminateion, True Empowerment, and Casters Insight for an additional Formal allocation fee. Ritual Manipulations can alter the power or usability of an item, save valuable reagents, shorten the casting time, make the ritual more likely to succeed and more. If you are unfamiliar with Ritual Manipulations, feel free to ask questions. Please note that Earth ritual availability and manipulation is extremely limited at this time.

2. Spell Crafting - All scrolls, and components provided for the spell crafting by the client. Cost dependent on the type of scroll, typically a gold or less. Earth Spell crafting is available but may come at an additional charge due to its limited stock.

3. Wards - Need peace of mind while sleeping? Buy a Ward which keeps others out and your belongings safe! I needn't be invested in the ward to create it. I can simply cast the spell from memory or I can create a Ward within a Celestial spell store item for you to cast yourself at a later time. Wards cost 2 gold.

4. Tutoring - Not sure what a lot of this means? Looking to make yourself a magical item but not sure where to start? Just want to learn more about magic? Lucky for you I know a lot about all these things! I'd be happy to chat with you about any magical topic of your choice. Tutoring is free, but I wont say no if you want to pay for my meal either.

A note on Earth casting; while I handle Celestial Rituals and have ample power to spare, Khademus (Our Earth Caster) has more severely limited capacity for sale and as such he may be unavailable if not contacted in time.

Please also note; we are travelers to Prademar and do not wish to step on any toes of local businesses. Please support your local casters and inquire with them before coming to us.

SPECIAL SALE: If you schedule a Celestial Ritual with me on day one of the gathering and that ritual does not include any manipulations, you only pay the time fee! That's right, one gold per five minutes of casting, no matter the difficulty of the ritual!

As always, there is a chance these services may be unavailable or come at an additional fee if I am not given at least one days notice. Feel free to contact me here in the dreaming for more information or a quote on a given ritual.

-Beryl M.R.