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  1. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

    These skills change the method of delivery for a spell, but they are still, thematically, the spell from memory.

    Are they compatible with Powerful Meditation or Enhance Sig Spell?
  2. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

  3. Alavatar

    Alavatar Baron

    It almost seems like there should be a matrix created that clearly articulates what combinations of skills/abilities/HM/rituals/meditation are valid.
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  4. Inaryn

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    That would be so hot... Like, Zoolander levels of hot.
  5. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    The same answer for Combined Strike goes here:

    "A spell is "in memory" if it's memorized and listed on your Battleboard. You can cast it by speaking the incant and throwing it, or manifesting it via High Magic like Spell Augmentation or Elemental Augmentation.

    You can use a spell "in memory" via Combined Strike, but once you're using Combined Strike it's no longer being cast as a spell "in memory" - you've converted it to a Combined Strike spellstrike. Potency won't work on it any more, nor will Enhanced Signature spell."

    High Magic that says "spell in memory" works on things being thrown that you've memorized. Once you swap it up through another skill, you can't use those High Magics on it. Just like you can't Elementally Augment something you're using with Combined Strike, you can't Enhance Signature Spell it, or Powerful Meditation it.

    -Bryan Gregory
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  6. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

    I appreciate the confirmation, even if I’m a little disappointed with it.
  7. Brooks

    Brooks Newbie

    so with that ruling, the new
    "When a Signature Spell is cast from memory (meaning not from a Magic Item or the Flexible Casting skill), if it hits a target but triggers a Guard, Return, or No Effect defense, the spell may be subsequently Meditated back as though it had missed."

    would not apply to combined strike, correct?
  8. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Administrator Chief Technology Officer South Michigan Staff Marshal

    Correct. You are not casting the spell from memory.
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