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Emperess Angerona Naeina Masq’il’yr stormed out of the premises seething with anger, and somewhat relieved and surprised that she had been allowed to leave. Not that the so-called “host” could have stopped her. It had been a very long time since she felt so very insulted. A Death Elixir! Who would dare!

It had been served to all the nobility. If the perpetrator had succeeded with just one, it would have been war! On top of every other insult slighted that evening, attempted murder was almost expected. She went over every one in her mind, resolving to pen letters that evening to the Grand Duchess and her majesty the Queen demanding an explanation. A response would also verify their safely. Queen Ava never had appeared.

A last-minute venue change, a band of ruffians as escorts, complete lack of adequate security and serving staff, being left alone with only her Senator to converse with in a room full of commoners (or little better) for an hour, being expected to serve herself (it had been a great many years indeed since that had happened), very confusing seating arrangements, the identity of the replacement host being hidden, and him being three hours late, then when their host finally did show up, learning from her Senator that the man is a criminal and acquired the home through dishonest and dishonorable means and their presence there was just short of abduction! And dwarves!

The evening wasn’t a complete loss. Even though she’s not sure Count Wheatley obtained his seat on the Grand Council in the appropriate manner, he was pleasant enough company. And she did enjoy speaking with Grand Duchess Victoria again, brief as it was as the smelly dwarves she was seated with occupied most of her time. The Shahbanou and Lord Marshall were important to speak with as well, and pleasant enough. The burden on the council this time around was heavy indeed. After two high kings losing their minds, they had to take extra care to choose someone whose mind was strong enough to not only rule, but withstand the stresses of the war already raging in the east. There simply was no greater threat to all the realms than Al’Zoon. She had seen the consequences of his conquest when she was much younger and her mother still held the seat of Empress. This time, she would press her own name forward, since she of all the races was the only one who had experience with Al’Zoon, save Lord Az’Caine, whom they all knew did not want the burden.

She would have to find some way of rewarding the Sarr who discovered the poison though. Not that she ever had any intention of drinking it, even if someone had attempted a toast. He would likely be in trouble for attacking someone at the gathering. She could insist the charges be dismissed as he likely saved the lives of a number of the nobility. Instead, the one who was responsible for the servant and the drink should be charged. She seethed. He should be severely punished if half of what she had been told was true.

After she writes her letters to Grand Duchess Victoria and Queen Ava, she intended to find out.
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