Enable Chapters to Set Their Own 2.0 Conversion Deadlines

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Alliance General Manager
Alliance Rules
Atlanta Staff
Summary: This change will allow chapters to dictate their own individual 1.3 to 2.0 conversion deadlines for items/tags/scrolls/etc. which they have issued in the past. Originally the deadline for conversion was at the end of 2020. This change will be an official policy, and be mandated chapter by chapter instead of on a network wide level.

Vote: Allow each chapter to set their own deadline for converting item/tags they have issues in the past [Passed]
The following chapters voted for this policy: NEPA, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Gettysburg, Denver, Las Vegas
The following chapters voted against this policy: Chicago

Synopsis of conversations: There were many conversations regarding not just this proposal, but in general around the idea of a proposal which adjusts the timeframe in which the conversions must be done. The conversations focused on supporting the change centered around topics such as customer service with a focus on individual player availability, ownership of created items, and returning player retention. The conversations focused on rejecting the change centered around the open-endedness of the policy, customer service with a focus on uniform experience delivery across the organization, and potentially creating a favored chapter via policy mentality.
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