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Hello my beautiful friends,

Hopefully you will all find my experiment in dream education to your liking. The key to these lessons is to make them as clear and concise as possible. So in the spirit of education and camaraderie I present lessons on the common knowledge of Enerret as I know them. I have done my best to reserve any Judgement or Bias on the subjects presented. If you find any of my information erroneous please inform me privately and I will do my best to make corrections to my lessons. If you have any questions comments or requests please also privately speak to me in the dreamscape. I wish to keep these lessons free of anything but educational information.

Let the educational experiment begin.

Your friend,

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Below is a list of race names both by standard spelling and country of origin. The list provides what you may know them as in your native lands, as I've come to understand them. I have also provided some linguistic breakdowns of some that I feel could best help with pronunciations. I will be adding more of these in the future as I look into more accurate pronunciations. I will be adding small descriptions of each race in this lesson later. If these lessons prove successful I hope to provide an advanced focused lesson on each race.


Agitrianni: (Humans of Tharros)

Cathwyllt: (Sarr of Tharros)

Danavi: (Dan-Nav-Ee) (High Ogres of Tharros)

Gens Heureux: (Hoblings of Tharros)

Karlik: (Elves of Tharros)

Lagrato: (Wylderkin of Tharros)

Noibla: (Humans of Tharros)


Biata: (Caius)

Dark Orc: (High Orcs of Caius)

Golden Dwarves: (Dwarfs of Caius)

Kimmerious: (Dark Elves of Caius)

Wildestkin: (Wylderkin of Caius)


Calanon: (Elves of Sylvarus)

Children of Autumn: (Dryads of Sylvarus)

Cyrath: (Wylderkin of Sylvarus)

Satyri: (Mystic Wood Elves of Sylvarus)


Aki No Ko: (AH kee No Co) (Dryads of Tian)

Imperoku: (High Orcs of Tian)

Ōkina Neko: (Sarr of Tian)

Pathwalkers: (Stone Elves of Tian)

Shianzoku: (Wylderkin of Tian)

Wēi Míng: (Humans of Tian)

Xiao: (Zee-Ow) (Hoblings of Tian)


Children of Crocotta: (Wylderkin of The Wilds)

Ghorvah: (Wild Elves of The Wilds)

Manti: (Barbarians or Tribes people of The Wilds)

Pashu: (Wylderkin of the Wilds)

Qettak: (Sarr of The Wilds)

The Wandering Horde: (Humans of The Wilds)

All of Enerett

Wayfarers: (Solunari of Enerret)
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Enerret Months and current year.

The following is the Enerret standard for both the months and current year. It has become the modern standard for all of Enerret. The year is currently 3316 GA or Golden Age. The following is a rough translation of the Myst traveling months as I understand them and our monthly equivalent. It is my belief that both contain 12 months to each year. If this is incorrect please inform me privately.

Jan Hellebores

Feb Pansy

Mar Daisy

Apr Lily

May Rose

Jun Aster

Jul Dahlia

Aug Penstemon

Sep Calendula

Oct Nemesia

Nov Snapdragon

Dec Cyclamen

Interestingly I have been told the origin behind the month's naming is linked to the Sytari but beyond that I am at a loss.

On a side note- I apologize for the delay in lessons lately and for my scarcity around Brimm’s watch. Please see me in private if you wish for more information as to my long periods of absence.

As always I hope you find this lesson to be clear and informative.


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Below is a quick description of the Five Nations that make up all of the known world or what I've come to learn is merely the continent of Enerret.

Kingdom of Tharros: An honorable and tolerant kingdom. It is sometimes called the melting pot of Enerret because of its kind nature and habit of taking in foreigners, allowing them a chance at a peaceful productive life and even a possibility of citizenship.

It is ruled over by Four Queens who are Karlik. They believe that diversity breeds strength and this has lead to a sense of pride and fierce loyalty amongst its native born and immigrants.

These lands are home to the Karlik, Dinavi, Noebla, Agetrianni, Gens Heureux, Cathwyllt, and Lagarto. From what I understand the Dinavi and Cathwyllt both originally hail from the wilds but I am unsure of how they came to reside in Tharros.

The Mythic Beasts of these lands include the great White/Black Wolf whom the Karlick feel a connection to, The great Metal Bird whom the Noebla see as an inspiration, and The Wondrous Giant Peacock whom the Gens Heureux and Agitrianni believe is the source of all beauty.

This kingdom is also wherein the town of Brimm’s Watch is located.

The Caius Dominion: note: You may notice this section is longer than others. This is simply because I have more knowledge of this area than any other. I wish to express that I am trying to remain as objective as I can and it is my hope that it shows in my lessons.

Caius: A common term for the mountain kingdoms mainly only used by outsiders. Anyone from this land or who knows of the separate names of each part (and are wise), will call it by its true name or risk offending those of that particular land. Below are the 5 Kingdoms that make up the whole of the Caius Dominion.

Lerullus: Known as the Sky Lands, these lands are on the tops of the mountains with jagged cliffs and snow capped peaks. Lerullus is ruled by its main race, the Biata, and has three main houses under which all families of Lerullus are ruled. The Biata also have close relations with the Mythic Beast of the Mountain tops known as Gryphons.

Virris: These lands are also known as the Golden Dwarven Kingdom or The Golden Kingdom, with Virris being the name of the Dwarven capital itself as well. Its lands stretch from both bases of the two Caius mountain ranges, to the inside of the mountains themselves. These lands are Ruled over currently by Queen Goldenbraid.

The Onyx Curtain: This is the point at which the deep subterranean lands of Caius begin. It also contains massive areas of magical darkness that seem more predominant at deeper points.

Novonus: The lands ruled by a race whom call themselves Kimmerious. This kingdom is known to some as “the land at the end of true civilization” and are usually located at the beginning of the Onyx Curtain. These lands are made of vast long winding tunnels almost labyrinthian in nature. As well a large houses built in the colossal stalagmites and stalactites.

These lands are ruled by a council made up of just 10 to 15 representatives, one for each representing a current occupied district. The Kimmerious are believed to have a close relationship with a mythic subterranean creature, I know very little of this creature but I have heard it called the whispering darkness or whispering shadow depending on your interpretation.

Agralius: This is the land of the Dark Orcs. It consists of Large caverns and unstable terrain. It is constantly under threat from vicious creatures that emerge from the magical darkness. These lands are ruled by A Great Orc Grand Chief. The Orcs here are officially off limits to slave traders. These lands tend to be between the Kimmerious territories and are often contested by one or more Kimmerious Districts.

Cassania: This land is known as the Savage Dark or more literally Home of no Torches. This is where honor goes to die. The beings here are mainly Wildestkin, the more savage Orcs, as well as those who have been dishonored and banished from above. Only the most brutal,clever, and lucky can even hope to have a chance to survive in this unforgiving place. These lands are mostly consumed by magical darkness.

The Kingdom of Sylvarus:

This Kingdom lives at one with nature and remains in a state of self induced isolation from most of Enerret. It is ruled over by a Queen whom is said to be as old if not older than the forest itself.

As far as a semblance of government this is what I've been lead to believe. The Forest Kingdom of Sylvarus is a kingdom of tribes, clans, and elder driven races. The Kingdom itself holds a Council, with one representative of each of the races of the forest. This council is led by the Queen of the Calanon. The Satyri appointed High Shaman serves as an advisor on the Court with his Wildkin Guardian.

Not much is known about this Kingdom or It’s inhabitants customs, but I have heard them described as incredibly varied. One source was quoted as saying The Satyri and Cyrath have an almost symbiotic relationship. From what I've come to understand the Satyri are treasured and protected above all the other races. From The races that I am aware of in this kingdom are as follows. Satyri, Calanon, Children of Autumn and the Cyrath.

The Mythic Beast of these lands are the Fae of both the Sun and Moon Courts and sometimes I have heard of vague references of a great forest guardian spirit and some lesser forest spirits as well.

The Tian Empire: Known to some as the Empire of the far west. It located in the Northern western end of Enerett. It is ruled by an Emperor who supposedly is a direct representative of the Mythic Beast known as the Jade Dragon. These lands are very structured and harmonious. With everyone in their societal role striving to meticulously perfect their chosen work. This Empire more so than any others I’m aware or holds fast to the order of tradition. For example I have meet an Okino Neko who claims his family/clan has ruled over a district in western Tian since before any historical records previously found and claims he has written historical proof of such. If this is true then some of Tian’s culture may be as ancient as the world itself. The point being is that it is not uncommon for certain tasks to be handed down thru offspring. Another example I know that the Imperoku or Orc-kin of these lands hand down weapons to their offspring a first sword for a firstborn and second sword to their second born. This type of honor bound tradition makes these Orc like people, treat their weapons very differently. They have no chipped hulking broad metal cleavers among the Imperoku. Only well crafted well maintained weapons that have withstood the test of true combat for generations. This is true of everything in Tian a tea cup is made by a master tea cup maker whose family has mastered pottery making for hundreds of years. An Aki No Ko may see an unhealthy part of his ancestors forest and choose self-immolation to rejoin the forest and bolster the health of the bamboo there. The dedication to the honor of the emperor,country,task and lineage is so steadfast and without question that these lands traditions can seem truly alien to outsiders like myself.

Geographically there are Cliffs to the north of tian and Bamboo near the great river to the south a for the west and east I have heard the East can get quite hot right up to the Caius mountain range but as the mountains in the north are off limits my access to that information is limited. To the west I was told it is very temperate with rolling hills and lots of farm land.

The Races are the Okino Neko who tend to take a leadership role, the Imperoku who take the role normally of honourable warriors of the empire, Aki No Ko who take many different tasks, The Wei Ming whose lineage is linked to the Far court of Tian, Shianzoku who take many tasks but also many play a crucial role as scouts alongside the Imperoku. As well as the Xiao who general ferry people across the great river.

The Mythic beast of these lands are The Jade Dragon and the Fae of the Twilight Court.

The Wilds: Geographically the wilds consist of desert, xeric shrubland, and savanna grasslands. The wilds are divided into many different regions.

The Manti Lands, the Great Desert, The Golden Coast, the Oasis of Aasic, the Blackened Desert, The Principalities of Tarjis.

The Manti Lands

There are many Manti tribes all with a diverse array of cultures and customs but all believe their origins are tied to the manticore. They are divided into tribes themed after the animal they believe they descend from. They are highly superstitious for example some believe famine will fall upon the village, if you accidentally drop something off the side of a boat you will have a year of bad luck they also believe it’s bad luck if you do not swab the deck before dawn and bathing at dawn brings good luck for the day.

The Wilds are also home to the wandering hordes a group of humanoids who closely resemble the looks of the Agitrianni or Noibla. What I know of them is basically what there name indicates, the are a massive group who wander throughout the wilds. I have heard it is best to avoid them at all costs.

These lands are also home to the Pashu

a group of Kinsfolk whom I know nothing more of than there name. However if the patterns follow those I have seen of other lands I can only assume they resemble the animals that thrive in this terrain. However I have personally only seen one whom was from these lands and he had traits akin to a Cobra snake.

Another race of note are the Ghorvah a race close to what maybe known else where as Wild elves they are the guardians of the desert Oasis.

the principalities of Tarjis: This is it’s own lands known as the Golden Coast. Tarjis is divided into Several Principalities and span most of the coastal lands. The rulers of these Principalities are all Quttak Princes though there is no King or Queen and the line for succession has been contested for many generations now.

There is also one other group but I am unsure if they can be classified a high sentient race. the Children of Crocotta are a mixed group of humanoids with Canine traits there group includes but are not limited to Gnolls, Hyena-Kin, Wolf-Kin and Dog-kin.

Hopefully you have found this enlightening and it has given you a slight feel of the different nations of Enerret and the people therein

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