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Dreams of Freedom

“Ours is not that of a life, so much as a constant state of loss. What horrific things must we endure and for what reasons are they justified? For the transgressions of our elders or of crimes which we ourselves may or may not have committed. How is that justice? They say it is best to pull the bad apple before it spoils the bunch. It is said the bad apple only produces bad seed, but truly is that the case? For if we look deeply into such a society that would allow a us to toil and suffer as we are forced to do, then would that not be a society of the truly vile ones? Wicked we are called and banished to a place where wickness thrives. In forcing us to live amongst such evil they insure that we have no choice but to become just that, to become Wicked Ones. They do this so they can look upon us and feel justified when we snap and turn on everyone and everything around us and are forced back to our cages. They want us to revolt in wild and savage ways as a means to justify the unjustifiable, as a way to feed their own wicked desires to feel superior as they look down on us. Well we may not have much left, but we still have our pride and though many of us may look as such, we are not animals. We are of Cyraith and we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Any who would deny us such basic things are truly the Savages, truly the animals, The criminals, The Wicked ones” - Prisoner No.3672 a.k.a. Manz Pitzu leader of the Pitzu Gang

It has been weeks since any word or sign has come of one of the dreaded Carrion Cocoon’s location. It seems despite many information gathering efforts, magical and otherwise by the Mystwalkers and their allies, finding them had seemed almost impossible. Then one quiet and calm evening, news of the Carrion Cocoons was quickly spread throughout the town to all the Mystwalkers and their allies, directly from the Magistrate's office. One of the Cacoons was discovered in the Mysterious Islands off the southern coast of Sylvaris and it seems the Queens have already began discussions with Sylvaran officials to negotiate for passage to the Island.

The Magistrate makes it clear however that while all the adventures are in the traveler's guild they should seek to have the travel documents processed through the Baron's office via the Diplomatic Assistant Terren of Knight’s Ferry. (OOG we would prefer you to please contact Spencer Winter directly to have your character registered to travel via E-mail at tinybeetles@gmail.com or by facebook messenger @Spencer Winter. We will however accept requests Via Enerretplot@Gmail.com as well.)

It is revealed this Island is a Sylvarian prison known as The Bastille island. This island is home to some of the worst criminals in all of Sylvarus; Murders, Slavers, Necromancers, Arsonists, and any number of other criminals. The Magistrate makes it clear that Sylvanian laws and punishments are very different in some ways. However the major laws remain the same, the only real exceptions are harsher penalties for Arson or Harm to Nature. They are also passionately anti-necromancy, yet they care little for personal possessions and thus theft in most cases is a very minor offense. Since they see all life as sacred they tend not to execute as often as they exile or imprison.

The Magistrate tells all that this will be the first time anyone not of Sylvarus citizenship has been let in so deep into their kingdom. So we ask you respect their ways and obey any instructions the officials give, within reason that is. You will not only be representing the Mystwalkers and the various kingdoms you hail from. You are not just representing Tharros and the Queens but all of the greater world of Fortannis. You will be the only outside world influence to many who know nothing beyond their isolated kingdom. The Magistrate asks you act as you would knowing this could affect the very tentative trade and peace agreements Sylvarus has with the rest of the world, and the Mistwalkers and their allie’s actions could strengthen or weaken any potential agreements moving forward.

Do the The Mystwalkers and their allies have what it takes to venture into this dangerous island to defeat the next horrific Necromoth? What dangerous criminal elements may they find themselves up against and what wicked mysteries lie at the heart of The Bastille?

Find out the answers to this and much more at the next Enerret event

Dreams of Freedom June 2-4

(OoG This next event will be in a prison like environment it and there will be very real IG consequences for not being registered to travel IG. If for some reason you feel uncomfortable with any of the themes or way we have chosen the running of this event please notify plot immediately.)

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