Enhance Signature Spell + United Blow


The current text does not clarify, can Enhance Signature Spell be used to double the value of a Signature Spell for purposes of using it with United Blow?
I mean... There's no reason you couldn't, but I don't think it would work the way you're thinking it would work; Enhance Signature Spell doesn't affect the level of the Spell, only the damage/healing, and United Blow grants damage based on the Spell level, so ESS-ing it wouldn't affect the damage from United Blow at all.

The only time the effective level of a Spell changes as a result of effects like ESS and Potency is when they're being Counterspelled or absorbed into a Spell Store, and then only because the recipient has no way to know whether the damage has been increased or not (and those times it's obvious that it has, such as any number higher than 45, can't be Counterspelled or Stored, anyway, because there's no such thing as a Spell level higher than 9).


Assuming the logic of Combined Strike also applies to United Blow, the answer would be "no". Like Brandon said.



united blow specifically states 10X spell lvl not 10X the damage while the enhanced spell damage is increased the lvl of the spell remains the same so it could not be used.