Enhance source


“Note that a Staff still cannot be used to evoke Channeling Pool charges without appropriate High Magic.”

1) Lets say someone uses Celestial High Magic for Oak of the Archmage to channel flame through a staff. Lets also assume that the staff has an Enhance Source ritual, for the aspect of healing. Can one channel healing through it, or do we have to use Earth High Magic to make it into a healing-channeling-capable relic?

2) On a related note, channel armor, reinforce armor, and channel health both say that a staff is a valid target, but do not have the quoted passage above. But I assume that they too need to have appropriate high magic spent to be active?

3) combining 1 and 2: Let’s say we’ve spent C high magic for Oak of the Archmage C, and we’re wielding a staff that has channel health on it. I assume we need enhance source E or Oak of the Archmage E to use the channel health?


Seattle Staff
1) In my opinion, Oak of the Archmage does nothing more than add the function of Source to your staff for X Element. After that, for all intents and purposes, it is a Source (for you), and follows all rules that a Source would follow. Because of this, I believe it is absolutely legal for the wielder to benefit from Enhance Source (other Aspect) even if they don’t have OotA for that Aspect. All that matters is that they’re able to use the Staff as a Source at all; Enhanced Source then does its thing.

2) Since Channeling is a requisite for those abilities, I feel the spirit of the rules is that you must need to be able to access Channeling with the given Source. So, yes, I would rule that you’d need OotA and access to the required pool with that Source.

3) Yep!