Enhanced Wand conversion?


Alliance Chairperson
Alliance Rules
Hey folks, just a heads up that the current converters seem to be missing enhance wand?

Enhance Wand
Aspect: Celestial Difficulty: 3 Catalyst Required: No
NPC Only Ritual: No Role Play Only: No Scroll Type: Physical
Casting Time: 5 Minutes Duration: One Year May Be Extended: Yes

The Ritual Caster must spend 5 minutes in casting of this Ritual. The Ritual may only be cast on an approved Wand Rep as described under the Wands section of the Alliance LARP Rule Book, the Read Magic skill description and in accordance with any listed Addendums. This is a Celestial Aspect Ritual. This Ritual may be extended. The base duration of this Ritual is 1 year.

This ritual enhances a previously created Wand (which must be present in the circle for the entire Ritual and is the Target of the Ritual) created under the Read Magic skill by allowing it to be used for multiple types of damage at the caster's choice. A normal Wand may only be used to produce Elemental damage of the type on its tag. Once this ritual has been cast on the Wand, the Wand may be used to produce additional Elemental damage of type(s) specified by the ritual caster.

A Caster could cast this ritual at Base Difficulty to change a Wand which could normally only be used for Stone damage into a Wand which could be used for either Stone or Lightning damage.

Note that Wands may normally only be created to produce one of the four Foundation Elements (e.g. Stone, Flame, Ice, or Lightning).

Base Difficulty, Difficulty 3, 3 Reagents, Adds 1 type of Elemental damage
+4 to Difficulty, Difficulty 7, 4 Reagents, Adds 2 types of Elemental damage
+10 to Difficulty, Difficulty 13, 5 Reagents, Adds 3 types of Elemental damage

Required Components: 3 This ritual requires a base of 3 reagents to cast. Any additional reagents required for casting this scroll at a greater difficulty should be of the type listed on the scroll.

Spellcrafting: This ritual may be spellcrafted. In order to spellcraft this ritual you must report to logistics and bring the appropriate number of reagents from among those listed on this scroll. Spellcrafting is a High Magic ability and the number of Spellcrafted Rituals you can memorize is determined by how many points you allocate to this from your available High Magic points. You must use any spellcrafted rituals you have memorized before the end of the event or they immediately expire (you cannot save tags between events). The time of casting must be written on the spell crafting ticket you received at logistics.

Levels of formals required to spellcraft this ritual: 1
Cost of spellcrafting ritual in any reagents listed on the scroll: 1 Reagent
Duration of spellcrafted ritual: 5 days
May ritual be cast at higher level for greater effect? No
Valid target: Physical
Special Notes: Only 1 additional element can be added to a single wand via spellcrafting at a time.