Epilogue: Fire and Ice; Rumors heard around the outpost.


Atlanta Staff
Everyone knows there is only one way into the outpost. Too bad all the supplies have to follow that path as they are being overrun by bandits.

Kunrad the goat herder really needs to find Mildred and his sheep; he is such a terrible guide that just about every caravan he has led has been ambushed by bandits.

Why does Steve have a heroic song? He is such a bad person he ate my cat!

If wishes were horses, we all would be eating Steak for dinner.

Looks like Acorn really likes stream hooch. When everyone else was dealing with the bandits, they quietly made off with the lot.

Every Commander of the Outpost has died; it’s a cursed position.

Smores and Biata don’t mix.

Where did the bandits get explosives? Why would they trap the food with raisins?!?

Something is wrong in the forest; whatever this corruption is it keeps trying to devour the Vine Lord.

Magic books and oaths of allegiance? Looks like we may get some home grown Nobility here at the Outpost.

I wish someone would deal with these plants, they keep eating all the livestock, leaving nothing behind!

Sgt Sargent is still very concerned that no one wishes to build a latrine.

Mischa’s mark was found in the suggestion box along with a nose print; I really wish they could read and write because I can’t tell what this means. . .

What does a compass do???

What is up with these bandit names? Either they are all Salizar, Beatrice, Dwarfington, or Steve; are they all related to each other?

I heard Kunrad’s daughter had the best score on the riddle challenge; too bad 14 year olds could not enter the contest.

Did you hear that Droth tried to enter all five of the contests? He might have won all of them too except for those strange cultural taboos of the Order of Jirrah?

The only good suggestion to come out of the box was a request to have regular town meetings Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

Those people from The Order of Voskis sure can talk for hours. . . . Next time just hang everyone and let the circle figure it all out!

We had some mighty fine winners of the tournament; Knowledge went to Crow; Prowress went to Nolie, Compassion went to Droth, Artistry went to Dusk, and Efficiency went to Varya.

Did you know??? Bats sleep in trees.

I’m convinced these bandits are on to something; so many Panthergasts attacking town. Maybe we should do something to get rid of the extra-planars.

The Racoon kept a bunch of Teddy’s feathers, good thing Sallie found them and returned them.

These adventurers really need to dress for the cold weather, they kept stealing scarves and bandanas off each other to stay warm.

Poor sweet child; just invested into the Earth Circle and already had to do a resurrection. Such a dangerous outpost to live in.

Sometimes a box is just a box and a lock is just a lock;

The weather here is terrible, between the rain, the elementals, and the heat, Cerynus sure lives up to the expectation of Fire and Ice.