Epilogue: Silver and Gold; Rumors heard around the outpost.


Misha bought out all Kunrad’s milk. Looks like he had enough money to pay for a healer to cure his sick daughter.

A will-o-the-wisp was spotted in the woods. Sometimes it heralded peace, other times chaos. You can spot the wisp by the blue light it generates.

Anyone else see the fearless Sylvanborne in the tavern? When all hell broke loose, they calmly just sat their eating soup. Nerves of steel that one has.

Looks like they never got around to finishing that Latrine . . .

Mildred is still missing.

Who is that mysterious figure dressed all in purple?

Who is that mysterious biata dressed all in white?

It is good fortune to have a Dryad friend.

So many new faces! I’ve never scene this many people at the outpost before.

I never got its name, but the cookie shop was delicious.

1 silver for a sausage and 5 silver for a steak. These prices are outrageous, I could skin and kill an entire deer for that price! The Outpost commander should do something about this.

After 6 months struggling against the woods establishing the outpost, we finally get live entertainment. Incredible, I sure hope they come back as the place feels lifeless without them.

Beware! The livestock love the Dryads here.

After the incident I heard that the Magistrate will no longer eat meat, nor will he drink wine.

Ever wonder why Sergeant Sargent complains there is nothing to drink at the outpost? Rumor has it he was cursed in the deep woods; so that anything he drinks turns to water.

I heard these adventurers eat bandits.

Maybe these bandits are right, too many non-humans in these parts now.

Where one hobbling goes, greed is sure to follow.

Wed’J found the Golden Snipe! Looks like we have a professional snipe hunter.

I found a letter off the corpse of a bandit, looks like they can’t read or write because their note was illegible non-sense.

Never trust a gambler with long sleeves.

152 marbles in the jar; I could have sworn there were less than a hundred.

At least the dogs will eat well; lots of bones scattered around the outpost now.

Looks like everything is silver and gold after all; the box of treasure and trinkets won the natural beauty contest.
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