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In the hours following the last afternoon the mood shifts slightly. A bitter sweetness pervades the area. A few of the overly slender, too tall, guardians that range from looking like elves to Mystic Wood Folk wander about, some look battle worn, but whole. Curt, but respectful nods, hand waves, wry grins, some smiles, and in a few mixed cases the occasional short bow greet the many Mystwalkers as they go about their afternoon.

They inform the Mystwalkers that all are welcome to stay, and rest for a day or so to recover. After that they will begin escorting the people back to the Mysts safely so that they may return to their desired places in Fortannis. Should people wish to stay there is a small but hearty feast to be prepared to celebrate the hard won accomplishment. It is made known to all, that all are welcome.

The day done, and the sun dipping low the bell is rung, and food is served, it is hearty, and filling. Drinks are poured. Toasts to bravery, and audacity are made. Many of the assembled, many of which are not recognized by the Mystwalkers, make oaths against the outsiders, and to those assembled. They leave shortly afterwards without further comment. The mood lightens unbidden, and unconsciously as the early part of night takes over the day.

Some spirits begin to reform in the Earth circle, but many are whisked away ostensibly to resurrect in their lands of belonging, or circles they feel more comfortable in.

Later that evening, in a clearing with a good view of the night sky, a small cluster of shapes can be seen. Upon observation, Kharakorum(a tall dryad), the Empress, several of the guardians, and even a couple of the Assacranti, are seen to be looking up into the night sky. Occasionally they point out a distant bright star rapidly making its way across the celestial tapestry. After much whispering, debate, and sagely nods, the consensus was that, that pinprick of light was not there before. That it is/was the prison that was assaulted.

Whatever was done in the prison caused that to appear one of the Assacranti states gruffly, one of the guardians concurs. Some idle conjecture, and debate place the time roughly before the Mystwalkers returned.

What exactly it's doing, or what will happen is a matter of some conjecture, and some debate.

After a time, the Empress shrugs, and simply states “We will have to discover sooner rather than later.

But we have struck a blow, of that we can be sure”. She is helped away by one of the guardians without further comment.

For those who observe a pinprick of light can be seen making regular journey's across the sky in regular intervals.


San Francisco Staff
Plue is not one for announcements, but she makes it known at the feast that she has something to share regarding the Hope Spiral ritual that many partook in.

If asked, she will relate the following:

"I was at the center of the spiral. My job was to transmit, along with our feelings of hope, what we discovered about how to operate the prison's command center, in the hopes that our allies there might be able to finish what we were not able to. I cannot be certain if we succeeded -- being exposed to that much celestial energy was...distracting, to say the least -- but this is what I saw before I lost consciousness.

"Our hope, and the thoughts and memories that accompanied it, appeared to me as a physical presence, rushing around the spiral, gathering in speed and strength. I felt, as much as saw, the broken bones of past defeats and the golden glow of plans for future victories. I saw the people you are fighting for, both loved ones and strangers. I saw a hundred different visions of Fortannis, each of your aspirations for its future. I saw so much more -- too much to remember. As everything reached the center, it all held for just a moment in a single point, beautiful but painfully intense.

"Then, all those images coalesced into a shining beam of light, in every color you can imagine. I was carried with it as it sped toward the outsider prison, then through it. As we passed through the prison, it began to glow a brilliant, blinding white. Then... well, I think that's when I passed out." Her hand unconsciously moves to her neck, where the lodestone she usually wears there is once again conspicuously absent.

"I can't be sure what it all means, but it felt...good. I mean, it felt terrible, but I think we did it. We did something. A step in the right direction, at least." She looks self conscious and busies herself with her drink, but a small smile remains.
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