Eruption of Finna Harta Volcano and Mount Mithron Volcano

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Upon 14th of Drav (March) which fell on a Sev (Saturday), exactly at 4 afternoon bells, it was reported that Finna Harta, the dormant volcano on the lower half of Unmei and Mount Mithron, the dormant volcano on the upper half of Unmei both exploded and sent ashes and cinders miles into the air, while Mount Mithron caused several rockslides and a handful of Cinderfel residents were crushed, with more being injured. Finna Harta’s eruption sent up ash and poisonous air that when it came into contact with the humidity blowing in from the jungle of Killidery Grove and created a poisonous fog that killed anything that breathed it. This fog settled on the village of Crossroads for 2 days before the winds finally dissipated it. About 200 people died and all the local animals.

Anyone arriving to the island via BlackHeart has to stay there for a couple of days until this blows over or walk the shoreline north. It is visible for miles around and the ash causes the sky to storm up and rain, which creates a sooty rain for a day.