EVA foam chainmail thoughts?


Hello! I recently came across this video from Adam Savage showcasing a new technique to make chainmail out of EVA foam, specifically for cosplayers. I'm not too familiar with EVA, so I'm wondering if any experienced EVA smiths think it would hold up for LARP as is or if any modifications would need to be made. Thanks!

After further research, a couple edits/results:

Edit 1: This intricate repeating shape would need to be cut with a repeating precision cutting tool, which I don't think many have access to.

Edit 2: Apparently foam needs a primer coat, then paint, then a sealer, which significantly stiffens the foam, making this idea impractical for flexible armor, or at a least to simulate the flexibility of chainmail. It could potentially be used as an accent around foam plate armor.

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I looked into this and determined that it would most likely not be durable enough to last extensive combat even light touch. it would most likely work better for under armor accents for those that wear plate or for show and the intent that it wouldn't be used for combat.