Event Favorites - May Season Opener

Ryan S

I had tons of fun this weekend and am looking forward to running more events in this coming year!

Top moments for me were:

Getting abandoned by my fellow NPCs when we were trying to steal the boxes, and then getting beat down by Gerty.

Watching the players sneaking around outside the castle during the Stealth mod (someone had a white blade that I kept glimpsing in the darkness), and then knowing we were being duped when Roff baited us out.

Auryn up on the wall with the ballista, and Vaelin and Ainsley competing to make the reload count as fast as possible.

Player reactions to the strange undead tags, and warning each other not to touch the undead. (that's gross!)

Meeting with Foss, Gandian, Zen, Roff, Locke, and others as first Duke Waheed, and then as Magician Jacob and talking about magical theory and history.

Investiture rituals with the Magic Guild initiates (and Auryn); could you tell I've never ritual casted before?

Sharing some royalist propaganda with Foss.

Cassandra and others pleading with the Duke to try anything to interrupt the ritual. Then Kit and Foss staying behind to wait for the circle to drop so they could bring the Duke's body back.

You were all awesome, and I look forward to seeing each of you this year.

What were some of your favorite moments?


Minnesota Staff
I really enjoyed the stealth mods both nights. (That might have been my silver sword in the light. Whoops!) It felt dangerous, and it was fun to feel all stealthy. The guards were all fun to listen to. (I think I gotta go out and find the Sticky Mermaid now)

Joining the Magic Guild as an initiate after finding out there is a rank that is specifically meant to go out and hunt down undead. (Which of course is only Elros's favorite thing to do) and being invested in the Earth circle! Woo! First time ever.

Booking it back to the fort with that plate armor right when the siege construct dropped it to fight us.

I was only there for the last half, but the Booze Oozes and the story behind that was hilarious, as were the intoxicate schenanagins that followed.

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I couldn't believe Kyle cracked the cipher for the Sat morning mod. Once he cracked it and realized it was some non-sense fiction stuff, Ryan and I couldn't help but give up info about the big fight for the weekend.

Gryphon Guard commitment to Wayside moment with Keladry and Gemina. Life gets in the way of characters being together and it was great to have a moment to recognize and provide closure for that.

Finishing my spawns in the Sat morning fort fight to realize Matt is still fighting the PC's as a golem down the hill near NPC camp, and Elros running up the hill with the black armor.

Zen's questions.

One player shocked me multiple times with how prepared she/he was to navigate the politics of the nation and the greater game world.

Stealth mod was so much fun to be a part of, and I loved the opportunity to talk trash to Azeban and Roff when they stood before the fort the next day.

Matt's RP of the Cleavius and demands of signs of acknowledgment and Roff's arrest.

The bandit and wolf mod, carry the heavy crates to the fort, was so funny when two wolves attacked Adam's bandit who screamed wildly.

Sewer rat-mage.

Watching PC interactions with Plot and thinking about all the weird things I must have never seen playing a PC.

Fresh legs all day!

Thanks to Josh for being such a go hard, Will for trying, Wade, and Jeremy for keeping things creepy. Thanks also to Ryan for helping us out as an NPC for the time he was able to.
I had an absolute blast playing with you all again. It's so good to see everyone again and meeting some new faces as well. I can't wait for more politics!

Asking way too many questions to the npcs. You all did so well handling so many odd questions and dealing with my note taking.

All the rp moments with Foss.

The fight with Cleavius was awesome. Matt fighting in that armor is always a sight. Zen had an idea to disrupt the ritual near the end and got cut off. Whoops, but hopefully rp will come of it.

The saucy story from the first cipher Liam cracked. What IS the Ti plant?

Interrogating the bandits Friday night and all shenanigans related.

And just all the general world building that we learned. There was so much information and it was actually delivered very well. I used up way more pages of my notebook than I thought I would. It's obvious that there's a lot of communication between the plot members. Keep it up!

And probably so much more that I'm forgetting right now. Everyone is great and I can't wait to see you all again

Josh S. (Zen)


What a great weekend! Huge thanks to everyone :)

Kazla turning undead - when everyone just stopped for a moment in shock and then started laughing. Great job!!

Squeak ... Squeak ... Squeak Not often one sees a West Side Story reference in a mod!

Feeling a general sense of malaise (Malice? No, malaise. Mayonnaise? Yeah, I feel a general sense of mayonnaise.*eye roll*) Neat mechanic that had us worried.

Introductions of the different guilds (I'm looking at you Bartholomew Gasblower and Earl Archibald!)

Loved that different mods were happening at the same time - Magicians and Slayers Guild quests especially. Choices had to be made

Ooze Booze Cruise quest and the RP that followed

Jamina telling me Matron Locke needed to see me, assuming she was going to curse or kill me, and then getting a pleasant surprise

Everyone pushing my horse out of the mud - thanks again everyone who helped. I won't go off-roading in my Yaris again anytime soon.

~Brad (Zihr)


I had so much fun and have SO MANY FAVORITES!

-Running late for the seige mod on saturday with Azeban and getting to rushing in as cavalry
-Zihr and the thank you RP followed by the 'don't tell that story' RP
-Taking prisoners and having interrogation cookies
-Auryn and Kit starting to help Locke process her emotions
-The Earl Archibald
-Jamina and finding out there was some marking going on
-Hearing Aegis get called saturday night and looking over to see Chamomile at my side. "CAMMY! GET EM!"
- Liam's tavern music
-Roff almost getting arrested
-Talking to Ryan's NPC about the plague
-RPing with Keladry
-Getting disarmed Friday night and just putting my hand back to have a sword put right back into it

There's definitely more, these are just the most prominent right now in my larp-fried brain

-Kayla (Locke)


Really enjoyed the event! Too many moments to express and thats with having a bad headache for half of Saturday.

-Thinking I am going to knock myself out as I approached the low ceiling of the keep in the castle (and then hitting my head 4 times)
-All of the what race should we be talks with Gandian
-Deep Talks with Ragnarok, Cammy, and Locke
-Jamina making sure I did not waste blood, Kit was so proud of her at that moment
-Foss and a few others discussing if we are murderers or killers
-The Archmages battle that never was ....one day Mr Simple Earth Mage....
-NPC reactions to what year it is and does the kingdom have printing presses...they did a great job rolling with those punches and many more
-Chopping veggies in the Kitchen with my favorite chef!
-Doom, doom doom, ......slay, slay, slay
-Ragnarok and Kit blowing off steam
-Conversation with Kallith about passion and adventuring.
-Loved the community as everyone aided Zihr with his horse-Community is what this game is all about!


- Everyone being cool and welcoming about my stuff both IG and OOG.
- Great effort on both mod types and RP by Plot. Thank you, NPCs!
- West Side Sewer Rats on the slayer's guild initiation mod, and some properly murderhobo-y resolution of the sewer hostage situation
- Trying to hide on a grassy knoll at 9am in full armor.
- Getting smacked by Matt's golem, being able to resolute and then loudly refit in 3s (because you gotta be loud with nifty toy verbals). Keladry getting all excited the first time Azeban did it.
- Kallith helpfully protecting that wooden chest
- The return of Matron Locke. Always a pleasure. And Locke's enthusiastic support of Azeban using her biata powers to rip through the mind of a merc prisoner, and maybe fiddle around a bit while in there.
- Getting to do some fun trap RP with Ainsley and Auryn
- Kitchen duty social connection and RP time... love my kitchen peeps <3
- The Fellowship of the Big Stick
- Sparring with Rags. Getting to switch up my style and use Filbert a bit.
- Watching Azeban get a wee bit racist-y, and her getting a public apology from human nobility afterwards.
- All the tavern RP that made me forget the chilly temps
- Crumpets


This weekend was awesome! I can't wait for the next event! Some of my favorites include:

-Juice Box Time
-Seeing Locke for the first time in literal years. I felt proud that she was proud of how far I'd come.
-Realizing my words have my power then they used to.
-Getting on the same page as Zihr.
-Ragnorak tutoring Gerty, Azeban, and myself in the art of two handers and us students not taking it seriously.
-Lots of great RP with people including: Foss, Liam, Zen, Myra, and so many more!
-Finding the right shield for my fighting style. Thanks, Gerty! Should've listened to you sooner!
-The many, many, many times I went to attack something and Myra coming out of seemingly no where to help finish it off.
-Meeting Earl Archie! Kallith reminding of the fact that I do have a few stories worth telling.
-The look on so many of William's NPC's faces when I shot them with my bow.
-The stealth mod on Staurday night. I had the hiccups. Matt was doing his best to make us laugh ("Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats") and I assure you all that the white blade was mine. I am no longer a stealthy individual it seems.

Overall I loved all the mods I went on and I absolutely can't wait for the next game.



To start, I just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed watching how much fun all of the npcs were having. You made my heart happy.

Rats - Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!
Griffin Guard visit. (I was just a little confused when Matt started with his white headband on. I didn't know weather to ignore the wind or pay attention.)
Talking with Keladry about Griffin Guard.
Locke apologizing to Zihr and the resulting booty dance.
The Booze Ooze Cruize sounded like a lot of fun.
Explaining to Locke that I needed to get a Mark removed and getting it done- Thanks Gandian!
"Secret" stamp sealed letters.
The tea party! The scones were so good!
Baleon came!
Earl Archie - Trying to make a masculine braid in a wig. Yay for the idea of a man bun!

I'm sure there was more...



I had a blast NPCing, from the fighting to the RP in the tavern all of it was fun. Just want to thank everyone for that! Ill probably not get all of them but some of my favorite moments were
Trying to spawn out of the vat on the ooze mod and having one polearm user figure out he can reach me while I can't reach him, so they hesitantly poke me and call out their damage. The look on their face when I said got it, only to turn into mad glee as two other polearm users show up to drive me into a corner...

Running into Keladry's arrow packets were a lot of fun but why you got to chase me up hills :C
Having (I think Faust) get his destruction off on me when I was the Siege Golem and getting smash by the ballista. That was some great teamwork!

Hearing someone say "The Golem is going after the armor!" only to have Gandian chime in "Or it could be because he's in his face and attacking him" I laughed a lot at that!

When the NPCs were trying to take the supplies I had Jordan protecting me, one of the PCs caught up and got me down only for them to go back and fourth on my poor back ;( (20 Normal, 20 magic healing, 20 normal, 20 magic healing) Just let me die!!! lol

Having a mod get ready only to realize the sun is about to leaving us, so by the time we got over there it was super dark.

I loved being interrogated my Locke and Faust! They promised me if they were to kill me, I can die with a weapon in my hand. After that I talked crap about their past so I got a dagger/shortsword? while they lanced me in the chest for 500 body. So good!

Attacking Adam as a wolf when he was a bandit only to have the other wolfs join in, then learning about the rats attacking the sewer gator(adam) during that mod. Adam is gonna have trust issues.

Chilling out with the Master Blacksmiths talking about random stuff while they're doing puzzles, Ryan Benike MVP!

Everyone who tried to get Adam to backlash the ritual! You tried!

Getting killing blown by my friends when I was put out of commission

It was a great game and a big shout out to everyone! Everyone had amazing outfits/costumes, you all looked amazing!
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Had a great time, what a fun way to start a new adventure! Some favorites in completely random order

- The 'Oh we are about to have a problem' look on Locke's Face when Zihr was about to tell the fictional story about he single handily killed the architech
- Hearing Locke retell the Tragic tale of Roy's End
- Earl Fancyhead, apparently I am a smoother talker than I expect.
- Watching random bandits turn and run from Keladry's bow damage
- Getting back to a Jack of some trades, master of none build on Kallith.
- Glaive in the Black wolf armor
- Just Glaive in General
- Crazy chase for the armor, what was up with that golem?!
- Scroll Master Joy. I'll buy alll the commands now! mwa ha ha!
- Liam's music, although he never plays freebird and that makes me sad.
- Kit's random dooming of Ragnarok, so classic, such kit
- Siege prep at the keep, Wizard Locks, Walls of force oh joy!
- Foss - "You prisoned a CHILD?" Me - "The one being used as a human shield? Yes, yes I did"
- Zihr - "So Two folks have come up to me saying you told them I'd pay them gold?" Me - "Oh yeah, I did that"
- Telling Foss it's rude to interrupt my break command monologuing with a purify
- Hunting down loyalist with cloth bits using seek the whole
- Finally all the cool prep and mod ideas from the new team. Matt looks great in armor as always, and I always knew Adam could be a majestic caster.

-Dave / Kallith



I'm super interested in the political aspects of it and really want to go diplomacy/ambassadorial track with Auryn, politics and worldbuilding are my jam. I honest to god was so close to debating forms of governance, you have no idea. Auryn started talking principles of philosophy like with the gold faction ambassador and would have gladly talked all the NPC ears off if given the chance, but she didn't get the chance to talk to many.

Town tea! Thanks for once again humoring this tiny sylvanborn and having respectable and civil discussion. Y'all brought up a lot of information I was missing and a thing or two I didn't think of.

The aristocracy guild seemed like a riot. I didn't get to do much with it because of the whole thing with Foss but I would have loved to hang out with Earl Archie after Auryn got over her initial shock of "this dude knows my name. How. How. Hooooow" but by the time she got back she didn't feel comfortable butting in. Next market day she wants to learn more about it, surely there's got to be a lot of interesting stuff happening! Plus, tea. I want the gossip! It's the best way of knowing what's going on! :)

I'm very interested the hooks for the seekers guild. Exploration is my jam.

The magicians' guild mod with the puzzles was really fun! I love non combat mods. The earth circle investiture ritual was super cool, and Auryn was very jazzed about being invested. She kept putting one foot in every time she passed it just to giggle about it on the way to the bathrooms.

Talking about grief with Locke was pretty awesome. Auryn's been concerned about her for a long time and it's made for fantastic character development between them.

Lady Bethany being Not Impressed with Foss over him trying to pull rank on her in her own tavern. Whoops! XD

Ciphers and sneaky bits! I'm awful at them and the stealth mods definitely made me anxious, but it was fun trying new things. Plus, the guard banter. Auryn is wondering where this "Sticky Mermaid" is, and if she even wants to contemplate ordering a Ginger Beer there.

Being comforted after the first stealth mod went tits up and nearly killed us all. Auryn kept why it bothered her pretty close to the chest, but she's starting to try to deal with it.

The Ballista. Took me a bit to figure how to comphensate for the wind, but after that? All the golems get a ballista bolt to the face! (Well, not actually the the face, but you get what I mean xD)

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
This was a great way to start off the new MN campaign, and I want to thank Jordan, Matt, Ryan, Will, Wade, Adam, Amy, and everyone else involved in making this new world for us to explore! Here are a few favorites, in no particular order:

- Super cool new setting, especially with the interactions with the Freedom Coalition and its three Factions! Definitely excited to see how it develops.
- Race chats with Kit!
- Friday night cipher! Ryan (S) won't make that mistake again. :p
- Princess B.B. and her Shady Vizier!
- Everyone on the plot team is so good-natured and hilarious, and I love it.
- "Glav! We found something, and for reasons that will become obvious, I think you should be the one to wear it."
- Fort Mirkworth battle, especially ending with the mad dash for the golem and the plate armor! I thought for sure Glav, Cass, Kallith, and I were screwed.
- Adam as Eberrus and Matt as Cleavius on Saturday night! They both rocked it costume-wise, and they both radiated with super-imposing villain awesomeness. Great introduction to some great new enemies for the new campaign!
- Saturday night stealth mod! I haven't been that worried about getting caught since May 2012, and I won't lie, Keladry getting the hiccups was tensely hilarious.
- "Little ditty, 'bout Jack and Diane! Two Americuuuuh... Erabellan kids doin' best they can!"
- Saturday night cipher! Having PCs find a document containing references to unplanned events that had happened mere hours prior was really neat.
- Discussing the basics of ritual stuff with Vaylin, Kazla, and Kierran, then having ways to try to disrupt a ritual come up very prominently that night. Theoretical studies became practical application (even if we didn't manage to succeed)!
- PCs rocked it costuming-wise this game! Everyone was looking sharp.
- I really like the site! The distance to the NPC camp area was maybe a smidge farther from the tavern than ideal, but all in all, it's a cool location.

And no doubt more. Great job y'all, and see you again soon enough!


Minnesota Staff
So many favorites I would have to argue one of my favorite events to date.

First off the bat loved the RP between everyone I don’t think I’ve had an event in MN with this much RP happening and it was just a great time overall.

Being able to bring the adventures into the keep made me happy and fighting off the little demon in my head that laughed at the idea of saying that Roff did not know this group

While I was defending the fort I fell during battle and felt a packet hit me but looked up cause I missed the call hoping for healing but then I realized it came from the balista

The first stealth mod which was really cool the lights added another whole level of intensity to the mod.

Getting caught out during the first stealth mod and having to run full sprint around the castle and then realizing I was so screwed when they started swinging 300s at me and I was relived I actually decided to add evades to my card for the event.

Runnning back into the fort during the chase and hiding up in the bridge until things settled dying from being out of breath.

Being able to do strategic planning and sitting with Elros and the other planning out the second stealth mission loved the idea of just rocking into it with an unwieldy amount of sleeps and charms but apparently the rest of the sylvanborns weren’t on board with that one.

Working to assign squad leaders for the stealth mission and gandian being like I only really care about myself so maybe not then realizing that’s everybody in that group “fine I get it everybody is selfish and cares for no one but let’s go!’’

The overall amount of strategic fighting /organizing that was at the events with fortifying prepping the stealth and others I really really enjoyed that and I think I have CO strategizer in my future

Also being invested into a circle for the first time every was really exciting for me and to top it off I got a double whammy. “Worst biata ever” -Gandian

Edit bickering with the loyalist that saw me in the stealth mission I think it might start to become a habit to mock them whenever I get the chance got to start thinking up mockeries now

Super excited for the next events
-Jonathan McNicholes
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Chicago Staff
Really fun opener and love the site!

- Fending off 7 bandits to have Foss captured, then fighting multiple NPCs to recover. Completely out of breath, haven't fought that hard in years.

- PC costuming was probably the best I've ever seen at SoMN. Everyone brought out their game and it really added to the atmosphere. Gotta say Kasla's multiple outfits were great for a first MN player

- Ritual Mod with Adam and Matt looking great.

- 4 of us fighting Matt's Golem behind the NPC cabin to get the plate armor back. 500 Massive is no Bueno.

-Booze Oozes

- Blacksmith puzzle mods. Really nice break away from normal mods.

- The Castle is going to make for a bunch of cool mods going forward, so really looking to see what's done with it.

See yall in a few weeks,
well judging from the various expressions i saw at the event it would seem that everyone enjoyed it, including myself. first it was good to see all the familiar faces there and some new people as well. it was also nice that plot also seemed set up with quite a few mods to keep everyone busy.

the only bad thing i could say is that i was not up to speed on the rule changes as well as not knowing if my magic items would work in this new land.

David Raatz


Many thanks to the kitchen help! Alexis (Queen of the sink!), Rynn (Helper Extraordinaire!) Brad (CAN'T do it without you, man!), Rob (Veggie chopppppppperrrrr!), Wendall (Biata with with big heart who passes through my ward in pain just to help me!) , and those who stepped in when the Earl summoned Zihr and when my horse was having issues. And anyone else I forgot, my sincerest apologies. If you dud not get a high five here and you helped, please pm me so I can get you some in game reward. Thanks to Josh and Jeremy for setting me up and helping me pack up.
A new coffee pot has been aquired so if the really strong coffee was your thing, I am sorry :( remind me and i will add more coffee grounds. At least the pot doesnt sound like it is possessed.
New ownership and plot- you did a great job! Thanks for fielding all my questions.