EVENT REVIEW: "Blackguards & Benefactors" - January 2016 (Tavern)

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Calenhelm politics are beginning to heat up! The Bandit King has been revealed, and the Sect's brutality ever increases! What will happen next?

If we could have IBGAs and MI picks in by Saturday, January 28, it would be greatly appreciated!

**NPCs - Do not post here. Let us know if you had any highlights or concerns in the FB group. Thanks! **

1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

Posting rules, respect everyone's views, no debates. Everyone sees things differently.
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1. Welp, that was a heck of a tavern, wasn't it?
-Everything with the Bandit King was very well done. The reveal, the random hits, being hired for a job and given his symbol as thanks....very well done.
-Everyone who partook in the brownies played it very well! It was hilarious, especially Ash being SUPER apologetic towards me.
-Getting to be a part of Arlyne's personal plot and giving her some crucial information
-Pissing off the Dark Elf Senator not once, but twice. Chris, that was VERY well played.
-Craig George coming in looking for a wife....and then finding a wife!
-Getting a reading from Zoo, and having it basically come true a few hours later
-Having a drink with a ship captain, who then slid me a totally secret note. Such a little thing, but so neat.
-The alchemy merchant. I managed to get myself a pretty good deal on globes.

Hmm....I feel like I am missing something. Oh yeah!
-Walking back into the tavern a broken/angry man, not realizing I was heading straight for the nobility
-Getting amnesia'd and losing it all....
(Big thanks to Nichole, Brooke, Connor, and Dawn...that was awesome)

2. Can't think of anything

3. The job board! I liked that, was a nice little touch. I'm also super excited to interact with the nobility in the coming months and having a say in the new leader of the lands.

4. Ruki was attacked from behind after finishing a job he promised he would never do...he slowly stirred his eyes opening, focusing on the figure in front of him. Once his eyes began to focus, he realized who he was starring at....his wife, Celeste and his newborn son. He quickly scrambled to his feet, beyond happy....maybe the job was worth it in the en-...

"You worthless coward...."


1. Post your favorite moments
- the rp I had between myself and the nobles I spoke to was quite fun
- the rp I had with various players felt really strong this month just shooting the **** at the tavern while we killed time
- stepping in multiple times to make sure enemies were taken alive was fun got some real use out of my rope this game
- how we took down the bandit kings men after the nobles were out of danger
-the random attacks between various factions outside the tavern door

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
-there was some confusion at least on my part for how some of the mods were working etc so I only ended up going on one actual mod that I can think of. still was a fun fight and it was also kinda nice to just have a relaxed night in the tavern not to mention getting to like I said earlier speak to some nobles I needed words with. so not really a complaint I guess? its the closest thing I had to a less favourite moment and even I admit there are steps I could've taken to make it go otherwise :)

3. What you would like to see more of
more stuff like the random attacks outside the tavern doors that got us reacting when people seemed to be slowing down they were fun XD especially with the number of prisoners our 3 homeguard had to take in.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Mar sighed looking behind himself to check the nobles had all filed out leaving him and a handful of others behind. He smirked and looked to sarryn knowing none of the breachers had any intent to kneel before this bandit king as he slipped out his newly coated throwing knife from its holder. At sarryns signal the remain breachers moved as one unit Mars throwing knife slamming into the door where the bandit king had been standing a moment before its sleep coating ineffective as the boy proved slippery as his father still they had captured several of the bandits men and now had the start of a trail to follow.....it was time to hunt


1. Post your favorite moments
- the job board on the travern is awesome
-constantly, there are fishbowl n event occuring in the travern
- delicious burger for dinner
- the 2 mod I went are awesome, one is gathering weed n get pay with brownie, one is getting money for the travern

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
-more inexperience on my part, need to make sure I have prep team begore mod

3. What you would like to see more of
- more jon board, fishbowl
-I think we will need a wall that people csn post a requestv/ job / wild hunter contract so bartender will not becswarm by question

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Looking around at those face, too disgust or just not care enough to donate even 1 copper for a proper burial of a murder victim, Tiny tail feel sadden by the realization that this is not home, no body care if a person is properly sent off.

Tiny tail/ Rachael Y.


1. Post your favorite moments
The Prince reveal was well played. Lots of opportunity to work on that.
More interactions with various NPCs
Having to make a decision to save a NPC that Jaxx completely detests.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Maybe having NPCs that are actually scared to be interrogated, or actually cooperative once and a while. Not everyone wants to "die or get jailed" for a cause.

3. What you would like to see more of
Having more PCs involve others in their plot. Make sure information is being talked about.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
After meeting with the Countess, Jaxx begins to make his way to the Ogre's Head, only to be confronted by a curious site. Deaconcroft being accosted by two thugs. Apparently this man owes more money to more people. If they were to only take a pound of his flesh, well that would be fine, but these two look to kill him. Not that this would be a bad, or fitting end to the man, but Deaconcroft was now indentured to the Countess and by rights, her property. Giving both men ample warnings to leave and trying to diffuse this situation, it seemed there was only one option: keep Deaconcroft alive so he can continue to live in misery for the remainder of what is likely to be a short life....


1. Post your favorite moments
Observing everyone while they tried the special Kings Recipe brownies. It was pretty entertaining!
Devouring those sliders like its no ones business (so good!)
Finally opening up to a few people about my Personal Plot. Arlyne's pretty stubborn and thinks she can do things on her own.
Finding out some more history with House Remington.
Lots of things happening this month in the Tavern with fishbowls and what not. The change of pace is really good to see.
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Moreso on my part, but to be more assertive when conducting an interrogation.
3. What you would like to see more of
I do agree with Cory with being cooperative when being interrogated. I felt like I was going around in circles, but again, see answer #2.
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Arlyne walks away from the room and nods to Ruki as they part ways. "This is some useful infomation" she thinks. She starts thinking of her plan then she turned around and sees Ruki curled up on the floor. "Oh ****, I hope that wasnt because of me.." she thought as she moves to the motionless body. She taps his leg with her foot. "Is he okay?" she asks to no one in particular. "Hes fine." says Jaxx as he walks away, "Just sleeping. He needs to be taught a lesson." "Oh.Good." she replied as she takes one final look over to see if hes indeed alright. The last thing she needs is to have someone die on her watch...


1. Post your favorite moments
Lots of interaction with PC's and NPC's alike, learning new things about the races, the people.
Food. yes, delicious..and what I needed after 15 hours on a greyhound bus. Great sliders.
The Pig argument. damn guys.. you were goooood.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
NPC's "escaping" in 2 seconds, down interior hallway and not being able to "track" them.. if it is just a fish bowl, nothing more,
let us know before you disappear into camp? Thanks. :)

3. What you would like to see more of
Like others, the PC's including each other, seeking out/ freely giving info.. "hey, I just saw more rich merchants over there..."

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Tired, stiff and a little sore from wandering the shorelines, not having eaten in almost a day, Elachae seats herself no sooner than a pretty Selunari lady offers up tidbits of the King's recipe cake.. seeing it's effect on the two peasant men nearby, and smelling the rich chocolate and something else, knows what it contains. Silently cheering the King for his good taste, Elachae eagerly downs the brownie and feels the welcome warmth of the intoxicate permeate her tired bones. "It's going to be a great night after all" :D

Lisataime / Elachae Gymirsil
1. Post your favorite moments
-Collecting and consuming the Kings Brownies was a ton of fun!
-Getting Jack's ear pierced was hilarious - I gotta get a clip on earring for the next event!
-Getting Jack's fortune read by Rovinder (spelling?) was super cool and super creepy! Absolutely nailed my past, even though I had been purposefully ambiguous. Time will tell if it comes true :)

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Nope! The whole night was cool as heck. No complaints!

3. What you would like to see more of
I had an idea about also having a job board for players to post stuff on, like required reagents, requesting teaching in certain skills, rewards for information on things/people, items for sale, etc.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
As the fog of intoxication slowly faded from my senses I pulled my forehead off the table.
Feeling a dull pain in my right ear I reached up and gingerly poked at it. Feeling a spike of pain I jerked my head away.
"What the Hell was I thinking?" I mumbled to myself, "Why did I do that?"
There was no answer.


1. Post your favorite moments
Not useing my weapon the while night
Haveing people specifically come up to me for armor repairs.
Just feeling like Billin is making a name for himself in general, I always thought he would be a background character so seeing people seek him out is really quite neat.
The masters forge

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Having to find information out for the Thane, I'm a blacksmith dammit. But having the Thane in trust Billin with such a task is awesome.

3. What you would like to see more of
Can't think of much... the food, more of the food :)

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

Standing with Zamot and Scarlett in front of the five Grandmasters that had assembled for the masters forge I was surprised and happy to see the diversity of the grandmasters. The elf among their ranks was most surprising. Then I was called apon to state to those present the reason I had called the Forge and I never had felt more nervous. My leg was shaking and I swallowed, hopefully I would not make a fool of myself...


1. Post your favorite moments
The mod where we "helped" a local merchant get square with the tavern.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
My least favourite moments continue to be those where I feel like I'm never going to remember my special abilities, what spells I have cast on me, what buffs to get, etc. Althought for only my second time PC-ing, I felt a lot more comfortable, especially by the end of the night, that I did actually know what was going on :)

3. What you would like to see more of
The story. Not really a complaint, more a reflection that I seemed to be able to follow what was going on a bit better this time.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Digs was slowly getting accustomed to life on the streets of Calanhelm. Most nights, he'd been able to find a roof to sleep under and going to bed hungry was now the exception to the rule. Digs had even been able to get some "refreshment" training of a certain skills he hadn't had to use for many years - how to go unnoticed or strike from the shadows, bypass a lock or read his own post. With the Bandit King having unveiled himself, Digs was very much looking forward to the upcoming masquerade. Excitement - and profit - were both just around the corner!


Favorite Moments

The whole thing with Ash, running to the trial, sitting on pins and needles through the trial, the heart wrenching moment when he was sentenced to an obliteration and having to leave him there, waiting to see if he would survive, seeing him walk up. All of you from the plot and writing to all of the NPCs involved. You all took me on such a roller coaster, it was amazing.

Less Favorite Moments

After Xamot left at 9 and I was left one of the ranking home guard. Every two minutes "home guard!" I just sat down, sort it out yourselves. Just kidding I love you guys.

What I would like to see more of

Food! The sliders were great, I liked it that time last year that we ordered pizza too. Really just any type of substantial food option.

A moment from my character's perspective

So, I'm completely freaked out right now, I mean Ash is my friend. Probably one of the only nobles that is like, really my friend. Really.

The judge Lady Corstar is super strict. She asks Ash what he had to say in his defense...And Ash was awesome!!!

He looked at the judge then everyone in the court and was all cool...saying how he wants his house back because with his money and his name and his money, oh I already said money, but anyway he was saying how much he could help with fighting the sect and all the bad stuff that's happening. I almost jumped out of my seat and yelled "YOU LET HIM GO!" at the judge.

I probably would have done it too. Good thing for me Theromy was there. He sat beside me and we held each others hand tight, offering each other support and we helped each other stay calm.

Then the jerky judge sentenced him to an obliteration. She says that if Ash survives the obliteration he can help fight the sect. If he beats the sect he can have his house restored. Totally unfair. He didn't even do anything!! But Ash is so awesome - he said okay he'll accept the obliteration.

All of a sudden they order us out of the room and take Ash away to another room. There's nothing I can do! I want to run at them with my sword swinging. Maybe I can take them, probably not. Maybe I can distract them and Ash could get away. Arlen looks at me "I'm sorry Becky." she says softly. "It will be ok." But how can it be okay if Ash is dead?

Just then I hear Ash scream from the other room. And here I am a fighter with no one to fight. There's nothing I can do to help him. Meekly I follow my friends out of the courtroom. I just leave him and hope he's all right.

PS Ash for King!! :)
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