EVENT REVIEW: "The Festival of Crows" - August 2016

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A good showing from everyone! Thanks for coming out!

If we could have IBGAs and MI picks in by Sunday, September 11th, it would be greatly appreciated!

**NPCs - Do not post here. We have our own review, which I will be posting to the FB group. Thanks! **

1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

Posting rules, respect everyone's views, no debates. Everyone sees things differently.
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1. I really enjoyed the whole weekend; every event was fun to watch, and it was nice to sit back and relax with popcorn to cheer everyone on. Hezekiah/Phil having so much enthusiasm in every event was super infectious and his whole team was always great to watch.

2. Aside from people leaving their meal remnants around, my only disappointment was missing the Colours display, but I volunteered to do dishes, so it's entirely on my shoulders.

3. The mod we did for Arlyne/Liz (I sincerely hope I spelled Arlyne correctly...) was cool, even if it was a bit short and I was one of the many villagers who had no idea who she was; sitting around the fire and having everyone place the blame for every terrible thing that happened on the shoulders of one villager was hilarious to partake in and listen to.

4. (I'm going to leave this unanswered, since Phal didn't really do much besides spectate events and eat popcorn, and neither of those things is particularly interesting to write or read about.)

Tyler Sadler


1. I had a lot of high moments this event! Practically everything Friday (slave auction and dark reaches, was sad I missed Arlyne's personal mod), the festival was a lot of fun, and the gnoll gang war on Sunday and trying to keep the peace there (and by extension, becoming the 'most heroic' by being a moron and jumping in front of TWO eviscerates). Plus, coming in second in the Festival was kind of an ego boost. Oh! And seeing one of those blue envelopes and having it be something for my personal plot...just any time I see something or someone referencing my personal plot I get giddy.

2. My less favorite moment is my fault. There was a miscommunication, and because of that, a bunch of poor NPCs had to wait around in the lair for my team for over an hour, when they could have been doing something much more productive. For that, I apologize.

3. I kinda liked the PvP aspect, having PCs on different sides and coming to blows. Obviously, you can't do that often...but the grand melee was just so cool. Also, the blue envelopes just hanging around. That was neat. Also, more large scale mods (Arlyne's) would be cool!

4. Things finally broke out into violence...the air tribe attacked the earth tribe. Try as he might, he could not block any of the hits to stop the fighting until he was accidentally run through by the Stone Lord...


When you walk into the Breach and out of game Cory asks you, "How do you feel about being sold?"... means that you're about to have a good event, lol!

I am blown away by how much of a change this Festival was compared to last year, I cannot thank everyone enough for the comradery and sportsmanship that we all displayed for the Festival, it seriously turned it around for me so thank you!

1. Hrm for this I really need a play-by-play of the weekend so here goes bullet form?
  1. I got sold for THREE SILVER?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Thank the spirits for good friends like Ruki
  2. Ummm... Nearly stayed in the realm of Hedonism permanently, c'mon... I know you were all thinking it.
  3. Loud fireworks are loud
  4. Trollball was a blast this year! I hadn't played it in 4 seasons, haha!
  5. Harpy's taking the Trollball!
  6. The entire feeling of the archery tournament floored me, everyone was amazing
  7. The Dark Reaches on Saturday night was probably the scariest thing I'd experienced since nationals
  8. Our entertainment! From my perspective I got to see who was into what geekery just based on when you all laughed and which jokes you all got!
  9. Trying to balance all of the gnoll tribes... is anyone else waiting for the Gnoll-vatar to show up and bring balance to the elements?
2. Things to improve on? I think I just can't wait to see what teams do next year! I find we're all collectively upping the bar all the time when it comes to the festival, though I'll be sad to see the Duke's go! haha! Hat trick!

3. I'd love to see more of the togetherness that we had this month as players, I have found lately that we're at each other's throats far too often and I would much rather be on the same side as everyone else!

4. Siegart sat behind the curtain, waiting to be paraded out to all of the nice people, his master had sold his friends for very high amounts of gold and he knew that he had to make his master proud in doing so! Even if one of the buyers had called him deformed because of his horns.

Finally his name was called and as he was dragging his iron ball out towards his master his title was called, "The Butcher of Brightmore... amongst other things" Something in Siegart's stomach knotted, the pain was only there for a moment before he remembered he had to look his best for master.

"Do I hear one silver?"


Thanks Tyler! Much appreciated.

1. I enjoyed the competition far more than I thought I would. The archery was my favourite - not just because of my own astounding performance, but because everyone there was helpful and fun and cheered each other on. That was the true spirit of competition.

2. Less fit people such as myself need more recovery time between events. Also, it seemed like time for dinner and logistics was kind of forgotten.

3. There continue to be more opportunities to play with different people and I want that to continue. Things that involve disparate groups, so it's not just the same people.

4. The auction was finished. They had managed to reclaim three of five of the missing people. He handed the key to Aezir's chains over and peered through the darkness as they unlocked and rearmed the warrior.

"Now what?" someone whispered. Eyes were on him. Aezir was flexing his muscles. Magnus was waiting, weapon ready.

Hezekiah's eyes narrowed. Normally an even-tempered man - but these were slavers. They took away freedom. He had been hiding his feelings well, but now it could come out.

"Kill them."


1. Post your favorite moments
Having some of the PCs participate in my personal mod (Tyler, you did spell my name right :D). Thank you... albeit a short one!
FoC was great! I really admire how our team got together and got things going, despite all of the hiccups we have had.
Hezekiah's attempt at archery. Apparently, the butt wiggle does work :)

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)

3. What you would like to see more of
Honestly, there was alot going on, didnt even have the time to think of what I would like to see more of.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
As Arlyne, approaches the door, she tries to shatter the the lock. A red light appears behind her.

"Halt, in the name of the HomeGuard".



1. Post your favorite moments
I loved the whole festival. The air of friendly competition, the sportsmanship and camaraderie was all amazing, and a definite departure from previous Festivals that felt more antagonistic.
The sheer volume of laughter I got doing my ritual. I was super anxious about it for weeks, to the point that I seriously considered backing out entirely, as I didn't have any kind of plan. I just brought some random props to the event and made it up as I went along. It went pretty good considering it was my first-ever ritual (and I couldn't even cast the circle myself).

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
I only had two things get under my skin all weekend, which for me is amazing, as I irritate easily.

a. Why is the mage duel structured the way it is? We are told that our spell pyramids must be limited to make it fairer to the lower level players, and I am totally fine with that (my spell pyramid barely needs to be reduced to fit the requirements, anyway), but why then are high magic cloaks and banes allowed? I know that Moebius was the only competitor who had them, and he only took 2nd place, but it's a change from previous festivals that still skews the contest heavily in favor of the most powerful characters. I think that if we are only allowed a spell pyramid ending in a single level eight spell, we should not be using high magic, and I say this already having some high magic myself, though not quite enough for cloaks and banes. As time passes, some of us will get more and more cloaks and banes and the power gap will widen, fast.
To clarify, I'm not upset that I lost, and this rule didn't directly cause me to lose. I got eliminated because I choked when Moebius attacked me. I only got one spell off to his two. Without his high magic, we would instead have taken each other out at the same time, as my curse landed simultaneous with his confine.

b. This one was a doozy. I was disqualified the first time I took a single step over an unmarked, curved line in the grand melee. No warning that I was getting close, no "hey, stay in bounds", just nope, you're done. If we can be instantly disqualified for stepping out of bounds, at least mark all of the lines. I was absolutely livid, and, from how many times I've had to edit this to be polite, I'm apparently still pretty salty.

3. What you would like to see more of
I missed trollball. Oh, man, did I miss it.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Hearing the sound of giggles interspersed with retching coming from the legerdemain building, I called out "Tengu? You need me in there?"
"Yes," Tengu called back, clearly only barely capable of speech.
Stepping inside, I saw Tengu kneeling in the cabin, and promptly stepped into the room to reach him.
*puff* A blast of poisonous gas burst from under one of the bunks, and I felt my poison shield expend itself to counter the toxin.
Now very cautious, I reached over the tripwire in the middle of the room. "I call upon the earth to purify you."
Then, with extreme and probably excessive caution, I stepped back out of the cabin.


1. Post your favorite moments
- Everything as a whole seemed much better than last year. The colours portion all around was delightful, everything was much more. I would like to say professional. The teams all came out with such gusto it gave me goose bumps :)
- Winning the race was definitely a high point. Thank you to my wonderful team, as with all team events it couldn't have happened without you.
- Having my long list of craftsman skills actually come up was super cool.
- Even though the DR mod on Saturday night was super terrifying it was actually quite exciting to be apart of.
- Joining the Earth Weavers
- Isawda Calling Scarlett his "Deputy Life Giver" was my personal favorite :)

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
- Sad that I missed the archery competition again this year :( especially since how wonderful I heard it was. But hey, a boy has to eat lol
- The entirety of troll ball :/ It is probably just me, but attempting to make a larp safe version of a full contact sport just seemed stupid AF especially since after getting bashed in the face all I wanted to do was shoulder over and take them out at the waist.

3. What you would like to see more of
- More RP driven events like the Ritual competition. I mean I wasn't that much a fan that for something that was supposedly this big serious thing for the higher level characters got reduced to who could be the funniest... Just saying is all.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Scarlett hastily runs in the direction of the calls for aid. Coming to a ledge he looks across and sees his friends on the ground, surrounded by fire ants at the other side. He nimbly runs across the narrow passage, Stig and more allies in tow. He attempts to put two of the ants to sleep with no success, luckily with his allies now here to distract the beasts he dances around to the other side to where his friends are. Examining them he realizes that two of them required life spells, only having one with him he looks at Nazrat and Hezekiah. after a second of deliberation he touches Nazrat and channels Master Isawda's magics from his crossbow and says "Activate, I grant you the gift of life!" Without even checking to see if it had worked, Scarlett runs as fast as he can to find Master Isawda to get another life spell...

Logan Thomas Stevenson
Player 150
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1. Quite a bit, come to think of it, from running over tight rope using a dead body for balance to watching the world's worst taxidermist. Finding myself in charge of a team a week before the event and watching that team becoming an actual team over the weekend ups and downs included - that actually proved to be quite amazing. Many thanks to the rest of the Brothers (non-gender-specific denomination).
Oh and the elemental **** storm on Sunday morning.

2. Did I mention trollball? Either the game needs to be actually practiced over the rest of the year or the rules need to be more inclusive. When some teams know what's skirting the rules what isn't, and others are simply trying to get through the game without charging anyone - the game devolves into farce fast. I also took a tackle in the ribs which I still remember every time I breathe in, and ended up sufficiently unglued to throw a small tantrum at the end of the match. Rules need to be fully revised, and more referees need to watch the game from multiple angles.
3. Wanna see more RP. Wanna see more interesting puzzles. Wanna go back and watch the auction all over again. Also want the rewards for the festival participation at least match the coin spent on the hunt purchases.
4. - Huff puff. Yes. Huff. I can. Puff. See you. Huff. Scarlett. Puff. GO!
Cyrill panted watching the crazy noble in hot pants galloping up the hill, tailed by some kid hopelessly trying to catch up. Barring a bored dragon cropping up at the finish line or perhaps time elemental getting involved, this one was a victory. He allowed himself a smile and turned to where from the turn of the King's highway Shin the Swift appeared.
Is that howling? There was definite sound of howling coming from the finish line. Cyrill chuckled and joined in with it.
1. First of all was definitely the Archery competition. Such a sense of camaraderie between all of the participants with jokes being thrown around, all in high spirits, and having a very close contest to top it all off!
The Rogue's Gallery was a lot of fun, more traps than I have seen in the past year and a half combined. Going into it I did not have high hopes and set off many of the traps, being nauseated and laughing at the same time is a most unpleasant feeling...
Just before the foot race when the players were getting put in position Magnus walks up and is joking about ways to stop people in the foot race during which he says "...and this is how you stop someone in the foot race. Preparre to die Stun Limb." and hits me in the leg. It took half a second to register "Hey, that was a legal skill call" and I just drop, screaming blue murder at him, Saryn just standing there shocked. It was a great chance to play with RP, spent the rest of the weekend either glaring at him or ignoring his presence.

2. Definitely troll ball. While it is a fun game there is no way to enforce a charging rule and as such it needs to be an all-or-nothing contact sport. The use of the weapons does limit the contact aspect a bit but even to grab the head from between an opponents legs is charging: we can't do it with disarmed weapons, we can't do it in troll ball. This was not enforced and each team tended to set their own standards.

3. Traps. Lots and lots of traps. Those with Legerdemain need opportunity to practice against everything Plot can throw at them so that not only is the skill more valued but also come the Rogue's Gallery people won't be walking in blind with no real experience under their belt.

4. Seeing a swarm of vicious bats swarm into town and his teammate, Jack, running after one on his own Tengu sighs. "That human, so inexperienced, is running off to kill that beast on his own. Perhaps I should lend a hand." Walking over he calls out "With Mystic Force I Web you" and hurls a conflux of binding magics at the bat. With it restrained on the ground Tengu looks to Jack, pulls out a dagger, and quickly puts the bat out of the Biata's misery. Curious to see what the bat had devoured off of past adventurers he then goes to slit the beast from belly to breast but at a poke the bat explodes in a shower of gear, elixirs, and coin. With both the Biata and Human looking on with shock they quickly gather up this treasure horde, both wondering who in the hell this bat had been eating. With but a cursory look at what they had assembled Tengu turns to Jack and casually states "What I see here will be worth a most tidy sum, there is at least one Strengthened item that I see which will fetch a premium at the market. We have done well this day!" This would more than even up what he had won off of this human the past month in a game of chess...
1. Getting to see how much i have improved over the course of a year. (still need to improve at rp alot but at least i talk a bit more) geting to go to the Dark reaches twas fun to run around at night. Troll ball and all the other events.
2.Nothing realy cant think of anything.
3. seems alot of people like this TROLL BALL yay that was alot of fun. maybe the breach should get its own troll ball team XD.
4. It was dark the only light talon was focused on was the one on the head of the dragon in front of him. Good thing it moves pretty slow he thought to himself. Suddenly it picked up speed and charged right at him "OH CRAP IT CAN MOVE FAST" (or whatever i yelled out) he moved out of the way narrowly avoiding a claw. Ok needa be a bit more careful there dont want to be geting hit by that thing.
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