Events in Rosen on 5/31

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Alliance Rules
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On the last day of the fifth month of the year 522 of the Gavarian calendar, a nameless baron was brought on stage before a small public crowd of people in the capital city of Rosen. The crowd consisted of nobles, adventurers, and commoners alike. The baron was bound in chains, and gagged with a cloth. Royal guards stood as a barrier between the stage and the crowd, and flanked the baron on either side.

Standing on a nearby balcony was Queen Pavia Gavar, Sir Euron Gavar, and a few other assorted members of the Royal family. After several minutes of silence from the crowd, stage, and balcony, a noble stepped forward and began to read from a scroll.

“On the twenty ninth day of the fifth month of the year, Her Majesty Queen Pavia Gavar had an attempt made on her life by assassins sent on behalf of the now nameless baron you see before you. Her Majesty sent adventurers residing in Atupal to retrieve the Baron from his estate in the County of Nysa in the Duchy of Meltith. The adventurers captured the Baron after laying siege to his estate and took him back to Atupal where his fate was determined by the First Impromptu Senate of Atupal. The Senate of Atupal has concluded their deliberations and have determined the following sentences.

The Baron shall have their name stricken from the record. All titles, lands, holdings, and wealth shall be stripped from the Baron. All outstanding debts of the Baron shall be settled by their former wealth. Restitution shall be given to the offended shall be given to the victim and their family. The Baron shall be executed unto permanent death. The execution shall be public. The sentence shall be carried out publicly and by a representative of Gavaria. A record of these events shall be created such that this event shall never be forgotten, only the name shall be forgotten.

The assassins employed by this Baron have already met their permanent end. After investigation, it has been determined that the Baron acted alone and no verdict shall be delivered to his family. Her majesty has determined the restitution she has received shall be dispensed as necessary to the people of Nysa to aid them while a new baron is established. Sir Jeremy Graham shall deliver the final verdict.”

The crowd was absolutely silent as a man dressed in dark ceremonial armor climbed the stage, poleax in hand. The baron was brought to his knees and summarily executed. The body did not dissipate. As the body was dragged off the stage, Queen Pavia stepped forward to speak.

“I regret that this has been one of my first functions as Queen, but permanent death should always be the punishment for treason of this megnetude. Let this event not be an omen of things to come. I see brighter days for Gavaria ahead of us. Let us move forward to a brighter future.”

The stage now empty, the spectators on the balcony retreated inside. The crowd slowly disbursed, and life moved on in the capital.
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