Exapnsion of NPC Benefits - Gain NPC blankets per logistics period vs. per event

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Summary: This vote represents changing the NPC blankets which can be earned from one per entire event as an NPC to earning one per each logistics period, much like goblin blankets there is still a limit of one NPC blanket which can be applied per character per month, but no cap on the amount of characters which a player may distribute a single blanket to.

Vote: Expand NPC benefits to be per logistics period rather than per event [Passed]
The following chapters voted for this policy: Crossroads, Chicago, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Gettysburg, Denver
The following chapters voted against this policy: Raleigh

Synopsis of conversations: Most of the conversations held centered around finding a way to better reward the NPC's for their work, with the pros being that it would make it easier for NPC's who could not stay the whole event, it would encourage greater NPC participation, and it would better reward those individuals who NPC'd in multiple chapters. The cons were mostly centered around the potential for blanket bloat making continuing to NPC not rewarding due to having a large backlog of pre-awarded blankets.
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