Fair day pot luck sign ups


Hey all, I thought it might be helpful to start a thread about the faire day so we could let people know what will be on the menu. If you feel like saying, maybe say who you are playing ( unless you want it be a surprise) :)

I am coming as Duorn and plan on bringing crock pot meatballs. See you all there!


Albert and I are combining forces to make two things that I'll bring up! Banana oatmeal muffins (with chocolate chips, not raisins, we aren't that monstrous), and a layered bean dip + chips! I thiiiiink the bean dip may be fully vegan friendly? I like to use fake sour cream (soy-based, less runny) and vegetarian refried beans.

Super excited!! Gonna play Alda! Time for my dryad to explore a little more!!


Assistant General Manager
Quick update! I ended up having little time to bake today, so instead I picked up a sourdough baguette and a whole grain loaf.