Fall Spectacular Fundraising Bonanza!

Discussion in 'Chicago: Out of Game' started by Kitaruen, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Fighter Owner Chicago Staff

    Many people shared they would prefer me not to run the fundraiser for 2018 over the holidays thus we are trying something new The Fall Spectacular Bonanza!

    All cash donations will receive:
    -5:1 goblin stamps
    -for each $50 spent a free LCO scroll or LCO crafting ingredient (randomized) for local players only
    -for each $50 spent 20 dragonstamps (this will cap in time but we will update if we get near our limit)
    --paypal to robertdautovski@yahoo.com

    This fundraiser ends on October 31st!!!

    Any questions maybe sent to waysidelogistics@gmail.com
  2. Grimshaw

    Grimshaw Newbie

    Stupid question. Whats a Dragonstamp?

    James "Grimshaw - This stamp thing confuses me every time" Ferguson
  3. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    Gobby stamps are Chapter Specific.
    Dragon stamps are Alliance Specific.

    6 dragon stamps for example allows you to blanket ANY Alliance event for 1 day, 12 DS for a weekend event--not chapter membership needed.

    You can also spend DSs on Restricted (Traveling items). For example, 6 DS can get you a 1/d 1st level spell 20PP or less weapon for 1yr; times by 2.5 cost for 5year effect.
  4. Grimshaw

    Grimshaw Newbie

    thank you
  5. Banradi

    Banradi Adept South Michigan Staff

    In addition to what Ryan mentioned, you can also get monthly "Dragon Blankets" for 6 Dragon Stamps a month. These act just the same as monthly "Goblin Blankets" (what gets you experience between events).

    Effectively, you're doubling the possible experience you can earn in a month!

    Here's a full list of things you can do with them. Hope this helps!

  6. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Fighter Owner Chicago Staff

    We are at the 50% of dragons remaining point of things! Get those donations in if you want to gurantee dragon stamps.

    Thanks to those who have donated!

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