Fall Spectacular Fundraising Bonanza

Discussion in 'Chicago: Out of Game' started by Kitaruen, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Fighter Owner Chicago Staff

    Alright folks here is our Fall Fundraiser which will be ongoing until October 31st.

    All cash donations will receive:
    5:1 Goblin stamp ratio
    Also every $50 spent will generate a raffle ticket.

    Raffle prizes are:
    1. A homemade treasure chest by Josh Benton similar to what the brotherhood uses- stamped with the insignia of Wayside and gifted directly from the Royal Family.
    2. A 50% discount on any catalog item from Gargoyle Forge. This item will be an LCO +3 Damage Aura for 1 year (locally even once the new rules hit it will remain a +3 DA)
    3. A 1:1 scene with an NPC of your choice (please note this does not guarantee them agreeing to what you may want-as they are still running under there normal motivations and desires)
    4. A single LCO 1/day activate that will last for 1 year (locally even once the new rules hit will remain a /day)
    5. All remaining raffle tickets will generate an LCO scroll, components, or crafting ingredients randomized from a chart

    Paypal to robertdautovski@yahoo.com
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  2. Pokethulu

    Pokethulu Spellsword Public Relations Committee

    These are good deals. If you can afford to donate please do

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  3. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Fighter Owner Chicago Staff

    Just bumping the fundraiser. We will most likely do the fund raiser raffle at the closer so if you plan to donate let us know ahead of time.
  4. Manflesh

    Manflesh Newbie

    Behold! The grand prize for the fundraiser!

    20181022_231217.jpg 20181022_231256.jpg 20181022_231326.jpg 20181022_231407.jpg 20181022_231425.jpg
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  5. Ractor

    Ractor Artisan

    Ok, so that looks amazing...
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  6. Dr_Chill

    Dr_Chill Fighter

    Hey whatever happened with the drawing for the fundraiser? :)

    -Ryan Bu.
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  7. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Fighter Owner Chicago Staff

    The four grandprizes if you will are:
    Thomas M got the chest
    Daphne P got the 1/day MI
    Jordan F got the discounted latex blade with DA
    Josh C got the special NPC scene
    Everyone else who donated will be getting: 3-5 LCO components, 1 random LCO ritual scroll, OR 3-5 LCO crafting ingredients per raffle ticket. I will reach out to folks to sort out the various goodies over the course of the next week.

    Thanks All!

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