Farmers seeking aid


Hullo adventurers,
My sister and I have met some of you in market days past. We have been offered tillable land in New Eloria and/or in Roefield, on which to move our farming operations. With us is coming a load of our mother's enchanted soil. Or would be, except every time we've tried to leave the farm, something has happened. Arathor has gotten sick, the wind knocked down trees and blocked our path out, our first wheelbarrow broke, and so on.

I am not a superstitious person; I suspect something or someone is actively trying to stop us from obtaining this new opportunity that was so kindly offered to us by some of you. Perhaps someone could help us make the move on the upcoming market day in a few weeks? We will then accept the land and grow our crops for whoever comes to our aid, whether New Eloria, Roefield, or someone else.
I thank you kindly,

Atticus son of Ampelius