Fave's of September

Ok this is going to be just a few because I spend a lot of time behind desk or watching what's going on so it's other people's moments, however hete are the few:

1) describing this as I heard this described by a third party Batman Vincent meets Batman Jonathan.

2) Balbanes (sp?) "5 waylay"
Jonothan "magic armor, you know i'll just.
drink the enslavement ant...."
Whoever it was " 5 waylay"
I really don't know who got me, seriously I don't know who was behind me when that happened, everyone I thought was in the room was in front of me, dammit!

3) following Jonothan getting identified and then having an itching fit when he woke up outside the circle. Jonothan mumbling to himself "Damn Shya, I should have known what was coming."


As usual.
NPC and Fence hoppers: You guys and gals rocked it.

Plot: You guys never fail to come up with devious/scary and corny/funny ways to keep us entertained.

Logistics Staff and helpers: I make promises, but in the future I will try to be less of a pain in the tush.

Events in no particular order.

"A mass of refuges moving"

*heavy breathing* "Frig them chickens. Oh look, a cow"

"We need a token from your plane." Raven
NPC picks up a rock from the ground. "Here's a rock."
"That's not gonna work." Raven rolling his eyes.

New member interviews. A lot less shots and a lot more hectic events made them a bit less fun then usual. But there is plenty of time to make up the shots.

Chasing my feather faced healer around all weekend. For being laid up not to long ago, you gave me a run for my money.

Finely getting the chance, and remembering to Elf.

Vorps and Endows were my friends this weekend.

Unfortunate choices to unfortunate events to unfortunate decision.

Thanks to helped keep the pointy ear, alcoholic alive for another event.


Always a pleasure to work with Mich and Tom. Good friends makes for good collaborators. Having Will behind the desk is amazing. Set it and forget it, he has it already done.

The chickens, goats, sheep, and Akiva Cow had me shaking my head reading that in the write up, but it was amazing to watch! Awesome job by the NPC's

The Lily Pad mod was another success. I am very pleased that people find that physical challenge fun.

A lot of clean fights this weekend, and some challenging parts to fights, but with dialogue we have a better way to do them next time.

Tonya was amazing jumping fence for us to play Patphen!

Thanks guys for making this a very good weekend!

Man what a weekend! Great event everyone and great effort from all the Staff and NPCs and Fence Hoppers. You guys really made the weekend epic!

In no particular order--> THE FAVORITES!

Getting wrapped up in Squire Nuheron's plot. All that strange elf magic!

Butting heads with Qui Jun Wu

"WAIT VINCENT DONT GO ANYWHERE ALONE" Dude I'm in the tavern.......

"I can feel it in my belly button!"

Vincent got kicked out of the Healer's Guild Guard. haha

"Vincent you need to quit punching the refugees" - Johnathon

The Trials Mods with Nuheron

Britney's NPC that rezzed me. Basically any Jim Sailor monsters, are wild and always have the PC populace guessing.


Building all the deep relationships with other PCs. This event really was an epic milestone for Vincent Tarethial.

"So Cuar has a new name? I'm still gonna call him Cuar"

The Hunting mod, right up my PCs alley. Who doesn't love being all stealthy in the dark!?

The NPCs being the total rockstars that they are.


This is in no order.

The NPCs were rockstars. I offered to hop fence, never got tapped, and I felt bad, but you guys were rockstars. Special shout-out to Will Bandla for having to deal with the PA far too many times for his own happiness, I'm sure. Second special shout-out to Mike Guarino for our fight in which I ended up far too close far too many times because of that damned hill and the damp grass. And for making sure I didn't inhibit his ability to start a family, even though I came close a time or two.

The new (returning) LARPers who hit a huge button with Nikolai and Shya that they had NO IDEA about, and us just going with it. It led to Nik doing something stupid afterwards, but I couldn't have asked for a better first death. Mich, thank you for that, too, to be honest. I know you seemed surprised when I said "nope, I chose this. I knew I'd die."

The mod with Ezri's daughter. Being called "Uncle Nik." And finding out that I give her dance lessons too. Dude. I'm the Baronial Dance Instructor. You don't get a cooler position than that.

Christine tending to me after I managed to hurt myself SITTING STILL. What the hell, Self, unacceptable. Jim for checking on me the following morning and ensuring I was okay to play again. People taking care of me means a lot to me. On that same note, Brian Whitham for being my time-check. "I'm taking my pills. I'm likely to be around you for the next couple of hours. If you see me start trying to take my pills, can you try to remind me that I have already done so?" Him: "Yup, not a problem."

Getting taken on the "Let's go find the King" mod. People don't usually take Nikolai places. Having Garathon and Khorwyn both being like "No. You. You're coming with us." And making sure I made it out alive.

The Biata thing. That was seriously some great times for me. I loved getting to spend that time discussing things, coming up with a plan, and hoping it works out. And getting given the job I wanted to do for us all anyway. Hurray Nikolai the postal service. Or something.

Being assigned to being Gwendara's backpack, only to have Ulthoc join the field and getting to backpack the both of them. They ate everything I had except my Life spells, but dayumn that was a dream come true for Nik, I think. People he has hero-worship for, standing between him and spracta.

Those poor NPCs who had to deal with the Protection Auras. I'm so sorry.

And, best of all, getting to prove once and for all to Shya that I am truly her son. Tonya, you make my game so much richer and so much better, and I love this complicated relationship we have IG. The squawking fight should be pretty epic. I'm sad you won't be there in October.


In no particular order.

Playing with great friends again for the first time in nearly 2 years, incuded by not limited to. Scott and Dee, Eric S., Dave E. , Brian W.

Meeting my Son in Game and his traveling companions. (hope you guys all had fun)
Ithica ,"So, how is your mother?"
Son, "Well She is..."
Interrupting Ithica, " I'm sorry, WHO... Who is your mother? Someone I know?"

Camp in da wood, and Hot dogs.

NPCing as the Merc, taunting and testing some people. "SOFT"

NPC'ing as Sir Gavin Randolph. This was great. Eyes on you, and people nearly in tears or really attuned to what you are doing is really rewarding. Thanks all for the compliments after.

Interactions as PC/NPC, with Gwendara, Castlebur, Ball banes, Cuar, and Raven and so many more I cant think of IC or OOC names.

Saturday night, Grim Rescue mission. Getting back to the swing, assessment of provisions and spells, tactics, and afterward just the sense of accomplishment all the PC's had in the tavern on getting Grim back after dealing with Crazy Spracta wave battle, bodies being engulfed, then 3 Char Assassins going in at once, and then Poor Grim getting Taken. After a crazy day,/early evening. A good sense of heroism and accomplishment that everyone was experiencing to end the nights activities.

During said wave battle, "Break this door down", Insane Curve ball cure light! and fastball life spell.

And Of coarse, all the good times with all of you and everyone I saw and interacted with. Thanks PC's and thanks NPC's. Special thanks to Staff for the roles you gave me when I hopped fence, had a great time.



Wow, where do I even start? Maybe chronologically?

-Making new friends, and catching up with old ones.

-The amazing hospitality of the Healer's Guild.

-Campfire cooking! This was a lot of fun, and I even got to scratch my bushcraft itch.

-Also, my new bacon patrons! There will be plenty more where that came from!

-Jumping the fence to meet all the NPCs! You guys are awesome!