Favorite Moments 9/28-9/30 gather


Time to start this thread :)

Here are some of my faves from the season closer:
  • how freaking amazing our 3 stag NPCs were at eluding us and making us run all over the mountainside! I loved chasing them, flushing them out, and trying to find them. All 3 of them gave us a run for our money!
  • Watching Joshua give Lord Duvok an arc as he regained his confidence as a leader
  • the insanity of the prison-rescue
  • watching Corso navigate a conversation with Styles
  • rescuing the baby griffon and then petting and scratching it behind the ears
  • the dance-off in the tavern
  • Goblin fights -- always a pleasure! especially whichever one it was where we spotted them from across the stream
  • When Ivan Koval nailed me in the back with a healing spell from far away
  • Beating Torrin in a wager that made him have to seranade me in the tavern
  • Everything associated with Putrid the foul, even his scary accusations
  • Singing and listening to singing outside the town hall during the dryad meeting
  • Battle buddies backpacking me and picking me up out of the dirt (I lay dying a lot last gather)
  • sparring with Madrigal, Petra, Torrin and Electi, getting training from Spectre and Kastle
  • Sneaking up on Electi and actually getting kind of close
  • Playing the string game with Electi and Corso
  • Playing the stick game with Electi and Spectre getting it on the first try
  • late-night conversations under the stars
  • seeing a shooting star from the balcony
  • Singing with Sasha
  • flushing out a real deer while sneaking around hunting a stag
  • seeing a squirrel make like a theif with a spell packet
  • getting to know Spectre, Askeksa and Dry-Rot better
  • learning more about the world of the game from Puck
  • Dying in the road and thinking "It's possible no one will come to find us!" Hooray for Karenza!
  • Askeksa attempting to read my memories
You people are wonderful! Thanks for letting us be a part of the magic you create!
-singing with the group to unwind after the Putrid incident
-the Selunari party, where Sorocco became a Baron apprentice
- getting Guinevere and War Mom back


Thank you Liz for starting this thread! I should have posted it way earlier!

Here are my favorite moments:
-Playing Ivan Koval after a good... 6 month break!

-Ivan speaking with the potential Healer's guild folks and talking about the Order of the White Flame. (So super excited for Healer's Guild Plot!!!)

-Laura, as Fate, and the 3 stags being summoned. Holy hannah! Laura will always impress me with her acting skills. And watching the players chase after the stags! Wow! It was intense!

-All 3 of the goblin mods. First off, the NPCs are amazing for taking on so many PCs and giving them a challenge. But also, watching the PCs learn what was unfolding over the weekend? Whew.

-The crazy times in NPC land. So much laughter and bonding. I seriously love my NPCs so very much!

-Watching Heber, aka Mighty Mouse, aka our Page NPC, grow into the roles we give him... that kid is going to be amazing!

-The conversation as Styles McGuiness. Watching the players learn more about his "anti-hero" ways, and his history with Lord Brightstone. Also, how he ended the scene... "Well if you aren't going to deal with the Commerce Guild, then I will..." and dropping the merchant in front of everyone and then getting out of dodge via spirit recall. Whew... what a scene!

-Playing Vile Putrid the Foul, aka Black Morel, and finishing that story line! Holy smokes! I love our "bouquet" of Dryads that we have!

-Revealing our big 10 year plot. Holy smokes... when I mentioned "Sharzaloth" and Dry Rot's eyes went super wide... and then him scrambling to remember the stories his tribe taught him.

-Playing Destiny (Fate's Brother) and answering the 3 questions. Seriously... I loved it because I got to explain a little bit more about the world and how things operate and work. And having all the players get so involved in the answers. I loved it so much!

Seriously, there was so much that I loved! I only wished we could have played another day or 7! Lol!

Bri Bedore

There are... way too many favorites this gather. I had an amazing time. You guys have no idea what absolute ambrosia performing and interacting with you guys has been. Some stand out memories:

  • The Rescue Module was probably my favorite LARP memory EVER. The chaos, the danger, the emotional intensity... the PC's and NPC's absolutely knocked it out of the park. Everything from hiding my bruised face in shame to clinging to you guys as you guided me out all the way to sobbing as Saoirse and Sasha sang a ballad in the town hall. It was incredibly immersive. Thank you for saving Gwen, even if she had a hard time hugging you afterwards. Thank you for being so sweet to her.
  • Playing Azura with my actual brother Josh playing Grey Spore was such a kick--his poetry summoning fate was gorgeous. Fate and her Stags took my breath away. And I loved creating the family dynamic with Sydnee and Paul. I can't wait to see how the grove continues to blossom. (Also, Azure falling asleep after the battle while Var laughed at her was absurdly hilarious to me. And Marley's love poisoning. Classic.)
  • Erathalyn Lackless: Wandering Poet and Professional Scoundrel! I legit just wanted to have some time to write without interrupting player immersion, but it was glorious sharing poetry with people who came up to talk to me and having adventurers tell me their story (immediately after informing me that there were, like, twelve other poets at the outpost). She'll be back.
  • Sitting with Aden and Puck talking in game for almost an hour while we traveled through the mirror, the Selunari party raging upstairs.
  • Waking up early, early Sunday morning and wandering the forest, sipping coffee and watching the sunrise. The only other soul stirring was our dear Mighty Mouse, who woke up early to collect packets like the absolute champion he is.
  • My most fun role was the Griffin Kitten... The fact that I could go absolutely HAM and purr and roll on the ground and screech in your faces with pecan bits all over my face was nothing short of magical. Thank you for the pets and picking me up and having fun with that extremely strange and whimsical episode.
Thank you all for another incredible weekend. I can't wait to see you all again. <3

AceiLyn Brown

Las Vegas Staff
This game was so wonderful and I'm so excited to see what next season brings.
  • The stags were so cool. The concept was cool, the costumes were cool, it was all so cool.
  • On that note, me and my terribly asthmatic lungs realised pretty quickly that I wasn't going to be much use in chasing the stags until it actually became an advantage when I was able to save Saoirse and Electi. If I was able to keep up with them I bet you that all 3 of us would've hit the circle.
  • My interactions with Graven/Preston are always awesome. I give him a lot of crap but I'm actually very excited to see how he grows and learns as his character. Though I took a little dirt nap and got my ears stolen it was still really fun to fight alongside him against those goblins.
  • It was actually a really fun rp running around town with no ears. From the fact that I was very insistant on getting to finish making my tea and then proceeding to walking out in front of the town hall and yelling very loudly for someone to fix my ears. Then getting to have Dryrot and Var preform surgery on my ears while a whole bunch of people watched. It was all really fun. I'm honestly kinda sad I was knocked out for the first half because some funny stuff happened and I didn't get to make snarky comments about it. I had a very hard time not laughing as an unconscious person.
  • Seeing Baroness Thane's character growth is one of my favorite things. Bri is such a good actress and I love all her characters but Guinevere is especially interesting to watch.
  • The whole battle against Vile Putrid was incredible. The aftermath was also amazing. I got to see the mask in the daylight when things were getting packed up and wowowowowow its amazing.
  • That little patch of grass if front of the town hall is really nice. I enjoyed the conversations had during Saturday afternoon and then our little singing circle that night.
  • Duvok is another character that I am incredibly interested in. He's been through so much in such a short amount of time and its astounding. The way that Josh plays him is just SO GOOD. He's definitely on my list of nobles that aren't half bad.
  • It was so much fun seeing Bones at the outpost and getting to watch him fight the Bleeding Eye imposter one on one. Even though I almost immediately went down during the tavern fight it was exhilarating and I would do it all over again for my favorite orc tribe. Also that dance battle was hilarious and its moments like that where I remember how much I love the people I get to be with at these events. Y'all are real silly but you make me smile and that's what matters.
  • The Company! I'm very excited that Spectre decided to start this and I'm very excited to be a part of it.
  • To any other NPCs I didn't mention by name, just know that I recognize you and I love you. This game wouldn't be nearly as good without all your hard work. You're so wonderful and I'm so happy you do what you do. My parents can attest to how much I talk about some of you. Thank you thank you thank you!