~Favorite Moments: August 4th, 2019~


Chicago Staff
You know you have a few favorite moments, feel free to share the moments and roleplay you enjoyed.

Also don't forget to submit your PEL!
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Alliance LARP Chicago - Post Event Letter

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Where do we submit the PEL to? is it a logistics email?

Favorites include

Bang up job from the drive by healers. I felt like as a High Ogre that if I sat down at least 3 healers were checking my health because obviously a High Ogre should be on the battlefield. It was all hearts and sunshine beaming from me during each checkup <3

Our NPC staff/players were amazing. I loved the interactions and taunts during battle and the simple gestures showing they were burning houses was great! Additional praise to the ones playing kids getting all weird when given a dagger as if it would solve anything.

Matt M (Desylvia) with the clutch save of lending a sword to Dolarth. It opened up a whole new world of range and effective combat returns. I will invest in a longer mace or maybe swallow Dolarath's pride and get a proper pointy stick.

Grant O (Tellin) great off and on rp discussion and building of a solid relational friendship. Was much fun to listen to Tellin's backstory and provide color commentary.

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Yay! I'm finally caught up on all the housework I skipped to attend game! :p

Favorite funny moment
Getting dropped by a 125 Slay that just managed to clip my ankle.

Crow tribe: "5 Normal!"
Me: *blocks*
Crow tribe: "5 Normal!"
Me: *blocks*
Crow tribe: "125 Slay!"
Me: "Well damn"

Favorite RP moment
Like @Delaron said, the taunting and the combat RP was just excellent. Even though all of us were melting a little in the heat, all of the NPC players did an awesome job staying in character and making sure we felt harried on all sides.

Not a favorite moment, but one of my favorite things about this chapter
I really do appreciate the fact that this group has never made me feel dumb for asking questions and instead makes me feel like it's okay to make mistakes. I cannot say it enough. Big props to the marshals, the ST's, basically everyone for just rolling with it when I had to stop play and get clarifications on Rift Walk mechanics, how Fey deals work, and pretty much everything else.