Favorite Moments - December 2017 Weekend Event


Hey Everyone!

Thank you for another great weekend at the Stradyn campaign Season 1, Episode 3!

This thread is for you to share with us some of your favorite moments! What are your favorite moments with other players? Tell us your stories! What did you like? What did you love? What do you want to do more of?

Tell us what makes your event rockin', and we'll keep trying to churn out that sort of content!

The official feedback form will be posted shortly. And as always, if you would like to deliver feedback to myself (General Manager/Owner/Plot Member), Tony Mungo (Plot/Player Rep), or Lauren Hagen (Player Rep) you may reach out to us directly.

Thank you!

Emily Mungo


So, this was a great game for me. Busy doing business with just about everyone.

Moments that stand out for me:

Saturday afternoon/night, I turned around to find people lined up outside my circle waiting to do business. And for a solid amount of time, it seemed like for every person I cleared from the que, 2 more took their place. It was amazing, and slightly overwhelming in a good way.

Taking the field for the first time in an active role and not just defending the tavern. Probably got a little to overconfident when I started laying bursts into Tiffany. But fun none the less.

People's reactions to us just handing out gifts, ranging from free ale tokens, to small trinkets, and even magic items. Was a lot of fun. As well as some people just giving me pieces of their costuming without hesitation as a gift back was amazing.

Already looking forward to next month! Thank you all!

Renner player of Brayden


This was my first Alliance LARP, and I enjoyed it immensely.

David Smith: "That letter looks like a butt."
I loved doing the mod with the goblin David Smith (played by Rollin). When the mod started, I hoped that there would be a really cool opportunity to resolve a potential combat in a non-combat way. It was really cool to resolve the mod without any combat, and it was super fun to teach a goblin with a groucho mask how to read, write, and teach others how to read and write. Hopefully that doesn't bite me in the butt, but even if it does I still loved the mod in general."
Other funny quotes:
"Are you a hero?"
"I know you are a human because I am a human and I know human culture."
"Goblins do not, in fact, resurrect."
"I cannot guarantee that if a goblin is race-changed into a human that he would then have a strong spirit and thus be able to resurrect."

Other favorite quotes:
"Sir Clouds-a-lot! You must drink to impress Princess Sunstream!" - Brent's character, whose character name I can't remember.
"I wouldn't drink that if I were you. It would knock you on your ***." - Tyson, Stone Elf
"Rub orange peel on your beard. The oils make it smell better." - Durin, Dwarf
"Excuse the pun, but it was like...herding cats." - Lithae, Sarr [referring to leading the newbies]
"Watch your hands, Aluso. There are arrows under all that magic energy." - Audrey, Stone Elf [referring to all the packets on the table after big battle]
"...damn it..." - Audrey, Stone Elf [after missing her strongest spell]

-Alain, He Who Plays Aluso


Hi again guys!

Audrey the Stone Elf here.

Some of my favorite moments and quotes:
Aluso when drunk said ".....unlike the Stone Elves over here. They're always like *bluhhh bluhhh*." (That one broke through my composure!)
The talk of forming a group with Lithae has us all veryyyyyy excited!!
Doing our best to hold the line on the left was great. I really appreciated the ability to participate without feeling overwhelmed/not doing anything productive. I genuinely felt like I had a presence in fight and that was nice.

When encountering the goblin: When he couldn't tell the difference between B and E, C and U, and H and I. The way that was RP'ed was phenomenal. (Rollin, on a serious note, you did this sooooo good. I hope to see a lot of David Smith!)
The goblin quest was a very very fun bit for my group. I loved the RP, I loved that Aluso actually taught a goblin to Read and Write, and I loved that we as players got to decide the fate of it all. It really felt like we got to decide in-game how it panned out and that bit was so so so awesome.

I'll add more as I think on them. I usually am horrible at remembering what just happened until I sleep on them.


I've been playing this style of LARP for a long time. Rarely have I been treated to such generous hospitality when traveling to a chapter away from home! I appreciate those who made the attempt to break the ice by introducing themselves to the Acarthian travelers IG. I received many invitations to mod or otherwise adventure from several of you. Your guilds are open and welcoming to newcomers. Everyone was receptive to a strange character just plunking down into conversation with them. Even the bathhouse conversations at the sinks were warm and receptive toward Denver. Thank you all for being such lovely and gracious hosts!

Favorites include:
  • Widely discussing the "rumor" about Tyg the reporter being responsible for the murders attributed to "The Painter"
  • Recognizing the delight of "the naked guy" in the tavern window, and pausing in the undead field battle to point and titter at that ("You can't unsee it!")
  • Being entirely disoriented as to time of day, and passage of time without celestial cues! Got a lot of good sleep as a result, though!
  • Comparing notes from different sources, trying to figure out the lay of the land on IG politics on this side of the war, and the other
  • "Panda? Am I saying it right now? No, okay."
  • The graciousness of the Engineers Guild allowing me to sit in on the jigsaw puzzle. BIG PROPS to whoever designed that encounter; I'm totally stealing that mechanic as a means of delivering a message, and keeping PCs entertained on their own. It's brilliant!
  • Sitting down with Vellis to hear a brief historical account of stories from different chapter lands.
  • Then meeting Squire Marissa, and hearing her stories, along with somewhat OOG discussions of plotline potential, disguised in roleplayed terms, which is always amusing to me!
  • Developing and sharing conspiracy theories about the inner workings of the Mages Guild
  • That your chapter went out of its way to setup a mod specifically for those from outside the Mists -- thank you! That was a lovely gesture that we appreciated!
  • "HI! I'M ZEKE!"
  • The Eld (a sect of outright "savages," let's face it) witnessing the warm moment of Squire Marissa communing with some unheard voice from a white belt, all of the savages hoping that she was going to get knighted sort of out of the blue there in the ghostly moment! Then the collective sad, "Awwwwwwwwwwww" when they went differently. Hilaria commemorating the moment by presenting a lovely song to thank the mystery force for the moment... while all of us continued to tear the cabin apart to the timbers, searching for loot! Amusing little mod. :)
  • Handing out Achievement cards on Saturday night. Highlights include, "Are you putting me on the left??" "Belswin, how much money do you have?" "The World's Most Beautiful Charcuterie Platter" "Hey, it's the Naked Guy!" "The Great Differntiator" "Ame-LOLA-rate" and "Dreadrot's Penis"
  • Accidentally falling into a delightful IC then OOC discussion with Staunch/Jim as the last, and among the most satisfying, of intereactions during the weekend
Thank you for hosting us so kindly. We hope to repay your graciousness in May 2018 when Denver hosts the National Event in Woodland Park, CO.

Trace Moriarty
player of Lola the swamp witch

P.S. Bonus favorite moment: Sunday morning, literally as we were just about to step into our rental van to leave, John Fawkes (Lurk) looking down, and found THE missing jigsaw puzzle piece on the ground out behind the tavern!
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Seattle Staff
  • Multiple stone elf event! There's more than one stone elf woman in the world!
  • Medical records in game while taking time off from out-of-game medical records work.
  • I think this was the most time Vellis and Marisa have spent actually working together, and it went really smoothly. Yay team Effective Squire Sisters.
  • Speaking of Team Effective, the mission to DM the circle and smash the red belt inside was the best, from the use of Mom Voice to get Luke out of the tavern to attempting to weaponize jokes to get the undead to drop the third circle to forgetting how to step forward and preparing to resurrect half of the team... Sorry.
  • Saturday night fight was the rarest phenomenon of a line battle going fairly smoothly, even when the center of the line was like three people. Sometimes just Marisa.
  • The Eld were a consistent delight and horror to talk to, and I'm a little sorry VV can't visit Lost March.


Was a great event.
  • Spire of Thorns Mod was great and interesting. Steven did a great job with puzzles and interesting alternate means of combat. It is nice to see something new after over 20 years of nero/alliance games. A+ on that one.
  • Charm vs Shun battle during the undead fight. I just kept getting hit and turning directions. Only to end by getting shunned into a line of Undead. I now have a counter argument to shun is always better to memorize then awaken...
  • Lunch made by PCs for gold was very cool. And the drinks as always. It is very cool that one small group of PCs is fostering an ingame economy almost by themselves. It adds alot to the game.
  • Hanging out with the Silver Wolves is always fun and getting to work as a group in mods and a field battles. We miss you Kasuni come back to us some day!
  • Only 1 event away from finishing my 7 year quest to make a new new good sword. My lightning sword has served me well for nearly 20 years. But it is outdated and in need of replacement. My new Earth Sword will be great. I can't wait to be out of the loot grind.
  • Over all the event was great and I had alot of fun. Cant wait for the next one.
  • Finding myself humming "Still Alive" the portal theme song and realizing that is the music being played in the tavern. I found I enjoyed the background music very much. But that song alone was definitely worth tipping a gold for.
(For anyone that has been living under a rock for a decade)


Seattle Staff
1) Everyone seemed pretty busy and having things to do. I love seeing people having a good time. The new players all seemed to have a great time. I love this.

2) That Spire of Thorns mod...man. That was great. Sorry-not-sorry that Tantarus didn't get a gentle landing....seriously, though, it was different and fun. Loved it.

3) The wagon escort mod was pretty fun! While my group could probably have handled a bit more danger, nobody seemed bored. Relentless undead...

4) Amber's hyenakyn werewolf. That conversation was straight up amazing.

5) Best tavern MWE ever. Brayden is one of the safest people in the world.

6) I had a great time, as usual, with the Silver Wolves. It felt like we accomplished some really good stuff, and that was awesome.


Saturday night fight was the rarest phenomenon of a line battle going fairly smoothly, even when the center of the line was like three people.
Base and Reason 2nd step - Never yield ground in the face of a threat :) I had fun breaking out the commander headpiece there.


Seattle Staff
Lighthouse is like three people.

Paul N.

I enjoyed being part of the three soldiers (Garret, Gunther, and Barrow) from the front line, and all the puns, innuendos and a poor confused Pandakin.

"Is she a professional?"
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Heyo all,
I had a most excellent event and here are some of my favorite moments! (In kind of chronological order)
  • From the get go meeting the Death Isle characters and trying to figure out how they fit into Acarthia.
    • Then in that process thinking they were very strange and maybe a bunch of less than upstanding fellows, but then starting to realize they are just...different...
  • Talking with a pair of Acarthians about the land of Strayden and then having Tal come up to me in his new blood golem and me flipping out on him for the first time during the event.
  • Going to do lair cards with a double hooking group and giving them one helluva fight bringing a cart to the front line in like an hour long endurance run. THEN going on our mod where all went to **** SO quick trying to save a lone solider and having Furion die near the end of it.
    • Characters die near Lynn, he thinks it's all his fault. YAY PC Drama!
  • Taking out my magic items to lend to newer adventurers and them just being flabbergasted
  • Going to NPC the big fight as a red sash, it was quite intense and I hope I gave you a good fight!
    • Eating a bind > eviscerate combo by two different PCs working together was magical.
  • Learning what Tal' Harroth did in the big fight afterwards from him and just throwing more wood on the fire.
  • Capturing a suspected necromancer by the party even though I told them she wasn't.
    • Being right that she wasn't and getting a moment to gloat.
  • The entire event people saying "We need to talk about what you did in Foxbridge".
    • The consequences, they buuurrrrnnnn!
  • Being the PC that solved the final level of the Zestra puzzle.