Favorite Moments - March 2022


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Here it is - The thread for the favorite moments from the event! Take your time, call people out and let them know what you LOVED about the event.

Try and remember the small things: Someone gave you the 5 points of healing or tossed some candy at you when you were feeling down.
Someone who smiled at you when a good joke was made, Small or Large, these moments add up!


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Favorite Moments from my view:

  • Seeing the "First hugs of the Larp season" - Those are always my favorite, the loud greeting, tight, emotional hug after a long winter away from each other.
  • Meeting people I had heard about but never got to meet face to face. (@Casey T , @Val McManamy , Kaarli)
  • The NPCs - I had a lot of help in the kitchen this event and it was a lively, fun, full of laughter time in the back. That was very enjoyable!
  • Seeing the Page mods go off again, 5+ pages this weekend and that was a nice way to see them enjoy their time.
  • After 2020, we lost touch with a lovely young man and his father, that boy was 14 years old then. I got to see him this past weekend, at 16 years old and it was a very satisfying moment when I saw him across the room and got to watch him play. My kids and he were very close and I enjoyed watching them interact again. It was nice to see you, @JeffL and Owen.
  • Watching the PCs build the stories, the theories, etc. Being in the Tavern as Dani and not just feeding y'all but RPing with y'all, it made all the difference in getting to see the dynamic of the game and how people are interacting with one another. It was VERY eye-opening as staff.
  • Seeing a lot of our NPCs join NPC Guild and creating that environment with them.
  • The newly created Heptade of Se7ven bottles and drinks. @Casey T did an AMAZING job on these... they are more than I could have imagined when the distillery was made in our mind. He also did this on his own. Putting his mark on the world before his first event!
  • Playing Cendorn and watching the chaos in the Celestial Guild, Watching Margrave go slightly crazy(Thanks @joshua adlesperger for allowing me to enact my FA&FO), Seeing guilt in characters, a rare thing I get to witness (Thanks Jack, Watching @Ryan W work through problems (Thanks Ryan)
  • The amazing treats were made by a variety of our staff & players. - Strawberry croissants, chocolates, drinks, meringue mushrooms, etc. @Rebekah (Cadenza)
Thank you to ALL our PCs and NPCs that bring this game to life.

Remember- YOU get, what you give.
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This gather was so much fun!

Getting blasted back into the Healer's Guild by the Patherghast and then watching Arathin fight it by himself (for a while!) and helping to heal him when he was able to jump back into our ward was amazing.

Lavinia got to go on a (moving) ship for the first time and even got to steer for a while!

All the treats and drinks and carousing with the Cousins. Camia (sp?) and I trying to stealth and then running for our lives. My very own 'WANTED' poster!

Thank you everyone for such a fun weekend!
  • The amount of "drinking" that happened in the tavern, and how it brought so many different characters to get to know each other.
  • Interacting with all the fantastic NPCs, especially Oleg "the grand peacock" and The Warden.
  • The dramatic moment when the peace of the tea party was suddenly shattered by the Pantherghast. I was legit terrified when it chased me out of the tavern like something out of The Terminator!
  • And, of course, the quiet of Saturday morning, the peace before the chaos, when people are gradually leaving their cabins for breakfast, how it feels like a real town coming to life.
Chasing a certain owner down through the tavern for stealing my "wine". There was a delight in watching the alarm of others when someone flees turn into "good luck with that" when a wolf followed at a light run.


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Chasing a certain owner down through the tavern for stealing my "wine". There was a delight in watching the alarm of others when someone flees turn into "good luck with that" when a wolf followed at a light run.
In my defense, it was really good wine.
This was my first time being a full NPC and the two moments that really stuck out was the tea party, I was playing a selunari and I had so much fun getting to RP the loudest party I could. It was super nice to see so many cousins in one place. I remember thinking as the panthergast walked in, "huh, what a weird looking kin... wonder if he wants to join the party" then the immediate shock as it started attacking a guest. I was actually horribly surprised and it made for some super fun rp. Next was during the town fight on Saturday night. When the tortek raiders failed the ritual, we were sent to the main battle as back up. I was finally clear to try necromancy and I wanted to create as much chaos as possible. I heard from a few people that as soon as they heard me screaming necromancy they were just terrified. It was totally worth loosing my voice for!


Favorite moments?
-Tea party for one with the Sulanari. Just the constant "cousin!" was great
-Sean trying to explain to Blik that she got swindled by a snake oil salesman
-Also Quin getting slammed for more trauma and being there to witness it(sorry Quin!)


Getting to see all the amazing décor and costuming.
Best decked out tavern I think I have seen in alliance along with the earth and Celestial circles it was super awesome.
Getting to meet new people and learn how they play
Those yummy muffins from the tea party,
Having a body guard
Adventuring equipment consultations teaching people what would best help them and them buying it from me
The looks in the eyes of players when I explain that you can disarm someone's victim, I love opening up the idea of different ways to use the system
the Boat prop was cool
theorizing about whether there is a angry mama cryo phenix or if we killed the last phenix and caused an extinction
Demonstrating different methods of loot split, I love passing on the stuff that I have learned
Deciding to go to bed but ending up babysitting the back doors with walls of force scrolls ready
everyone who allowed me to teach and mentor about different things, thank you

thanks for all the staff and NPCs and especially kitchen for the support and game.