Favorite Moments - September 2021


With people getting recovered from the weekend, we'd love to hear all those moments that made your weekend! I'll get a few of mine together as well, once I've got more than a moment. :)


Mine was joining up with some other larpers and looking for a map that I found in my cabin that turned into an awsome mod with a cave . I love even tho I was new I was treated equally which is hard for me cause where I come from is frowned upon. So thank you so much for the memories and new friends.
As a first time larper and this being my very first event, three things truly stuck out as core memories for the weekend. Walking into Summerash with a small band having heard nothing of the towns people going missing and being overrun with pirates seeing everyone come together and beat them back was amazing. I recall getting hit with a 40 normal and instantly going down and that was awesome for a first fight.

Next was Will pretending to be the mermaid princess who likes rum and was getting carried to the tavern being very flirty and hillarious.

Last was the large fight at the end... meeting Deathcap prior, talking and having a true sense of dread at this momentous beast. Sending chills down even experienced PCs back. Then getting the all clear to walk down to the ocean and seeing the set up for a true town battle. The darkness being illuminated by this enormous kraken... it was a fantastic weekend and I am so excited to see what October holds!


Favorite thing was getting back into larping after so long!

The pitched battle by tavern against the squids and pirates was an interesting fight. It felt like an actual big battle.

KRAKEN!!! Poking the squishy bits and getting guts all over me was great lol.

I loved the Library. It was the coolest place to hide and chill.

Meeting all the new friends!!! Yay friends! Y'all are great :)


Okay, I think I have some time to finally write about a few favorites from the event. I'll try not to wall of text, but no promises!

-Seeing so many familiar faces, many of which I did not expect to see! Check in was just great to run into so many people.

-The opening walk-in encounter with the Scions was surreal. Still don't know what the story there was, but I was one confused pirate.

-Same fight, trying to talk with players and telling others how rude they were being for interrupting my conversation... With a shun. And on top of that, getting to refit armor twice as an NPC.

-Midday Saturday, getting ready to run by "cabin hook" mod, and as I'm getting the rest of my NPCs, "hey, your mod we thought we six people is now going to be twenty five." "Uh, time to make some changes..." and what follows was a crazy, crazy mod that might as well have been a town battle.

-Finally seeing the kraken after hearing about all of the work and planning for so long. That was quite the site.

With any luck, I'll be able to get away from the stat desk and have some more favorite moments come October!
Walking into the tavern and hearing people say "Is that Belswin's good friend Brom?" let me know that I was walking back into my home. I've missed everyone so much, and was delighted by all the new players.
Going into this event, I knew it would be my last one as one of the Destined. I couldn't have asked for a better adventure. It seemed every time I turned a corner, someone was asking Brom for help. Some of my favorite moments from this action packed event were-

-The bee cabin. It was awesome to see a non-combat mod that was also not political/social. The simplicity of the encounter was appreciated

- For the first time I was able to use my OCS skill "mushroom farmer" while collecting mushroom essence

-SO MUCH ALCHEMY. In previous adventures I've found that alchemy was rarely touched upon by plot. This weekend was packed full. From the apprentice alchemist mushroom quest to the shark repellent I felt genuinely useful.

-Getting to work with Jax. I've known Jax for some time, but this was the first time I've done much RP with him. Thank you for a wonderful time sir.

-Meeting so many new players. I was excited to see the sheer number of new players. You all did an amazing job at your first event, and I cant wait to see you again.

-The kraken fight. The fight mechanics were amazing, the props were on point, and the stakes of the battle felt real. Well done plot, design, npcs, and everyone else who took part in that fight.

-Lastly, and most importantly to me, the Tea Party. Our tea parties have grown to be my favorite part of events. I love hearing everyone tell their stories around the table, and enjoy the respect everyone shows for eachother. After a very busy weekend, sitting back and telling stories is the perfect respite. Thank you Wayfarers and Cemmia for sharing your traditions with a humble mushroom farmer.
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