Favorite Moments Thread Labor Day Weekend 2019


Please post your favorite moments from this last weekender to this thread. You can post favorite moments you had as your character or OOG or both. Post any number of favorite moments you like.


some of Saoirse's Favorite moments:

  • getting my book back
  • beating Shroo at the log game, for as long as I did
  • how many awesome people are in the Company
  • casting life spells for the first time
  • learning to fight as a group
  • the legged bush and the speaking bush
  • "chastising" the brothers about being 'sloppy'

some of My Favorite moments OOG:
  • getting tricked into spilling secrets
  • role playing a secret surprise thing that happened to my character and brought about unusual effects
  • Portraying Petra's mom
  • interacting with players that I haven't met or had much interaction with before

Thank You PLOT and NPCs
Rowan's favorite moments:
- Accidentally getting some of the lumber mill explosion survivors drunk
- Helping Jeffodiah put his family to rest
- Helping save the survivor of the Surgeon attack
- Pulling James from the jaws of the basilisk as it was struck down
- Giving Tarot the tree necklace
- Getting complimented by the talking bush

My OOG favorite moments:
- Rowan facing off Andromeda to distract her from Riven and Maldir, only to have Riven save her from a big hit from Andromeda without her knowledge.
- Hanging out with the NPCs
- Tarot scaring all of us gambling when she came in with a creepy smile and spoke for the first time.


Prior to the game:
-Coming up with a fun use for the game Operation
-The many plot meetings with my team... and the delicious food.
-The love and the creative input of all my friends to make this game so much fun for everyone.

At the game:
-The opening ceremonies. People were SO eager to play. I could feel the pulse of my game and it was electric!
-Coming in as Prince Malidor and doing the traveler meeting, as well as the trial and the town council meeting. It was a very intense hour, and it led to some heartache, but also a ton of exciting roleplay moments and some wonderful new stories.
-My interactions as Ivan Koval were amazing this weekend. I truly enjoyed playing him with so many Biata around! I just love the culture they bring to the game.
-The undead attacks from that spawned from the vampires cave. from the beginning, it was obvious to us why they ghost ship was spotted in the harbor, and why the banshee was alive, and where it all came from. But to watch the players delve into that story, and learn why they kept spawning forth... I love it!
-The Ruins! I took 8 groups through, and it was so intense! I truly enjoyed the interactions and the fun creativity of my players. It was remarkable!
-I have seen noble school, and chivalry school in many other chapters and larps. But having it at my game for the first time ever, was truly amazing. I am going to enjoy training others in the way of the Knight, and I am looking forward to having that style of play in my chapter.
-With that said, I truly enjoy what is happening to Rodrick Thane and his daughter Baroness Gwen Thane. It will be such a wonderful story to see play out.
-The Saturday Night fiasco of Fort Alliance. I want to preface this by saying the mood of Friday-Saturday was pretty relaxed and jovial. After the first lizardman fight, and the multiple deaths that took place following that wave battle... the entire mood shifted. I could FEEL it as a marshal. And I think at that moment, was when folks realized that it was about to get real.
-Which leads me to the roleplay and the battle with Andromeda the White Gorgon. I loved that 2 hour battle. The Costuming, the Basilisk, the Gorgon... everything! Was so awesome! I loved the Gorgon/Basilisk mechanics (For those of you that don't know, Andromeda's life force was directly linked to the great snake) and I loved watching folks getting overwhelmed with the craziness of our massive NPC numbers. It was such a fun time for me and the crew. I loved it so much!
-Finally, the final interaction on Monday morning. With the Prince getting to watch his cousin, lord Rurik Brightstone, break free of his stony self. And to reveal the vision that will lead into next years plot.

This was my favorite event so far in Utah. And I am eager for more!

Paul Iverson
Alliance LARP Utah
First game as NPC only.
-Our npc players are amazing and work their butts off. It was amazing to get a behind the scene perspective of the game, it's story and characters that I have grown so fond of.
-Josh allowing me to run my first module.
-That same module being followed up by a second. Parker and Roy you guys are awesome. Thank you for helping me make that happen.
-Goats!!! Getting to npc as an old and deranged refuge who was obsessed with goats and trying to get high off of earth magic.
-Lizard folk town battle was super fun. Getting ran down by Hildr, Saoirse and their backpacker. I've never had to fight so hard while moving backwards haha.
-Darengor Kesh, an npc rogue that got to interact with a few pc members. Hopefully he will return at some point in the future.
-Even though I didn't pc this event I still managed to have an incredible and magical time. Thank you so much everyone!


"Anyone see a bag with a head in it? It's got a lot of snakes on it?"

"Vampire Gays"

"Sabertooth Crotch Crickets"

"I personally can't arrest you, that's for the Sheriff, but if you guys do something, and are gone before he's here to do anything? Technically that's just suspicious activity."

the entire exchange with the giant lizard that went "SWARM! 100 Massive!" "Parry! Resolute! 500 Body!" and then stalking off to find a healer. And actually finding someone there that was able to do a full up!


The reading of the laws of another land. Ivviivvvia

Finding Bekkur far behind the back line and screaming for Plue and a life and having her magically appear and save Bekkur.

The girl shield team. I loved standing ground against a bunch of lizards.

Fighting the black hand orcs with Boden. She threw arrows while I played block tag with the orc.

Chasing down the regenerating wolf all alone so he would not heal again.

Silver "Paint"

Sabertooth Crotch Crickets and 4 am hallucinogenic jerky.

Falling while trying to protect Aden who was stuck, certain I was going to die but having Solaris save both of us.

Taking the Yabo stick and standing up to all the Barons.

The many jokes I will carry on... Or I won't. It is one of those things.

There is so many things that made this weekend amazing. I feel like I could go on forever naming everything. Thank you everyone for making this a memorable weekend.


I had so much fun this weekend. Thanks for being so welcoming and for creating such a fun story. I cannot WAIT to come back (in October, lol).

My list of favorite moments is long.... and sometimes is nothing more than words said. I wrote down some favored quotes as well, hehehe. So here goes!
- The rituals I got to be part of. I really love ritual casting, and I'm happy for the experience. Thanks for including me and letting me see how these go.
- Mevanwy learning about brothels and the purpose of them. It was really amusing, and ended up with her losing her virginity (though she still doesn't understand why people in the brothel put so much stock in that). All the wood jokes, the "My name's Oak... want to know why?", and the amusing way Mevanwy treated her experience like a research project with notes and such regarding all the things she tried. It's hilarious.
- Valentine giving Mevanwy her meat. And also letting Mevanwy play with her wood. And just... interacting with Valentine.
- The Puzzle Ruins. They were frustrating, but I did love the puzzle. Particularly, I loved the play that came from us in the room seeing Solaris be a hero and save Imogen from death only to have us run out of time before we can get him out. Then, not knowing anything afterwards except that he wasn't with us and all the play that came from us trying to comfort him while not being able to tell him what a hero he was (because we didn't remember either). I loved the little flavor Imogen added by saying that she somehow felt appreciative feelings towards him even though she can't remember anything about our time there. I enjoyed that moment.
- Talking with Demvarien throughout the weekend. She didn't expect to see many of her friends from New Acarthia in Dragonhold, and seeing Dem there was nice. The last time she was in New Acarthia, she'd spent time with Dem and Van. And being able to learn more about him, sharing more about her own struggles, and feeling like they solidified a friendship more was really really fun to play out. She's grown protective of her friend, and the struggle of wishing she could do more to help has been fun on an RP side.
- Nerds. ALL THE NERDS. Plue, Sir Eli, Lady Vellis, Dem, Askeksa (even if only in short increments), Pfeil, Boden (sp?), and so much talk of nerdthings. It is somewhat of a passion of Mevanwy's to gather information and make sure it gets spread when needed. And we had so many moments where that came up.
- Plue inviting Mevanwy to be a member of the Clerks. She felt really happy and fulfilled to have people she could connect with regarding something so core to who she is, and it was really fun. Especially with others standing beside them playing pomp and circumstance music next to Plue as Plue was saying "I'm not really a pomp and circumstance person" hehehe. It was amusing.
- Telling folks about the brothel becoming official, and Sir Eli going "So the same building now houses the Council room, the gambling den... AND the brothel?"
- Slate and the Brothel. I was there when Slate was in the brothel, and the interactions were hilarious. But what was even better was when Slate came down later and retold his experiences in the Brothel. It was so funny that we all even PAID him money, because his comedy is a commodity for sure. Some gems from the quotes: "It's not prodistition, what when its given for free."... "I was told if I let someone see my trouser snake, I'll get spiffalis." ... Really just anything involving Slate's lessons on sexual encounters, such as "no glove, no love" in regards to him getting a hand job (aka a hand massage, mind you) and how having an uprotected hand job will give him 'saber-toothed crotch crickets', the need for having a weapon shield on before swordplay, and also everyone telling Slate how they know that saber-toothed crotch crickets aren't real (crickets don't have teeth! ;) )
- Being so tired on Sunday night that Valentine, Kjeld, Mevanwy, and Oak (the brothel guy) all put up an LCOP in the tavern and slept on the couches from 5am - 8:30am instead of walking back to the cabins, and the hilarity that ensued when I wrote a note that said "This is a Limited Circle of Power, Please frak off kindly"
- All the ****-dang, hecking-heck, gosh-darn, frakin' good time we had. ;) (all the jokes about only being allowed to curse once because this is a PG-13 game, and then every joke thereafter).
- "It's either a vampire... or it isn't. It is one of those things" .... and literally every joke that came after such remarks like that.
- Every time someone gasped sarcastically and then added a comment of "oh, I'm sorry, there was just no air in here" to excuse it away. All the snark in general were highlights.
- We were on a mod with Dem and Plue and Graven... and the NPC tells us that suddenly it gets very hot. Graven stops and is all "I know exactly what we need right now," and rummages through his bag. We stop to look at him. Dramatically, he pulled out a simple fan and started fanning himself. We bust up laughing immediately.
- Being in the bathroom getting ready and watching Plue with a Weaknesss shouting "0 Normal" at a wake-up lizard. All of us getting prepped in the bathroom call out to her like proper cheerleaders "You got this!" without actually being able to help yet because we're putting on our clothes for the day.
- Plue, Lady Vellis, and Mevanwy were heading to breakfast on Sunday, and we were attacked by a lizard. I pinned it, Plue killed it, and we moved on. Then we get hit by a second lizard on the way to breakfast. Similar scenario, pin, kill, and move on. Lady Vellis makes a comment about just wanting to get some 'gosh-darned' breakfast, and another wake-up lizard pops to intercept. The look on the lizards face when Lady Vellis cast "Doom" on him made us all laugh as we simply shrugged and went "That's what you get for coming between a stone elf and her breakfast." ;)
- Mevanwy talking To Frederick and learning that Frederick's pronouns are Frederick.
- Watching someone test the necromantic block in the Vampire cave and then getting hit with 40 Chaos. When I healed him and he got up, I watched him do it again and go down not 5 seconds later. I walk past someone and go ".... Mess with it once, I'll help. Make the same mistake 5 seconds later? I can't fix stupid..." and walking away.
- #NotAllLizards and #LizardLivesMatter
- Pretty much any interaction with Slate.
- The chorus of "PETRA!" When she was being wooed by the vampire who tried to get her to come stand by him. And really just the moments where I got to remind Petra how much her joy brings to others, how much Mevanwy cares, and reminding her that my concern about her is because I DO care.
- The dramatic reading of the Laws of the Kingdom of Andar. xD
- Getting to help teach other new healers. They were so amazing. <3

Gah, there was just so much. I didn't even get it all. But this is a smattering of some of the stuff. Seriously, thank you all for the memories.


Ky favorite moments:
Calming Bloodweaver after the trial
Getting my Aspirant belt from the Gray Knights
Reading the book from the Knights with anyone who'd sit with me
Going crazy with Riven
Killing a Direwolf for its pelt
Taming a Squig!!
Going through the Ruins for the first time
Meeting Petra's parents
Relaxing and playing cards with Axel, Karenza, and others
Parker's mod with the candle
Demvarian reminding Ky that even a blue belt means you're setting an example for people
Taking notes to fix the laws

Favorite npc moments:
Being Scarlet and making jaws drop really boosted my confidence
Being Vivian and getting drunk with Graven
Fighting all my friends as various enemies

Thank you all for such a fun game!


"Anyone see a bag with a head in it? It's got a lot of snakes on it?"

"Vampire Gays"

"Sabertooth Crotch Crickets"

"I personally can't arrest you, that's for the Sheriff, but if you guys do something, and are gone before he's here to do anything? Technically that's just suspicious activity."

the entire exchange with the giant lizard that went "SWARM! 100 Massive!" "Parry! Resolute! 500 Body!" and then stalking off to find a healer. And actually finding someone there that was able to do a full up!
Also! I got to fighter break a puzzle mod!


This is gonna be a long one, everybody, because this game was awesome.

  • First and foremost, a bit of an umbrella: the S.S. Pluvarien at a game at last! Erin and I have spent a lot of time developing the relationship between our characters via online roleplay since they met at the National game last year, and finally having it on-screen was some very satisfying payoff. This will be touched on more in the bullets to come.
  • Getting to mentor on Chivalry was awesome. With one exception who is rarely able to come to game, Demvarien is the Acarthian squire with the least amount of time on the path, so it's usually him looking for mentoring instead of the other way around. It was also a great opportunity to show that he's growing and starting to act more like a knight. Shoutouts to Slate and Ky.
  • Slate deserves his own bullet point. Never before has Dem met another character and thought to himself "I want to squire that kid one day." Never before has Dem trusted another character to carry his ancestral sword into battle, though to be fair he's not had it more than a few months. The squire will carry the guilt of failing to protect him for a long time. I'm curious to see if/how that relationship develops further in the future.
  • A throwback moment with Baroness Gwen Thane on Saturday morning: Demvarien finally got to apologize to her for his failure as her honor guard the last time he was in Etheria. It's nice when Dem gets to let some guilt go.
  • Tension with the Vex Mortis. Demvarien heard some shady things about them over the course of the weekend, and as a member of the Acarthian equivalent, the Vigilant, it disturbed him that nobody seemed to trust their local undead hunters. Still, he ended up fond of Valentine by the end of the weekend.
  • I greatly enjoyed all of my interactions with Sir Kjeld. Demvarien got to know him a little bit at National last year and has a lot of respect for the man -- and now that it's turned out the good squire's most personal vendetta involves Outsiders, Dem is a very eager student for all things related to killing them. Also, from a player perspective, Kjeld is just so much fun to watch. He's full of personality and John's costuming and roleplay are top-notch.
  • The mod with the kids doing necromancy was... interesting. It is very rare that Demvarien has any mercy to offer necromancers. Making the decision to tell his father's story to try to get one of the kids to see that what he was doing was wrong and where it can end was a very emotional moment, too.
  • Outsider class was fun. Getting to offer perspectives from Acarthia's war with Sark, and now recent revelations about Dragontamer, gave me a really fun mix of being able to learn AND being able to contribute to the discussion.
  • The lizardfolk assassin attack on Saturday night was gut-wrenching, especially after most of the town left. Dem and Plue were both tapped out, and everybody else equipped to deal with them had left. Dem watched two new adventurers resurrect while he could do nothing, including one he'd given lofty visions of chivalry and then failed to protect. It's only by luck that he and Plue didn't go to the Circle too -- one of the lizardfolk hit me with a Sleep and then didn't do anything about it and I woke up in time to get to her.
  • Helping Petra after her parents were assassinated. When Demvarien learned at the Walk of the Dead last October that his mother was dead, Petra was there. She said to him, "I'm sorry that you're sad, but at least you know now." It was a very poignant moment for Dem to hold her tight and say, "I'm sorry that you're sad" and for her to reply, "I've never been sad before. What do I do with it?"
    • A related moment -- afterward, someone said something about wearing sadness, and Dem had this moment of realizing exactly how much sadness he is wearing all the time (his ropes, Kaia's bells, Aikoll's belt, his father's sword, his mother's necklace, his family crest...). Demvarien is fond of his keepsakes.
  • The basilisk fight. Damn. We had a snake cult as one of our ongoing plots last year and we never got to fight anything that cool. Huge props to the Plot team and NPCs for how that fight was executed. As a side note, Bri's costuming for Andromeda was stunning.
  • I am shocked that it took two full years for something to finally kill Demvarien, because he's rightfully inherited the nickname "Squire Bad Decisions" from Sir Kendrick. This is a character who has literally had his friends stage an intervention over his utter lack of self-preservation. But, Dem went down defending others -- though I can't remember who, somebody was behind me when I was hit with the Pin that led to his death. He said not ten minutes out of the Circle that he would make that decision every time, and I could not be happier with how he took his first death.
  • And guess which little suffer puppet got to do his first resurrection! It is moments like this that are the reason I love playing Demvarien's relationship with Plue. Erin and I have joked in the past that we basically wrote these characters for each other on accident, but neither one of us could have written a better first "I love you" than what actually, organically happened at game. Props to Erin for excellent roleplay, because Plue was legitimately crying. Her "I need you to come back. I need you, because I love you," resurrection speech was wonderfully done, and already has me thinking about what Dem will say if the shoe is ever on the other foot. Plus, Demvarien finally had a proper title for Plue after that and referred to her as his "beloved" for the rest of the game.
  • Telling Khemmia (not sure I spelled that one right) the story of how they met and why he now wore her favor as he had promised, right after resurrecting and right in front of Plue, was a really light, cute moment after the heavier resurrection.
  • Rowan's concern for the vampire's thrall and her telling Dem that she thought the Vex Mortis would try to kill her, and asking him to protect her, was a really cool moment. Props to that player (whose name I do not have yet) for excellent roleplay there.
  • Mevanwy is best backpack. It's so rare I get a dedicated one backing me up.
  • Tavern talk on Sunday night was a good time, as was lamenting for the umpteenth time about Demvarien's impossible decision with Mevanwy and Plue.
  • Plue being up 2-0 in the "death threats from protective loved ones" contest.
  • Favorite quotes:
    • "That's going in the report."
    • "Oh, I haven't properly threatened you yet."
    • The phrase "throbbing hateboner" and specifically Plue's reaction to it.
    • "It's either [x] or it's not [x]."

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but this is already too long, so I'm gonna leave it there. Thanks for the great weekend, everybody!


San Francisco Staff
I had a great event! Thanks again for everyone who showed the travelers such a good time. Some highlights:
  • Chivalry school (repeatedly). Plue has been grappling with the realities of her new title, and this gave her some much needed insight, as well as food for thought.
  • The nighttime undead/spooky candle mods that Parker ran solo (impressively so, btw). Fan Club with Graven was great fun, as was Minor Key Twinkle Twinkle with Boden.
  • Law critique, and dramatic reading of the Laws of Andar with Valentine and the western travelers. We're here to help, and sometime that means some real aggressive copyediting.
  • Bonding with Solaris when she tried to help him remember his death, and then him seamlessly backpacking her when she decided to dump all of her everything into the basilisk that ate her beloved.
  • The subsequent resurrection scene. I don't think we could have written a sappier love story for these two if we had tried.
  • Speaking of, seeing Vellis do her full psychopomp routine firsthand. I knew that this was what the character does, but hadn't experienced it firsthand. Rachel has created something really interesting here.
  • That kickass moment in the basilisk fight when I looked down the right flank and realized we had an all-female shield wall going. Would fight with you ladies anytime.
  • Making two new Clerks of Mevanwy and Askeksa. That organization has lost a bit of steam of late, at least on screen, and I'm really excited to get it going again.
  • Teaching the class on Outsiders. Plue as Teacher is a new dynamic for the character (crippling self esteem issues, ho!) and I'm looking forward to seeing what that brings.
  • So much more... getting rolled by lizardmen Saturday night, great conversation with Bekkur, basically everything Slate did, blushing furiously behind my fan, uncorrupting Bloodweaver and Sokaala, simple farmer Eli at his very first gather, puzzle mod, looking for trouble and finding archaeology instead...