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Hope you all had as much fun as I did. Please share with us your favorite moments. And the things you really like about the game so we can add more things like that for the next game.

Mine where the trebuchet battle.
Watching the prince get hit by a trebuchet.

The live music.

Lich outfit and the undead battle

Charming the whole travelers cabin. (I should have made them dance)

Laughing undead.

The ruins so many good times there

Hostiage shroo yelling at his brother to go away and get some one important and cabable. Yelling at him that you are the last person I wanna see right now. (So funny)

Kaladin interactions with players.

And anything to do with Puck.
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I had a TON of fun this weekend! As I'm having trouble picking a single favorite, here's a list of mine.

  • Nearly getting into a fight with Tal and Kellan when they started accusing Puck of being in charge of the goblins. I love a little bit of animosity now and then.
  • Taking charge of the field battle against the goblins. It was a first for me, and leadership is one of my big character goals, so being able to do so was awesome.
  • Being looked to as a leader (of sorts) this whole weekend. Was everything smooth and perfect? Nope, and I learned a lot more this way. But like I mentioned it's a big goal, and I feel like this experience really launched me closer towards it.
  • Seven Spinner spiders.....
  • Warbird and Deathbird taking on every battlefield
  • Aaaaand Warbird and Deathbird following the lich after it wandered away....
  • Not being able to eat my cobbler at all because I was pulled in 5 different directions
  • The ruins! That was super awesome and I wish my team had been able to go further!
Looking forward to returning to the outpost sometime!

Katie -- Aikoll of Rivervale
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Jesse Grabowski

Denver Staff
Loki, et al,
Please provide your names in the forum posts. Thx!

Prince vs. Gaius round one!

Laughing skeletons

Lich costume



Jesse G
Oh boy, this whole weekend was awesome in general but where do I start.
  • There was always something to do and everything felt important.
  • Going with Tal to talk to the Prince and walking straight into a bunch of goblins and the "entity" so we had to scream for help.
  • The big battle with the trebuchet, especially meeting my battle buddy Shroo and also the moment of panic where the prince went down.
  • Watching the dude from Litimore get cursed to be blue
  • Helping steal a trebuchet and meeting Fredrick
  • The constant paranoia about who was marked
  • "'Come to Malidor's Outpost' they said. 'It'll be fun' they said."
  • Watching with Shroo to make sure nothing happened to the circle that the elf with red armor (never caught his name) was in, since we thought it would be a boring job until a beetle came out from the woods and we had to scream for help. When Puck saw the circle he put a second one around it and then got to watch as Tal tried to get Puck to take the circle down. I ran to get help and came back to Tal threatening to kill Shroo and so Mol and I sat there trying to talk Tal down. Until Shroo and I were pulled away to the Selunari party. Speaking of which...
  • Baron Ghetti was a lot of fun and it helped me a lot with my character and understanding what my race is all about.
  • The lich and battle with the undead. OH MY GOSH it was so perfectly creepy and I was so paranoid for the rest of the night.
  • The escaped slave and the panic of trying to hide him. Also Squire Hildr is absolutely terrifying when she's angry.
Overall it was so much fun and I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to LARP. I can't wait until the next event.

- Ace B. (Karenza)

Siren Aspen

Hello everyone! I played Alura the goatkyn running around with Nevrin the Ravenkyn. It was a blast! A list of my favourite moments:

- Friday night in the tavern when the flame creatures started popping up out of the fires. Fantastic job to the npcs for scaring the piss out of a few of us.
- later again in the tavern getting pushed towards the back corner and seeing Nevrin come bursting in and decimating the attackers.
- the ruins! I want to do more puzzles like those!
- the tavern food was great if a little small, but trying to eat in character was hilarious.
- Saturday, hearing the Prince berate the guy from wherever (who was then called many names behind his back) after said phallus spoke about slavery.
- the trebuchet battle!!! First ever healing on a major scale. Aikoll taking control of the battlefield was great. I just wish we had listened to her.
- defend the Prince!
- seven spinner spiders...
- goats will eat anything
- having to use both sanctuaries in the litch battle.
- watching undead get mowed down by arrows.
- somehow ending up as the go-to for a couple of people with questions. Not a major thing, but it was nice to feel like I was helping.

Those are the ones that come to mind immediately, I'm sure I forgetting some. This event was awesome! Thank you everyone!

Siren, aka Alura


Utah Staff
Hmmm, I had a lot of fun this weekend. So it is really hard for me to pick my favorite. I mean, the whole weekend was my favorite. But if I had to narrow it down to... lets say 5 top moments?

1) High Lord Gaius Herod vs Prince Malidor Encounter. That was easily the best roleplay of the weekend for me as an NPC...
2) All of the Baron Gheti encounter. Wow... you Selunari are great! I cant wait to see what you all do next.
3) Being cursed by a Selunari as a HIGH LORD OF A COUNTRY!?!?!?!?! More choices like that please!
4) The Mystic Wood Elf Slave... let me explain...
a) The emotion I put into that NPC and watching how concerned characters were FROM ACROSS THE 120FT TAVERN! Whew... nearly wore me out.
b) Having so many characters come up to the NPC and just try to comfort him. Listening to all of their in game concerns...
c) When all the characters tried to protect him in whatever way they could.
d) having the "poor man's waylay" used on me more than 5 times...
e) The reactions from the characters when the squire came and took the NPC to the slavers.
Wow... that roleplay was intense on me, and I hope in the future there is more moments like that one.
5) The sparring between Thousand Bones and the Squire.

I loved this event so much. I am extremely excited to see more of it in the future!

Paul Iverson
Assistant Plot Head of Alliance Utah


  • Watching with Shroo to make sure nothing happened to the circle that the elf with red armor (never caught his name) was in, since we thought it would be a boring job until a beetle came out from the woods and we had to scream for help. When Puck saw the circle he put a second one around it and then got to watch as Tal tried to get Puck to take the circle down. I ran to get help and came back to Tal threatening to kill Shroo and so Mol and I sat there trying to talk Tal down. Until Shroo and I were pulled away to the Selunari party.
- Ace B. (Karenza)
Lol, that darn elf :)

It was truly a pleasure to get to meet some of you this weekend. I would have liked to stay around the tavern more to learn more about you but the ever reaching arm of plot cannot be denied! And with that some favorite moments!

1. Getting into game late and immediately being welcomed and pressed for some Elvish wisdom. It was very touching to see soooo many brand new players not hesitate to jump right in and soak up as much as possible around them, and I did notice just how far everyone came after just one event.
2. Trying to contain a marked and furious Squire Hildr Friday night. See also *unstoppable forces and immovable objects.
3. Seeing that everyone was safely in bed only to come home to the big bad ;-;
4. Trebuchet battle! I'll take 4!
5. As a member of Seattle's Staff I was very impressed with the amount of detail that went into immersion for the Tavern. Loved the kitchen idea and the live music and am also a super sucker for an in game merchant shop ;)
6. The Double Circle Double Rez of Puck and Darellin and the epic conclusion to the song of Fire and Ice. It wasn't the Town RP moment that Plot wanted, but it was what they needed.
7. So many more RP moments that sadly must remain a mystery for plot enigma integrity.

Hope to see some of you in Seattle in 2 weeks :)


Hey all! Miguel known as Nevrin the Ravenkyn aka Deathbird! I was traveling with Alura the Goatkyn :)

Had a blast out your way! Really enjoyed getting to PC for once. :)
Now on to some favored moments!

Dealing with Flame type creatures. Finding out that arrows work pretty well to keep them out of effective charm range.

Bigger flame creatures. Seeing the tavern empty but not seeing Alura so going in using my new slayes to burn down the flame creatures super fast.

Trebuchet battle. That was a fun mechanic. Very different having to keep an eye on the sky as well as the enemies in front of me. Even when I caught a stray packet in the foot!

Trebuchet battle again! You might be a little overstated when you can one hit kill most goblins... :)

The ruins were a lot of fun. Might have to snag that mechanic for the Denver game!

After things got scary with Puck and circles. Hanging around long enough to land a single silver arrow and then kiting the minions. Wish I had tried more damage but glad to get out of there without getting charmed ^_^

The undead fight at night. Again, felt slightly bad about how fast I was burning through the undead with an earth blade and my bow but it also felt amazing to be able to cause that much havoc on the undead :)

Undead fight again. Amazing costume with the litch! I wish I had been positioned and hadthe voice to RP more and try to get more info from it! But dropping it with an Eviserate Earth would just have to do ^_~

And yes, chasing after it with Aikol was pretty thrilling. Fun to see how close we could get with out being heard.

That's a lot of them... Oh! Alura making odd noises with a straw and my reactions. And getting to see Alura double over laughing!!

Looking forward to the next time I get to play with you guys!

Part of Denver plot
Aka Nevrin, Deathbird


Seattle Staff
Damn it Lighthouse, did you die on safari again??




The dilemma of the slave. On the one hand,....... KILL THE SLAVERS!!!!! On the other, protect everyone from the terrors of all out war.
So conflicted. Wish I was young enough not to care about the consequences.

James aka lopicorn aka justin