Favorites From the Sept Event

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All right ladies and gents, please post your favorites from this past event.

What an amazing weekend. I'm rendered speechless by the amount of overall awesome that XR provides time and time again.

--- Thank you PC's for always making things interesting, clean fights, and for the amusing things that you come up with!

--- Thank you NPC's for keeping the energy up, being so enthusiastic and willing to throw your bodies against walls of pole-arms again and again!

--- Stone Elf humor. Wearing the lizard fin was brilliant.

--- Vault Mod. Constructs everywhere. Setting up trap after trap after trap.

--- Late Night Puzzles and Golems. We were completely delirious and hallucinating by the end of it all.

--- Getting to play the Small Bad Guy. So much fun and not even because of the carriers. Just being such a presence on the field, it feels awesome.

--- Also awesome, thank you to the Staff for allowing me to play Little D. I felt truly honored.

--- Ernest, the classy potato farmer.

--- Orc in the woods!

--- Watching Big D go down. Even on the sidelines, it's always fun to watch such amazing things happen.

--- There's so much more but I'm so very drained and suffering from such a wonderful hangover, all I can really say is Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who made Crossroads possible, everyone who contributed to the game and everyone who helped run it. I'll always follow the 3 rules and will spread the word of awesome for years to come.


Being able to be there, because my wife Heather helped me get ready, and my friend Ziggy drove.

Favorite character death ever!

Being asked if I was willing to go into the scales.

Great rp/deep conversations with MANY people, IG and OOG.

Discussing Dissonance and Void with Quince.

Being followed by Woad.

Someone bumping into Teo in Tavern, and jumping back quickly, looking afraid Teo would attack.:)

Talking to all the orcs in town (Teo always liked orcs).

Cool gloomy conversation with a "death-drawer."

Learning an orc warrior had picked up one of Teo's swords from where it fell, and kept it.

"pulling" Dissonance" into the scales.

An incredible feeling of completeness! I keep thinking of things from all the times I played Teo, and getting a great sense that it was one story, leading to a destiny. Teo KNEW finally, at the end, what he had been brought to Kupspar to do. First time I've had a character feel like a novel, rather than a collection of stories. Thank you all, so much! I doubt I'll ever forget it.


Wow, such a great event, not even sure where to start. I guess I'll just try to go in order of the weekend.

Fighting our way up the hill. I love those dynamic kind of fights, and Pole-Orcs kept things moving in a positive direction.

Orc Moot-pretty much becoming a town wide party. Didn't expect that it would turn into an intense RP funeral as well, that was amazing.

Besser changing the way Golgoth thinks about Dwarves, letting us free our enslaved brothers, and helping recover the central artifact of our culture. Very satisfying character development.

Fighting up the hill again on Nightmare mode, and getting my *** handed to me by the Will/Tab combo punch.

Watching Solange be super crafty like he was in a spy movie.

The Final Battle-unloading everything I had into little D, then big D, and just trying to keep people alive.

Watching Teo finish Dissonance off, then go out as a true hero....not gonna lie, got a little teary eyed at how epic of an ending that was.

Thank you so much to the amazing staff for all of your hard work, it is definitely appreciated.

Thank you to the NPCs for all the food clean fights, I hope you had as much fun as us.

And thank you so much to Tab, your positivity is truly infectious. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you can build a community in NC just like the one we have here.



My absolute favorite part of the weekend was constantly being told that hoblings are not to be trusted.... and then being given something important to do.

the trap/tower mod was awesome, weaving myself through trip wires and collecting blocks.
"Hey, I turned the switch off.... what the... the construct just turned it back on... Oh hell no"
"You okay Lenry?"
"Yea I just gotta kill this guy first"
*whack whack whack*
"hey I found another block... the switch is really off now too"

The worst time ever to fake an entire group wipe, Rifting back in in front of a funeral pyre.

Being enslaved from friday night on just collecting information and constantly being told to "watch out for Vera because she can enslave you"

Alchemy mod - being the poison tank between my resists and poison shields

Happy Hobling Bakeries and my business partner :)


New Hampshire Staff
Crossroads Staff
The last wave battle. I have been waiting since the beginning of the season to see all the shards in one fight. It was epic. I loved it. Thank you PCs for making it interesting. For the record, we really were not sure how that fight was going to turn out, and I thoroughly enjoyed the RP mid combat.


Wow, it's hard to come up with favorites since the whole weekend was non-stop for me, but here goes...

I have to start with everything related to Dan- alchemy guild stuff, crazy elixirs, personal plot stuff and, as always, 4 a.m. visits to the catacombs with my crazy buddies Solange and Belnar. Thanks, friends. Dan, your puzzles hurt my head in a good way!

Orc body guards!! I felt very special, orcs. You made my Sunday.

Cupcakes. No. CUPCAKES! Chava and Dom, you are my heroes...

...and on that note- plushy Dark Man. Amazing.

Ninja Solange's run for the scales and near diastrous escape, which no one noticed, and then the moment of, "Crap, what if we were too far away to rift?!" and then Jesse's huge grin when he said "no problem." I haven't laughed so hard in ages!

Calling Altered effect to a death and getting A LOT of weird looks! That was seriously the best LARP moment ever!!!! Thank you, Dan and Tim for awesome writeups all the time!!!

Teo pulling the Dark Man into the scales. Scott, you are a super-hero. I almost started crying at what the closure of that story must have meant for you. Love ya!

Naga and Pointa's innocent questions... :)

My caring, funny, hugful, energetic, silly, BA, ridiculous Bloodmoon Traders. I've played with most of you for a long time, but this was special. Thanks. I hope we were entertaining.


In my mind, I keep going back to that last wave battle: there were so many amazing RP moments between the shards and the PCs, the shards and each other. It was so satisfying to see the culmination of one of the most fun plotlines to run. :)


Hanging with friends!!!!

Thanks to all the Crew and PC, that made this game great!!!

Nice clean fights....

Orc Moot turned funeral..great Rp...kind of sad I missed out on the Orc only plus Woad mod..

End Fight was great...it's always a good time when you have great RP going on in a mass fight..there was points in time when I had no idea who was where and what was going on!!!! LOL

Getting double tapped with Deaths by my own Team during the Orc Moot....the looks on some of the faces, went from what the hell is going on to oh, its just Red Paw.....

Cooking breakfest and talking to Scott, have to say that was a great time!!!!

Over all a great weekend

Thanks to everyone!
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