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Been hyping since game off. Now to try to remember everything.

- Everyone's expressions to "I don't have any disarms" then pulling out the flame bolts.
- Prolon's near glee at the amount of fire I was carrying
- All the Osobina jokes with Jules and Mischa. No I won't give you tips.
- Finding out they named the DFM bomb after Lygeia.
- Guys I 10% which was kind of terrible but also a super appropriate ending to Lygeia's story
-Hogrim. Man if I ever need to have intense feelings about anything it was always Hogrim that gave them to Lygeia, between my last resurrection and talking me through having to actually be a leader in town Hogrim was always there for Lygeia.
-Vision rituals forever
-Ahi and my tattoo that was so freaking cool even if I only got to wear it for 10 minutes

I can't think of much else right now but it was a beautiful closer and so good and I'm so happy with everything and everyone. Thank you so much guys.


Gonna try really, really hard on this, but know that if I can't remember something, I had a great time playing with you all. It was a stellar 3 years and I am going to miss seeing my family three times a year at gathers. <3

  • Getting to finally meet Master Tobias in game, only to have him dump horrible news on Mischa. "Didn't you hear? Trimore is dead." She never did find her mother and sister. At least, not yet.
  • Seeing the result of those letters Mischa sent in the downtime between gathers. It was amazing to see how many relationships changed as a result of words on one sheet of parchment.
  • Jules and Stephano's wedding. And Jules promptly kicking him into the mists only to have him come blustering back roaring. "Wow. less than 24 hours before their first row? It's ok, they're going to shout at each other for a minute and then start kissing." That was a riot to watch.
  • Kaleesa's concern about the prince, and Mischa's frank advice, which basically amounted to 'the prince cares for you, so tell him if you do to or take one for the team. If that doesn't work, I have sleeping gas'.
  • That guts 'n triage mod, tho! As a person who plays a healer, that was a dream come true. Blood up to my elbows and smearing across my nose as I pushed my hair back. Amputations! Untangling guts! That was my favorite mod in the history of my larp career. (Mad props to that blood recipe, too. It came out of a WHITE ribbon!)
  • Getting to resurrect Tyrus. It was Mischa's first Legion resurrection, and she was very honored that he accepted it. Also, damn it! Why did you have to go be a hero and die? You broke Mischa's heart.
  • Oh, Tyrus, Septus, and Lygeia. You will all be missed so fiercely. Hearing Hogrim call 'Legion, sound off!" and hearing silence was piercingly heart breaking!
  • Nadarin. Everything Nadarin. Her soft words when Mischa was mourning her country alone. Stories about Sir Wynn when she needed them the most. She has been a very important friend since Mischa met her in Laerthan, and she is honored to know her.
  • Pick your groups. Thinking of who she was going to join, and hearing Hogrim shout for the Legion to form up and thinking 'nope'. Then looking for Jules and hearing her call for Satya and Cassian, and thinking 'nope'. Wondering what to do until Curtis and the Laerthans folded her into 'Team Hat'.
  • To paraphrase, 'get in line or get on the boats and get out'. What a gut punch. A deserved gut punch, but still. Prolon and Stephano are mistwalkers, but Renlatha is Mischa's home. (Mischa came very, VERY close to getting on that boat.)
  • Guys, I made 9 double batches of alchemy production. 36 gold worth of alchemy! I think she burned down her lab, and Mischa now has 5 copper left to her name. (Until she finds the 8 gold in her pouch that Laa forgot she put there.)
  • Dex and Mischa's epic possum/destroy undead combo!
  • Going inside a breach! That distorted track of wailing and whispering was seriously creepy, and the whole set up was really, really immersive and kind of scary. At least for Mischa, who was convinced from the moment she heard that noise echoing that the Master was still in there with her. And Trimore! We were in Trimore!
  • Getting to meet the the Kallic Trimore the 27th. Trimore has really become home for her, and getting to kneel for the man who should have been her future king was a pretty important moment for her.
  • A moment with Otho with no words and no fighting. Just a quiet embrace and a moment of just existing in the same space inside the breach. It was heartbreaking and loaded, and both soft and hard at the same time. Comfort and sorrow and an apology and an I love you, all rolled together in a strange, frightening, lost space. I think they were both just tired. Of everything.
  • Conversations with Prolon inside the breach about nobility and responsibility and fear of losing oneself in the name of service. Then a moment of prolonged eye contact that spoke volumes and made complicate feelings happen. Mischa has been so glad and privileged to get to know Prolon, and her feelings toward him have been a roller coaster.
  • Jules being Mischa's constant, right until the last moment. She's the woman who has the most reason to hate Mischa, and she still loves her.
  • "You have to understand and live with the fact that you and a handful of people have just made a decision for the whole of Renlatha. You are going to have to carry that on your shoulders."
  • "I have given this town, and Renlatha, everything I have to give, and it still keeps wringing me out. I'm just going to keep going and letting it squeeze every last drop out of me until I have nothing left. I'm tired of fighting."
  • The joy of winning mixed with the lethargy of being bone tired. It was happy, but the decisions made weren't unanimous, and while everyone was happy to win I think almost everyone came out of that fight a bit emotionally wounded. We EARNED that victory!
  • Planting the Wander's Garden in the center of Oldcliffe with the people who lingered after the fight. Explaining that a bunch of random and different seeds can be dropped to the earth to fight and tangle and vie for sunshine until it grows into a lovely, harmonious garden that can sustain itself and care for anyone who wanders by.
  • Curtis passing on the 'human hat' to Mischa so she could dye her hair and hide her feathers under it to move safely through Renlatha once she left Oldcliffe.
  • "The one thing you got wrong is that you are assuming that I will still be here in morning." Oh, Krystoff and Jules, you worked so hard to convince her to ask for her sentence be commuted. Terrible politics, but I am glad you, and the rest of Oldcliffe, kept fighting for her. She loves you both so much. Someday she's going to go visit Krystoff's daughter and babysit the Hallik brood of fuzz babies.
  • Leaving Oldcliffe in the night. There is work still to do, and if she stayed until the morning, she might not have had the resolve to go.
  • Also, I know this was given OOG in the AMA afterwards, but HOLY CRAP NECROMANCY MAKES CIRCLES?!? Hear that Venificus???

I know a lot of these memories seem sad, but I really had a wonderful time despite the immense weight and sorrow of the last chapter. I think that's how good storytelling should be. Nothing was handed to us. We fought tooth and nail and EARNED that victory. Three hard fought, joy and sorrow filled years. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Bill, Erika, and Todd, thank you for getting an idea and breathing life into it to make a game so amazing I flew across the country 6 times because I didn't want to miss a minute of it.
Tireless NPC's, thank you for entertaining us and kicking our collective asses over and over again.
Evan and Ren, that's for talking up 9 Towers in such a way that I couldn't resist checking it out.

And to all the PC's who ever played, thank you. I know Mischa was about as hard to interact with as she was to play. Thanks for not giving up on her, and me. It was amazing playing with you. I didn't know a lot of you before this game, and I am so glad to have met you all and built this family together. And we are (mostly) still alive. Our story isn't over yet.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go cry a bit.

With all Laa and Mischa's love! <3
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I've sat down to write these about five times and never manage to finish, because finishing means it's truly over. I know I'm going to forget things. There was too much magic here to put into words. But, here we go, what my scattered, happy/sad brain can remember...

- Battlefield wedding. Five minutes, in armor, ready to go, a moment of happiness. It couldn't have been more perfect.
- Every single boss battle, from the lost ones to the scraped by victories, it absolutely felt like we were running uphill to the end of the world.
- Tyrus, even OFFERING me a silver sword, I think you don't realize how much that meant to Jules. She's not legion, but she was so honored to even stand with you all.
- Natural healing/bloody mod. I LOVE mods like this and it was done SO, so well. Watching Satya's calm sewing, Mischa's determination, Krystof helping secure the patients, every twitch and yell of pain, everyone walking away from it covered in blood to their elbows. It was SO vivid and SO perfect.
- Quiet moments sitting behind the circle/smoker's guild with Tyrus, out of words, contemplating a legacy.
- Awkward, loving, beautiful exchanges of happiness with Maluhia and Daedalious -- the passing of congratulations was SO different between the two and so perfect. Such a weird, happily ever after friendship Jules feels with both the cats.
- "JULIANNA HALLIK!" When Stephano came ROARING back into town after Jules shoved him through the mists, uh, well... I both trembled and grinned. That was the perfect reaction, yes, and also they did scream at each other and then kiss a lot.
- Getting to hear about Krystof's daughter, the pure happiness in his eyes, pride and love and glowing, it was beautiful. Then using that to resurrect him was both SO hard and so perfect. Thank you for those quiet moments of hope and happiness, Tim.
- I cannot count losing Tyrus, Septus and Lygeia's dying as favourites, because it was so hard, but their deaths created the most BEAUTIFUL moments. Septus and Tyrus SCREAMING at everyone to run, taking the last stand, the sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach as we all stood over by the pond and they *didn't come back*. Otho's speech that followed, the aching, quiet loss at dinner, the sound of pure agony that Hogrim made when Lygeia didn't come back. It was all awful and beautiful. It was war. It made this all feel very real.
- Conversations about honor and living by impossible codes with Prolon.
- Fighting side by side with Curtis -- DAMN can be move for an old man. =) Jules will always want him at her side any day of the YEAR.
- Mischa. Gods, Mischa. Fighting to the end, fighting for her people, the blood on her white ribbon, the barely holding it together after hearing about Trimore. Your eyes say a thousand things. Jules never wanted to say good bye and she's never going to let go, no matter how far they are.
- Satya: "I TOLD." "...what? Told what?" "I TOLD THE PRINCE." "...Oooh, poor, dear Cassian." (Also, "More Than Nine Towers.")
- Evie. Jules loves you SO DEARLY and wants nothing more that to show you HOW DAMN MUCH YOU MEAN. Conversations outside the cabin. Just helplessly watching Evie weep. Jules would move the world to stop those tears.
- Sitting outside with Stephano while in the breech, watching the man she loves more than anything in the world cry over those lost, having no words. Nothing but a touch and stars above.
- Winning. It felt like VE day in Europe. The cheers, the tears, hugs, kisses, exultation underlined by aching loss. I've never felt such powerful joy, relief and grief in a game.
- Bethrega -- Fighting with you, your heart, pancake CIRCLES.
- Goodbyes. The angry love between Jules and Cassian cannot fit into words, but it's perfect. The long conversation explaining why she has to go, that she KNOWS he and Satya can do this alone, how proud she is of him. Everything.
- The final salute with Hogrim. I've never felt more honored.

Thank you everyone. Thank you again for impossible beauty in storytelling.
Alright, I'm going to give this a try. I wasn't there for a whole ton of it, but the parts I made I loved.

Thank you PCs - You've made a foreign birb have some feels and some cares about a few things.
Thank you NPCs- Rockstars, always.

-The obvious. "This bomb's name is Septus. This bomb's name is Tyrus. That bomb's name is Lygeia." Those three meant more to Stephano than even they realized.
-The Legion. Every last one of them. All the little interactions and the big ones and being grilled by Saigan and having no easy way to tell him what happened.
-Dex. Always a bro.
-"JULIANNA HALLIK" Such birb grump. Much wife. Wow.
-Master Tobias "It's been a while, and yet, no time at all."
-Let me just set this incredibly dangerous trap in low light inside a ward next to this bottle. No pressure. Only peed a little.
-Hearing a list of nasty things, knowing exactly what they are, and just kind of crazy laughing about how boned I felt we were.
-Sharing Lygeia's vision, also pooping myself.
-Meat and cheese corner time.
-Being inside a breech. Huehuehuehue. I travel through space time on the regular brah. Do you even rift?
-Stephano and Ahi Undead Punching Time.
-"This sword's name is Legion."

Thank you all for an amazing time that I won't soon forget. <3

Flyaway Bird

Well done, team. Truly.

~ The roleplay from every single PC was top-notch. The style of campaign really lent itself to intense roleplay and deep investment, even from Mistwalkers, which was a refreshing change from the general irreverence from most PC populations. Everyone really, truly bought in, and it was incredible to see.

~ This event even provided some discoveries and affirmations for my own character. Nadarin had such a clear story arc in Deadlands, I thought about retiring her for awhile because I couldn't decide what to do with her. Then she met a group of Nine Towers folk at the Deadlands hootenanny, and they told her of their plight, and she knew she could help. It provided the perfect reason to PC her for one more event, and it turns out she's real damn good at feelings triage.

~ Yes, And-ing with Evan. We so rarely get to PC together, or even roleplay together for more than a few plot-dumping moments, so it was an absolute joy.

~ Jules. Nadarin's instant connection with her back in Laerthan and the building on their relationship this event. They've been through a lot of the same trauma and a lot of the same healing, so they're kindred spirits in a way. I had to rush into game on Friday to make sure I could be there for their wedding, and I'm glad I did!

~ Related to the above: having an "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" moment after Prolon's toast and instead of completely withdrawing (which is what she would have done when I started playing her), finding Jules and telling her about all the friends who have fallen in defense of Laerthan. That moment of quiet conversation is probably one of the most powerful I've ever had.

~ Seeing Curtis again, and getting to be hometown bros with him. Him offering to introduce Nadarin to the nobles and Veneficus so she wouldn't have to talk was so touching.

~ Adopting wee terrified Sadie for the weekend, teaching her how to fight undead without fear and talking her through putting someone's intestines back into their body. Mistwalking Earth casters gotta stick together!

~ Resurrecting Tal. Knowing he was also from Laerthan allowed Nadarin to craft a story that tied their shared history to Renlatha's current dangers, and James seemed immensely pleased.

~ Otho's speech after Tyrus and Septus. Damn, son. What a perfect moment in the story for two characters to perm.

~ Jules admitting to Nadarin that she'd pushed Stephano through the Mists to keep him safe, then his ENRAGED return Saturday evening (and everyone's giddiness at witnessing such a public lovers' quarrel).

~ Team Hat.

~ Hysterical we-might-die laughter and storytelling with Murphy, Maluhia and Ahi.

~ Dex. He and Nadarin are going to have some interesting conversations someday. Also, dude can WRECK FACE with scrolls!

~ Mischa. Such a complex, good-hearted-at-her-core creature.

~ The breach soundtrack.

~ Satya and Cassian. Maggie and Miles are such ace roleplayers and the characters' relationship was so complex and nuanced, it was amazing to watch the two interact with each other and the world around them. Especially the end of Satya having to rez Cassian.

~ The reveal about necromancy and Earth circles during the AMA. That is beautifully, diabolically, perfectly brilliant, Evan, Sean and I were SO ENRAGED WE DIDN'T THINK OF THAT FIRST!!!

There are many more, but my brain is mush. Thank you for a fabulous event and congratulations on the conclusion of a wonderful campaign.


This was an amazing campaign. As I mentioned on Facebook, I can't quite put my finger on how this even happened so consistently, but the community and immersion was so astounding. I loved it. Thanks much to everyone, PCs, NPCs, and staff!

This event was great! In no particular order, some highlights include:

Trying to talk with Tobias and Tal about complex issues through the mist. Look, I know lots about poking pies, but this muffin nonsense is just too much!

Trying to talk with Prolon and Otho about how nomenclature ("they") can dehumanize people in war, and ownership of things doesn't really exist, and all sorts of complexity and nuance and got Bethrega super fuzzy super fast. Probably y'all should talk to Tarris, he paid more attention in history class, he could tell you why we own that mountain, yup. xD

MILES. One of the last things that happened! The decision about what do to with the circles. Cassian was such a cool voice in that tense moment, and then he YELLED AT BETHREGA! O_O But THEN! He said some of the nicest stuff anyone has ever said to her! "No, I've fought beside you the last three years, I care about you understanding." My stupid lil dwarf heart just melted all over the place. Thanks for the stellar role play!

AMBIENT NOISES SO SPOOPY. Really creative, as per usual. Really immersive. Really amazing. Wowzers all around.

Oh yeah, and the Copperforge firewhips! The dramatic effect of the fireworks half-lighting up the field just as the horde of undead shambled up... Seriously, folks, you NAILED IT. Amazing effect, striking image that I'll forever remember.

Flashbacks while in the rift were really great. Nice theatrical drama, team! Loved watching that unfold!

Ahi offering her a tattoo! Frank, dude, that was such a cool idea. Rey was so honored. Then RPing with Tarris when he had his done, laughing at him for "being a baby", then getting hers done aaaaand she passes out from the pain for a bit. Wheeee!

Dumping all of her strength into killing the sorceress and failing anyway: It was cool because it led to a dramatic rescue (Thanks, Ursul!), then some super neat RP with Dex about how she probably made a difference anyway!

Legion. Y'all are great, and the deaths were so perfectly dramatic. Otho's speech, of course, was ON POINT. <3 Love you all.

Probably there were a lot more things. Every moment of this campaign was amazing. I loved fighting alongside everyone! Thanks for everything! <3


Man. Don't ask me to distill the good stuff out of this any more. I exist in a pure state now. I float on a limpid lake of liquid love.

I stole one of the wall banners. I'm gonna make a little stand for it and carry it around to events and that will be Tenth Tower. The Tower of Other, which deals in killing dragons and junk like that.

Oldcliffe forever.


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Choice. Finishing the Master's work was on the table. It spurred some intense drama, such as trying to convince Mistwalkers that their efforts weren't suddenly unappreciated, but they couldn't vote. Having such a huge decision fall on a small number of people after taking it away from one. Prolon calling out how adventurers really don't excel at stopping to think.

Very late Saturday, talking about the lands beyond the Mists. "When I was in Laerthan we had to save baby dragons from..." Dex goes on about how the stories sound like filing in the blanks of a story by drawing from a hatful of words, or free association. Everyone cracks up and we break the Stone Elf player.

People finding moments of joy wherever possible. The five minute wedding. Snack times. "Go be happy and married and whatever cats do. Break Command." Ahi asking for catnip and telling a hilarious story because we might all die.


Otho's speech. Wow. The Legionnaires went out doing what they said they would do.

Everyone was so committed to defeating the Master despite the cost. Mistwalkers and Renlathans alike, that lich needed to be dust. It was taken very seriously.

Going into the cabin after breakfast Sunday to the absence of the catnip jar.

Discussing friendship with the Anvilhammers.

"And queen." *Overly precise coffee sip*

Ahi receiving Maluhia's resignation as ambassador, and reminding her she could visit home some time if she wants. She's going to miss that guy.

And, well, basically everything. I loved Nine Towers as a campaign, and the final event nailed it. Thank you.


I'm glad that I was able to help with providing such an intense game as a part of the NPC crew for the end of the campaign.

I don't have much context for a lot of the stories I'm seeing here, but I can tell that the tales were glorious and epic.

From the NPC side of the fence my favorite mods were:
-The "echos" in the tavern when the lights went out.
-The fight up the hill and then back down that resulted in two perms (to paraphrase Plot, "they want a heroic last stand? Then let's give it to them").
-The big fight at night with the fireworks going off. It felt so awesome to come shambling up the hill out of the darkness.