Favorites: October 1st Weekend: The Pride of Rathfall


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What is this no favorites on the boards. Welp, guess I'm up. I'll start this out. These are in no particular order.
- Getting literally herded by wolves and werewolves to the tavern. Knowing you are being the prey, forced to a location and hating it. Yet, not being able to do anything about it.
- Well that isn't Illumina, why is Fizzyban's face on the moon?
- Being told not to talk to the Moon Father guy. Yet still seeking parlay. Because, that's what I do.
- The depth of the factions the team put together. I wasn't able to explore all I wanted as I was rightfully distracted like the whole event by Moon Father / Elder Brother. I have a plethora of questions about the factions, politics, economy, SPACE, but, had to deal with the Moon madness first.
- The Chess Module. 'We have the perfect group for this.' OH, we had the "perfect team" alright. Doppelganger can be fantastically fun and dangerous. Boy was it dangerous. Super Glad Elder Brother didn't walk in front of those mirrors, we would have all visited the circle if that were the case.
- The Moon Modules were fantastic. I deeply enjoy grabbing a group of characters and getting to know their quirks not the experience on their sheets.
From the insanity of breathable atmosphere, heat and increased gravity with the puzzle maze near the nodes. Miave was the real problem solver and thanks to her the puzzle was solved.
To the Moon cheese breathing apparatus. Sometimes it's better to just eat the Moon with the Moon, after being on the moon. Don't over think the cheese and crackers. Plus choosing Cami to act as the eyes for all of us. That was so much fun. I listened to Be a Man from Mulan on the ride home. I am so thankful that I have rope.
- Finding the perfect favor to give to your brother and being extremely pleased that it did not look off.
- The etiquette adventure with the Count and Countess. Miave, Badda and everyone's reaction to the Butler. In my mind Derek was Carson from Downtown Abbey. The food and the dance lessons were so much fun. Thank you for being in a guest speaker for this.
- The elves who bonded with the land. Glad I'm not you.
- Being told to eat and drink. Thank you everyone for being good guardians of a Vornae on a new planet talking to family and is actually able to be physically active again.
- Everyone asking Elder Brother to touch the water to get moon touched water, 'Just swirl your fingers in it.'
- The Cage. What the heck? Didn't go to free prisoners but, everything sounded horrible. Just horrible.
- The absolutely uncomfortable situation when the Arch Duke's children arrived. Having your face do one thing while not emoting your thoughts can be very hard.
- The paper's first printing. I hope Dram was able to sell all his copies.
- Once again Dram and Liddia not talking about things we need to talk about. We are elves it isn't super pressing. We have a few more months.
- Walking away with Elder Brother and Dram and finding feathers on the road. It was a good conversation and we tried a creative approach to the three circles problem.
- We don't call it Wet Side because it is dry.
- Being told I need to clean up. And saying I can do that on my own. And then getting told I did well. I can clean up well.
- I need to find out more about the Mstsweavers and Master Jonas.
- Damn rope under the table. I kept trying to get my foot in there but, Jon kept moving the rope. The dark elves were making eyes at each other during dinner, and having Rengar stand in stabbing position to not be able to stretch far enough and be in the circle was so good.
- All of my interactions with Elder Brother. The absolute joy it brought to my character to talk to family and have them be kind, open and caring cannot be expressed in writing.
Thank you very much for letting me be in your orbit all weekend. I'm normally not so touchy with NPCs and you went along with it the whole time.
When Elder Brother died I was absolutely crushed. Deflated. But, a Matron can sob later. Ramifications of poor actions and stabilization of the moon's orbit came first. Damn and bless you for the several Whispering Winds whispered in my ears over the evening. You can't permanently die like the rest of my family. Mad Men hunting them to take their power. NOOOOO!!!!
So, if there was an incredibly slim chance to fix things it was worth death by asphyxiation. Thank goodness Binar, DeSylvia, Rengar, and Shen for taking the chance. I think it paid off.
- Speaking to and sharing drinks with the Arch Duke, thank you Sera Fiona for the invitation. I think I know which House I shall be working closely with.

This event was very fun. Now for more sleep.



Some of my favorite moments from my second alliance Larp experience- oct 2021

*When Lacey refused a makeup makeover*, “Fine, look like trash!” *Lacey side eyes with death glare*.

“Do these unbounded people know anything about fashion? Ew! They need makeover immediately!” *Elephant kin charges*

“Your hands will be so soft!”
“They feel sticky and gross”

Being a wolf Friday night and howling around the tavern after chasing adventurers inside it.

The delicious burger and more! Thank you kitchen!!

Mutt trying to calm a rabid moon wolf and almost having success until Alpha screamed “Kill them all!” And her disappointed whine.

Being the lone surviving bandit that as long as “boss man” was dead “i ain’t got no problems with ya!”

The etiquette lesson as a countess having such lovely guests and getting to dance with a graceful lady! Almost getting fresh with a tree…

“Why am I the only woman in this army?” *immediate regret in asking that out loud*

“You should execute your hairdresser.”
“I did.”

“I beat you mercilessly 1. I beat you mercilessly 2…”

“Dancing in the moonlight! Everybody is gonna die it’s gonna be such a beautiful sight!”

*drunkenly cheers everyone in the tavern* “I am the best guard! Wait.. where is he?”

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First off, thanks to all of the NPC's for this event. Also thanks kitchen staff for feeding all of us!

Now in no particular order

- "The moon is broken, do not go all lycanthropy, especially you!" Liddia to Corbell.

- The Unseeli Hag

- While corbell didn't draw from it, the Deck of Many Things was amazing!

- Conversations with Dramathin

- Having one of the less seasoned adventurers asking Corbell what he thought was an honorable way to fight, and explaining that Corbell thought it was perfectly reasonable to plant the sword in someones back.

- "Corbell, is this etiquette training a part of your squire tasks?"
"Well maybe it should be"
Conversation between Liddia and Corbell during the etiquette training and dance instructions.

- The etiquette training in general, watching Bada and Agate's reactions, and the spoon conversation.

- Moon interactions

- "Do not worry small child, I am a dog. Bark Bark"


That test for the Earth's Chosen...I still am telling people the turtle part. I wanna know what a 'correct' answer was

Becoming a deputy and everything that was part of that mod!

Meeting Broomathy and trying to save him from the Hag. He will never know what number comes after five...

The link with the land RP was amazing! One of the coolest things Vanya has done.

The deck of cards and how fast we went through it. Lol.

After pulling my last card, the talk with Liddia on how I messed up....lol

Overall, I loved the event! Great job!


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A really solid event from the Company and crew! Getting into the headspace of Maiev was so different from every other character I completely got lost in her. Seeing the world as something new and innocent and positive was a lot of fun.

Etiquette class. The look of second hand embarrassment from Liddia for literally everything Maiev did was a delight. After Butler Derek sent his own mother-in-law(I believe that's what I was told) to the time out corner. "I would like to toast Staff....for ...owning that corner!"

Everything Slys Wet Lip night club. Derek bad standup, Briar's singing, Jame's bouncer, it all came together so well and was just a blast every beat. Easily a Top 5 non-town mod.

Going to the moon and realizing this character enjoys puzzles unlike my other 3 that can't stand puzzles.

Greenwood's recorded monologue was a pretty neat capstone to the final mod. Though, we all agreed Fizzybang needs to die.

The reaction after freeing Jame's main werewolf, and them him attacking us. "We literally just freed you"

Leaving on a mod to find the deck of many things was gone in basically 2 hours after game on. Good Grief.

Answering no-win questions from Alex. "You flip a turtle on it's back, it's belly roast in the hot sun. Why did you do it?"
"Well, I was riding it and we fell over on our backs and then I helped him up and rode on him some more..."

"What one word describes your Mot.."

Caliope, Vanya, Ib and Maiev failing the Earth's Chosen test, then actually passing it. Poor Roff passed but didn't get allowed entry.

"Enemy Baby"

Getting all fancy in 4 skirts and a hat for the banquet.
Favorite moments as an NPC:

Breaking Auryn a little bit with Harleena bringing her a dead dog and begging her to fix him and all the insane rp that came from that.

Two completely consensual resurrections for science and the fact that all I had to say to Kaleiope was "would you be willing to die for science?" And she was like sure, why not.

Dropping gossip about the nobles while doing makeup as Portia La'Floyd in the most Alexis Rose voice I could do. "My art is more of an avant-garde meets kindergarten meets sparkles kind of vibe"

When Agate realized she made a big mistake killing the shattered mirror monster with 100 body so I came back swinging 100 body!

Just watching the Company work together to make their plot visions a reality. It was an honor to be part of it!


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Great job Company! I could see all the passion you put into this event and I'm proud of yall. Here are some favorites in the order I remember them.

-Deciding Alex's vampire was gonna die and making it his problem. I dumped almost 1k damage into him and I think I dramatically shortened the duration of that mod. This was promptly followed by me remembering we needed him alive to get information out of him. Opps.

-Enemy Baby. Traitor Toddler. You flip a turtle over. Why?

-The deck lasted two hours. I don't know what else I expected.

-Being fancy Rag and getting announced. I wore the Harroc's necklace!

-All the jokes that turned Sid's cheeks pink. Moon Father? Nah, Moon Daddy

-Generally just taking it chill for most of this event and socializing while wandering from mod to mod. Definitely the break I've been needing.

-Hanging out with my fellow Capitalists. I don't always get to play with my group so its a treat when I get the opportunity. Andrea/ Gerty made us all matching mantles with little pieces of personality for the individual and I absolutely loved them all.

-Finally meeting Kuyak! What a joy to play with a new character from Rob. Also teaching Kuyak that necro is bad but not getting mad at him because I know its the culture of his home land.

-Derek playing the Arch Duke was awesome. He totally nailed the role and its always great to have an important NPC show up and thank the PCs for doing a good job.

-Not sure the name of the NPC but whoever played the Hag who ate kids Friday night killed it this weekend. Whoever you are, I dont recognize you but daang you got some RP chops!

-Catching up with other PCs on Rags life and just telling them I've been building houses for the past year and a half.

-Dualing GRONK before remem. A super close and good dual.

-Lovely cooking this weekend! A marvelous stand in for the company.

-Jared killed it as the BBG Saturday. Nice job man!


Nice job, Company! Well done, overall.

Memories from the event:

-The reactions from people seeing orc Binar for the first time and having half of them assume I pulled from the deck of many things (which orc Binar calls the deck of stupid things, cause he is not gonna touch that...)

-Running around shirtless all weekend so that I could put a shirt on for the ball in order to be classy and then just not doing that because the nobility didn't deserve the effort from me.

-"May the nobility never be comfortable in the presence of injustice"

- The prison riot. Welp, Binar saw some things in the Cage that he could not allow. Guess we need to share this information with the town and burn this to the ground now.


-The look on the Vindicator's face when that familiar popping sound happened and his ritual was forcefully disrupted by two angry werewolves and a vornae with a vendetta.

- Seeing the power fading from the mantle of the moon. Then, with absolutely no discussion at all, both Desylvia and Binar both silently went through the exact same thought process (Well, this blessing of lycanthropy was given to us freely from him, and we know how to manipulate magic, can we just give it back?), reach out, and tell Jared we are passing the power back to Moonfather. It was a cool moment. It felt very much like a pack mentality.

- Going into the big fight as a high level scholar and coming out of the final mod effectively as a second level fighter with extra body. No spells, no high magic, nothing left at all.

- Enemy babies, Traitor tots, and Flipped tortoises.


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¡Thank you to everyone! It was a lot of fun stomping about on this alien world. Here are some of my favourite memories:
  • Wandering with Liddia and Father Moon into the woods as Jared describes "low growls from all around and a sea of ears and eyes staring from the underbrush." Negotiating with a celestial incarnation was far more harrowing when surrounded by his furry legion.
  • Realizing ten minutes into discussions with Rathfallians that they're all either corrupt, insane, egocentric, or all three. Stephanie's Mistweaver pivoted from "Aren't MY experiments magnificent!" to "I'm really only an apprentice, let me introduce the person TOTALLY REPSONSIBLE for all this dirty Necromancy" without a beat. It was delightful and a theme carried through the entire weekend.
  • Talking with all the squires and cupbearers I could find about how to get them into their white belts and shiny hats. I had a lot of fun digging into those details and trying to broker conversations between groups.
  • Pulling four or five PCs into a philosophical and legal argument over the extrajudicial "evacuation" of the Devoted captives and whether it was morally appropriate to take them away from their home for magical brain-cleaning.
  • Chatting up the Prince and Princess at the ball and marveling at how well they conveyed loathing and co-dependence. I don't know whether the Prince locking the Mist Gate behind him after he stepped through was an affect of the Gate or his nastiness, but it felt [chef's kiss].
  • Picking up on all the veiled (and not so) cultural, movie, and literature references throughout the weekend. Tickled my geek-bone.
  • The look of weariness on Ragnarok's face when Dramthin pointed out he held rank and had to make decisions while searching the High Vindicator's bed chamber - followed by Rag's glee when he remembered, "Wait, she's a Knight! She's in charge!"
  • Trying to stuff celestial formalists into a mechano-magical planning meeting with the Mistweaver while being thoroughly drunk on the Arch Duke's vintage. Dramthin has no head for wine.
  • Line fighting with some truly spiffy folks during the Moon assault. Keeping a coordinated rear guard might not gain us the glory, but it's always a blast.
  • Dram got face flowers and a nose stud. He's the prettiest elf. Also, "Now I'm not one to gossip, buuuuuuut, did you know....?!!?"


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Thank you Rob and the PCs for letting us run an event for you. I know there were some growing pains but I had a great time plotting for you all.

* Everything about the whomping willow mod. From asking a dryad to cut down a tree, to seeing PCs try to determine what the farmer was saying, to the self pinning, and of course complaining about the birds!

* People's reaction to the prince and princess and their relationship. Especially Rag.

* Rag's reaction to Jonas using his voice radius effects.

* The ball into the big reveal. Glad to see plenty of you were ready to protect the Padishaw.

* Benjamin's face when he learned he could buy some of the leaded vials.

* Grumpy and rude Silp.

* Training the golem. I am a DOG. And Desylvia thinking about stealing it.

* "They finished the deck..."
"Just now?"
"No like two hours in, you were running a mod"

* The PCS letting the non were convicts free, and all the crimes that they admit they want to commit.

* Briar singing and Mutt's reactions.

* Seeing how excited people were to learn new things about our world.

I'm sure there are more things, but thank you again for letting us do this!


So first time I have PC'd in Chicago for more than a single meal since I have been the owner. Man it was a blast will have to do it again at some point. Almost surreal seeing the other side though.

Lots of favorites. But top moments have to be.

Looks on peoples faces as they tried to understand why Silp was my Master, but also clearly wasnt lol

Being pro necromancy and the arguments that went with it. Especially about the leech life. Gerty and Ragnarok gave great responses.

Really loved the couple canopies and mini out door tavern.

Loved the moon mods and the mirror NPC. 100 body OMG whoever did that dont do that again.

Prison brakes and the like.

Loved the moon

Loved the Deck of Many Things although Kuyak would never draw from it.

Loved the ball and noble time although Kuyak was busy debating if he should stampede.

Splashing (although did not do a lot of it as the water proof boots had a leak)

The Bada Kuyak moment...DO I know you....


I no order at all

The PC helping poor Lost one Reggie finally succeed at casting his first successful ritual.

All the hunter stuff. from hooking the wolf hunt, to Rp after to jerky later. "You want some of my meat, I think its boar"

Talking with Rusty as The Hunter
R-"What do you call us"
H-"half breads"
R-"Well I respect you for Saying it out loud"

Makeup mod and all the sass and gossip. The vailed and not Vailed insults.

Kuyak mud splashing at the makeup crew.

People getting all done up and fancy for the Ball.

Corvo all the RP with PCs and my lovely Guards that pretended not to notice many hint drops

The Cage Backdoor mod going from a side quest, to something that still work in the rain, too leading in to a big town fight.

Dinner while plotting to murder. and the conversation. Dram was definitely following up on the gossip drops.

Messing with Lidda by moving the circle I had setup during dinner. Making smaller and smaller with my foot till it was just him and I. and then putting the two half of the dagger together for the final blow.

Ritual casting at the top of my voice for a few hours in two different circle.

RPing with Beryl during the moon fight as she was kept on insulting V man.

The PC rifting into the circle. Well done.

Moon Father will have a bit of cleaning to do after the mess some of you made with the body after Vallano died.

And getting one of my ears tips back from losing it during Nationals. Thanks Kyle


Chicago Staff
First time on the NPC side of the fence was amazing. Hope everyone had a wonderful time

*opening the door on my knees as Broomithy saying "Hewwo" and immediately Silp's first words are "Do you have no legs?" that mod as a whole was a blast. Maybe he'll learn the number 6 in the spirit world

*very first time being downed as a Moon Wolf, getting KB normal'd, hearing 5 steps, then stop, "Why isn't it dissipating?" "REGEN COMPLETE" "....****"

*Rag's face when asked by Jet "What does death feel like?"

*getting reeeeaaal concerned how close to moon smash we got in the final mod. 3. down to 3 on the countdown

*getting pulled aside as Jet by Rusty and being informed of the prison break to break out a fellow mistweaver who was not at all in jail. So fun keeping a straight face during that convo and then having to double check with Brian on who he has arrested.

*Calliope sharpshooting the packet right into my cheek, unsurprisingly that ghoul immediately died. I could hear the Smash Bros Homerun Bat noise in my head, lol

*Kuyuk looking me straight in the face and asking "If I eat this teleport pyramid, will you grant me rank of mistweaver?"

*Gronk's reaction when I handed him the dog skull while Auryn was comforting the child. "oh....OH!" Can't wait to hear that item in action!


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I had a lot of run running plot. Things weren't always perfect, but I'm glad to hear people had fun. Favorites, in no particular order:

Dramathin on the Padishah's scepter "This is clearly a holy relic of the earth's chosen!"
Everyone else "Uhh, dramathin, did you perhaps mean a highly revered artifact?"

I'm glad people enjoyed the deck of many things, and I somehow thought it would last longer than two hours. I like that Roff became a spider-kin.

Whispering temptation into Star's ear at every opportunity as the cursed sword. Still couldn't get her to unsheathe it.

The 3am stealth mod I ran for Rengar and Adlao, and them almost immediately botching it, but escaping with the goods.

Scarlet Vixen's performance at dinner, and just dinner in general. the music, the dancing. all great. Rping with Lydia, who I don't think J'rajj has ever said more than 2 words to.

Mutt trying to wingman for Padishah me, only for me to die minutes later.

Playing the Vampire, and sid immediately facerolling me, yet I barely escaped with some clever use of my card.

Getting Ian as Weaver Jet to answer the door
"Hey we have a Stake of Woe to identify"
"Oh, y-yes! This is definitely a Stake of Woe. but I'll trade you this other item for it."
"Can we come back and get it if we need it later?"
"Oh, most definitely."

Also, Enemy baby was just the most ridiculous thing I could think of, I'm glad people found it memorable.

Thank you everyone for coming to our event and I'm glad you all had a good time!
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Sleep has been had. Let us begin with the list of awesomeness. As the rest of the Company have already stated, it was fantastic to be able to run a new world with such opportunities for everyone. Seeing how much you guys really jumped at it and the emotions your faces showed throughout the event was well worth it. In no particular order!

We knew Amanda would be coming to game. I definitely said at one of our plot meetings, "I should call her my little sister. I mean, I'm bigger and been around longer." Very happy that decision was made. The RP was quite intense at times, but well worth it. Thank you for being so willing to jump on this train with me and ride it out until the end. Seeing your reactions throughout the weekend really made it worth trying to memorize everyone's plotlines, characters, stories and side arcs so that the Moon Father could offer up all the knowledge he had without it sounding cheesy.

Seeing the look on the PCs' eyes as I pulled a cooler out after they walked the path in the dark looking for "moon cheese". Best treasure you could ever get from a mod. Cheeses and crackers.

Being told multiple times that the Moon Father was the nicest, omnipotent powerful being the PCs had met. I really wanted to give off the protective and caring fatherly vibes and it definitely seemed to hit the mark.

Setting the scenes. I loved giving all the descriptions and details to help build the story out more for the PCs. From the Linking with the Land, to Dramthin and Liddia walking down a wooded path alone to encounter Moon Father's children, to a small tunnel like system a family of cannibals used under the land. The more my words could immerse you guys, the happier I was.

Giggling in glee as the PCs kept eyes shut and completed the "Be A Man" tasks necessary to gather the blessings for the newer adventurers. The resourcefulness and out of the box thinking of all of you were fantastic.

Watching the resolve of the PCs. This land was nothing like they were used to. Corruption rampant and weirdness abound. Yet you guys stepped up in many ways; be it diplomacy, cool combat maneuvers and strategies, or even just getting so deep into your roleplay that you were earnestly reacting in such as way as your characters would.

Building the Father/Son moments with Binar and DeSylvia. It started out simple, but it really grew over the course of the event. Thank ya!

Looking forward to running more stories for you guys in the future!
What a good time! In no particular order--

-"You can't arrest dogs, it simply isn't done." (Which is still working out for me!) Binar- "Funny story about that..."
-Meeting Kuyak for the "first" time and immediately getting dirt napped thanks to potion sellers
-Outdoor popup setup!
-Plot working through the torrential downpour despite me being a whiny "but 20% of me is still dry!" PC
-Being physically the closest to other non-"pod" humans I have been in almost two years when the rain really picked up and realizing how much I had missed it
-Scarlett Vixen fan club! (and truly all of Sly's Wet Lip mod)
-Being convinced that SV's song was entirely about her desperately needing a race change
-Not wanting to fight the werewolf pack and trying so hard to convince them to leave us alone post prison break
-Being summoned to the Important People table (and being completely out of place)
-Mutt wingman!
-Showing the Countess how to obtain food/drink
-Helping Agate collect SV for the ball and realizing in doing so, she had brought her date a puppy
-FINALLY remembering my defenses against Corrupt
-Fade to Party party!
-The rope along the ground to designate the hallway-- very clever
-Holding the Back Line, and working together so efficiently
-Roff- "This whole being a kin thing is new to me" Mutt (internally)- "Ohhhhh..... hooray!"
-Complimenting all the pretty clothing!
-Mutt Selfies! (which may make a come back)
-Bada describing Etiquette Lessons and the ensuing horror
-FINALLY meeting Silp! <3
-Gronk & the vampire... "I really like this guy!"
-Human Opponent- *gives harrowing speech about giving up and returning to town in the final hours before we die* Mutt- "OH, I've already permanently died once-- this isn't new to me." "Well I-- wait, what?"
-Friends making a surprise visit to come NPC <3
-The duct tape inmate number on the back of some of the NPC prisoners really made it for me

Thanks again y'all, can't wait to do it again!