Favorites of Foyer's Creek 5 day

Hey all,
We loved seeing all of you out at the 5 day! We hope that you enjoyed yourself and want to hear your favorite moments, as well as any small detailed things that made you smile!
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Congratulations Anna/Loreli, you did it girl!

<3 Beryl


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A few favorites from the weekend, I'm currently in a brain fog from fatigue of the week, so I'm guranteed to miss a few.

First off, thanks to all of the NPC's and the kitchen staff for all of the hard work you did this week!

Now in no particular order

  • The boats.
  • Tooti
  • Familiars
  • "Did I just see you dump out that antidote?" "I can't believe everyone just let you turn around to drink that."
  • conversations with Ashtar the dryad as he didn't trust me due to race and trying to kill them while enslaved.
  • The cyphers
  • All of the fun in town, I did so much with the PC and NPC driven mods in town
  • Dumb Animals Game
  • watching the different plot runners, and seeing the different plot styles.
My favorties were all of us (including plot and kitchen) coming together to help make the event more wonderful!

Specific moments:

The farming golem fight with Pride Rock that ended in the hokey pokey.

The anxiety around tea with the emperor.

Owning random property around foyer's creek

The noismaker trap suppository

Appreciation for inclusion/involvement in town plot related activities

Fisting and Willie that son of a bitch

Putting Rangazi into a prison (yes it was mean, but he was also warned about it as a possible consequence)


I'm supposed to be working right now, so I'll be coming back to post more, but I took WAY too much enjoyment out of winning a ritual scroll I didn't even want at a loot auction, just because Glenn wanted it. In all seriousness though, Glenn, if you really want that scroll you can have it...lol.


My 2nd time pc-ing i would say went really well! It was certainly interesting to be on the other side of the fence lol
But favorite moments:
  • Good Soup
  • The 3 Bs with Riqi and Quin
  • Being Hjukes pet human
  • Jack Black with the Rocks
  • Willie!!!!!!
  • The Ball <3
  • Being voluntold to be the safe opener
  • If i had a copper for every intoxicate i drank, Id have Company levels of money
  • Same goes for every time i was asked if i was related to Star


Just wanted to thank everyone for their outreaches of positive energy related to my surgery.

I love how several of the staff rallied to pick up slack left by myself or my wife. I am super happy to hear that overall the event rocked.

The event rocked because our community rocks.


-"Do you have a quill on you? I need the sign this" "How embarrassing..."

-Abom's weather forecasted a chance of..lava? *Later* Well, ****. He was right.

- "I work for Eniahk"

-I know this is a bit of a polarizing subject, and some of you will be shocked to hear it, but have I told you how awesome lightning is recently?

-Openingly threatening to murder anyone who unnecessarily hurts Tuudi

-Being renewed by an elder dryad to turn around and use those renewed skills to kill the same elder dryad half an hour later

I'm sure there are others, and I'll add if I remember.

Fun event. Thanks to all involved.
Oh gosh there was so much but to name a few.

1) My ritual: it felt so good to have it finally finished and the rp that came from it.

2) The just over all drama that happened with my character this weekend. It was such good development.

3) Being enslaved, getting unenslaved to just get enslaved by something else 2 hours later

4) "What is the shocker mean? Maybe I will ask my dad." "It's a sex thing." "Oh.....then he wouldn't know. I will have to ask someone else"

5) Getting to see all of you beautiful people and hanging out.


Since I'm not working when I should be....I'll start a list. If I get any names slightly wrong, I'm sorry. I suck at names.

• Realizing Quin was on vacation and all his responsibilities were on another shard.
• Waiting for the Nexus to drop so I could pay back Riqi for the scroll they bought Quin by reverse rogueing coin into their pouch so they wouldn't know.
• *puts hand on head*"Craftsman other squirrel trainer. How long would it take a well trained squirrel to open the box?"
• Definitely the 3 B's with Riqi and Tabby
• Playing FA&FO in the woods with complete strangers, a fae and a large vat of magical soup
• Sir Gooney. The intrepid townsfolk who obtained Knighthood before our very eyes. He grew up so quickly. Sir Gooney, your title may have been stripped from you, but you will always be a Knight to me.
• Late night Pixie Blackjack. Sup Twelves! (If you know, you know!)
• Discovering the 3 T's with Riqi, which are surprisingly similar to the 3 B's
• Self conscription into the kitchen crew. You're all amazing people and I adore you.
• Round 2 of musical chairs.....I had a fantastic idea for round 3, but no one knew where we could find a mimic.
• Taking the prettiest dryad in all of Foyer's Creek to the ball.....and the subsequent roleplay resulting from the gift I tried not to give them.
• Finally adventuring with Bluwolf, despite attending several gathers with him in the last couple years.
• In game public intoxication. I hope everyone else enjoyed that as much as I did!
• Putting a notch in my belt for helping fell my second Kraken within 9 months. Never thought I'd fight one, but two in under a year?
• It hasn't happened yet, but I know one of my favorites will be arriving back in Summerash to gift all my friends the things I bought for them from the markets. I arrived with a substantial amount of coin, and I return a pauper.
• I have traveled out of state to many a LARP in my short, 7 year career. I was amazed at how friendly and inclusive everyone was, regardless of what side of the fence they were on. I met so many amazing people in and out of game and can't wait to see you all again. I'm excited to potentially see some of you come out to see us in Denver, so we can return your spectacular level of hospitality!
My brain is still rather fried but here are the ones I remember right now

The kraken fight! Favorite mod of the weekend hands down.

Playing Tuti is always fun and it's so nice to hear that PCs like it too

We hit Biata critical mass! 5 biatas in one room is too many!

All of the mental ability stuff and rp that went with it

I really liked the atmosphere that came from the mystery of foyers creek and the presence of the silence. I feel like it added so much to the weekend and so many little interactions happened because of it. By the way, I work for Eniak

The immune to poison duo. So many good moments came from Rengazi and Kira being enslaved and immune to poison. I'm still not sure how he managed to get inside his own circle of power on the last fight

Shoutout to Euthymia and Aura for putting up with me telling them what to do all weekend

Noisemaker suppository. If you know, you know.

Spending the entire evening one night drinking in the tavern in Rathfall. I loved the ambience they created with that scene. They really shouldn't have offered free drinks to a biata with a taste for alcohol

The caterpillar that set off the noisemaker trap that we set up in the circle for the big silence guy. That thing was sensitive!


Atlanta Staff
Oh man where to begin? I'll try to go day by day even though it's largely a blur –
  • Getting to NPC on Wednesday and see how MN runs their game backstage, as well as hang out with Nate, Matt, Ryan C., Laura, and others! You guys were so much fun to NPC with and I liked dual weapon fighting more than I would have thought!
  • Playing His Majesty's Birthday Wednesday night, the card game with 0 consistent rules and so many magic items/scrolls in the pot. The quest to be the Middest was hilariously fun, and I had a blast playing with everyone who had the misfortune to be stuck at our table
  • The most ritual casting I've ever done in my life – thank you for putting up with us Sam, I know Raganzi and I basically lived in your circle
  • Backlash surfing and sharing the glory of it with DeSylvia and the other ritualists! Raganzi and I thought we were so clever and then a few hours after getting enslaved he looks at me, realizing we're immune to the antidotes, and goes "we've made a mistake"
  • Drinks with His Immortal Majesty!!! Shoutout to Ryan as this was so much fun; the first time Halcyon + Lorelei went we got a ritual scroll and he said he was enslaving one of us/amnesiaing all of us; the town quickly fixed us and the next morning we decided to go back again to see if we'd get another scroll. Turns out we got no scrolls and instead were all enslaved, which really proves the point of don't try and cheat the system
    • Likewise, going for the third time to drinks and this time bringing Franz and Babydoll with us (no enslavements this time, just partying). The Cave Order discussion is a very important, very beautiful thing
  • The elemental vault mod - it was cool to have such a roulette of chance of uncovering the coin, and weighing the increasing scaling vs. deciding when to dip out if stakes got too high was a fun risk to balance
  • Wizardin' School! I can't begin to say how cool it was for me to see how many people were excited about this and/or remembered it from last year, and come up to us and ask when it was going to be so they didn't miss it. It was unfortunate it got interrupted but now just builds up more suspense for next time we're up there to get everyone their road names – we'll definitely be holding a session at Minnesota's castle event in October, so be there and ditch your quill!
  • Rathfall!!! Shoutout to that entire team as you guys absolutely killed making a living, breathing world with characters it was immediately easy to care about. The blight marks were a cool conceit and the culture was so rich it felt worth the time/marks to spend over there, even if it brought on adverse effects, and the statting for those fights was spot-on in bringing a real sense of danger
  • Pouring one out for Willie, that sonuvabitch
    • Special shoutout to Brian's response to the Spirit Farewell ritual when asked while dead if he wanted to say anything and just looking at us, saying "no.", and going back to being dead
  • The thunder and impending storm as Willie was returned to the bayou, and the collective "wtf" on all of our faces as Alex called for the blood tithe
  • Sitting with DeSylvia, Roff, and my fellow ritual casters to try and talk to Moon Father, and overcomplicate things to the point of there being serious discussions of voluntarily going to the circle to try and make contact. There's so few ritualists down south this was really special for me and I am so sorry you were stuck with us as long as you were and having to listen to the collective stupidity, Jared
  • Selling the rights to my crown to Loonie, and contractually casting an Audible Projection on a bracelet so now it will shout "sponsored by Loonie's Lemporium" for advertisement purposes. Matt your RP was amazing, and only continued when you brought out soon-to-be Sir Goonie, who tragically tasted knighthood for a single evening before having it pulled away
  • Goonie giving me his sash as the Rose of the Ball, I'll treasure it forever
  • I cannot believe I won the rogue competition but it is now the highlight of my life
  • The emperor calling in on his enslavement and wandering around, seeing people being unsure which side we were on. Similarly once Raganzi and I were stuck in the circle, literally everyone coming up with ways to refuse bringing us Zenia, despite the many bribes being offered. Can't believe the offer of a Perm item didn't do it, Roff
  • Openly preparing for our second enslavement turn in front of people while we were awaiting the second Sunday town battle, and then being able to cash in that spellcrafted Spirit Recall when we were immediately taken back by the town to briefly help out the emperor
  • Last but not least, getting to see newer players really find their footing in the game and diving head-first into plot. It will never stop being an awesome thing to see
I am definitely forgetting a lot of things and will have to add them later, but the TL;DR is that this event was so much fun; the Midwest community is so incredibly welcoming to our group of chubby little birds, and I miss you all already!
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Chicago Staff
What a nice end to the summer! Thank you Andrea, Ryan, and all other staff who ensured this whole weekend was a success.
  • Bobby, the Golem. Such a good dancer.
  • Henrich joining the winning team (Hobling)
  • Auryn's tea party and the treachery of elves!
  • Turning the boat mod into a game of Black Flag.
  • Sam sparring against the entire Pride.
  • Successful Ember Ring meeting
  • Interrogating the Mayor as The Silence while Kai is silently freaking out next to me.
  • Sam deciding to not hold back for the first time in a while during the last auctions.
Rathfall was an absolute pleasure to run for you all. So many favs for me, but here are some of the top ones.
  • I knew the moment Brian showed us the costume he bought for Willie (that we didn't ask him to buy), that everyone would love him. I also knew in that exact moment, he had to die.
  • I secretly love playing NPC undead while trying to be as unnerving as possible towards the players.
  • Special shout out to Rachelle (Cherry the bartender) who not only had never been to Alliance before, but never LARPed before either.
  • Watching Iban love all of our NOLA inspired choices and then seeing the look of absolute betrayal when we said "Roll Tide".
  • The second part of the tavern night was magical. The violent watermelon contest, the intense gambling game of Skull, the breakup that led to the public scrap, all pure magic.
  • Everything from Willie's funeral, the speeches, Tim's music, and the thunder roll after the final moment. Punctuated by Alex's abrupt blood tithe demand from the village that left the PCs super uncomfortable.


Chicago Staff
Thank you all for coming out and for the amazing stories you helped create! I'm sure I've forgotten more experiences than I remember, but here are my favorites:
  • Sphinx in the pit, "Wait, it can talk???"
  • Willy's funeral. The thunder, the music, the reactions. Everything was perfect.
  • Bringing the Dead Pony Inn to life, thank you all for humoring our unorthodox "mods".
  • Rengar and Star in the Blight by themselves.
  • Getting to play my first big bad and talking in the ear of the players affected by it.
  • Test taking with Iggy, please post my entire test. It will be worth it.
  • Killing the Skull-taker with a behind the back stab to the leg, Andrew looked so confused.
  • The boat mod!!! And diving in after the Kraken meat afterwards.
  • Kira's face when one of the Spell Paracites swung a ward back at her.
  • Trying to fix Rengazi and Kira, sorry about your headaches.
  • Bringing in two new members to the Ember Ring, remind me to send out some discord invites.
I'm sure there is plenty I have forgotten. Looking forward to seeing you all again!



Dramatically "dying" in golem theater

Watching the goat npc go about town

Fixing Aura post race reaver killing blow, whispering to eachother. "I call upon earth to grant you life. Play dead" "Oww, ok. "

"Glen, I don't need a rendered bowl."

The race reaver item we immediately dubbed Racist Nephew. Also, all the good magic item puns.

Euthymia joining Hearthfire

Getting in one last dance.


In the order of what comes to mind first;

Watching the starry eyed people hide their eyes/ straight up avoid me as the Star Seeker for a day and a half
and the RP with Hjuke because of it

'Willy! You sonofvabitch'

Running my first mod!

Fighting the starry eyed people as the Star Seeker on Sunday

Kraken mod and getting nailed in the back with a cannon ball

Meeting all the new people! And seeing my friends again after so many months!

Gambling in Buckets End with potion roulette

and probably more that I've forgotten


Favorites of the 5 day 2022:

(no particular order)

Andrea. Thank you. You deserve all the gratitude. THANK YOU! Also - you and chocolate as a biata made me laugh all night- wish you had sat on rex!- thank you!

1. "I'm not enslaved! I know how that sounds but..." Sam force feeding
2. Mutt. Everything Mutt.
3. Having Peggy Sue get proposed to 4 times. And just NPCing with friends. Even when we had few PCs showing up we were having a great time. I loved how Roth jumped in with a story.
4. WTF WHY IS HER NAME TOOTI! Then being the parasite to eat her body... don't take my name...
5. It being my one year larp anniversary and looking around to realize how much I love this group of people and how grateful I am that you all enter into this with me. I love you guys. SO much! Thank you for putting up with me!
6. Improve Bitter girl mod with caitlyn, nay and Laura. I could have stayed rping with you guys all night. "It's not because he is an evil Emperor. It's because he is a MAN!"
7. Meeting Rex
8. Rabbigators
9. The Pride BBQ
10. The spa - nay- you are amazing and I hope you read this and believe it
11. Kitchen... you guys had a LOT to deal with for 5 days and while I only helped in clean up one night I was just SOOOO grateful it wasnt me and Jordan- it was our first short convo and i love your spirit and cant wait to get to know your beautiful self more- also... i wanna buy that cookbook! Riqi... you know BABY!
12. Denver and Atlanta ppl... about 6th months ago "I will never go to ..." now "I wonder if I can drive to them..."
13. Kai. Notes in school.
14. Dancing
15. ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chicago Staff
Being a vampire and openly casting necromancy and not one player saying or doing anything about it

Running Rathfall and the players and NPCs having a blast. Even when there were no players in our tavern we still RPed, like we were having our own separate larp

The Ball was really fun

Musical Chairs and the subsequent intoxicated musical chairs

Goobsack and the subsquent intoxicated goobsack

Running blackjack is always a good time

Seeing and talking with people I haven't seen in a while

Star getting me to develop a hotsauce addiction.


And !

1. JT being an amazing friend oog and funny in showing up in rituals
2. Watching my first ritual which was beautifully done!
3. playing and losing in gambling - Clevage! And to the emperors birthday!
4. dancing beetles
5. saving the town with Liz - guys! Fire is serious!
6. Saving J’rajj
7. Sam your silence is showing
8. iggy going after the kraken
9. Ian and Ethan playing Hannah after Laura and loving every moment
10. my pretty pin from beryl
11. new ppl being amazing! Can’t wait to know you guys well!
12. the Atish militia making my life chaotic and beautiful


So many things, but these are some that stick out

1. Making new friends with Aura and Elmira! I love you guys so much, and I can't wait to cause more chaos!
2. Franz and Tuli's coffee: attached to that, morning coffee chats with Franz and various others! One of the highlights of my week!
3. Eli. Oh Eli. You're awesome to hang out with, and I'm so glad you stuck around
4. Kira, I trusted you.
5. The Foyer's creek gambling card game on Wednesday night. We are all the Middest.
6. Aiden danced with me! Maybe he'll fall in love with me and we'll get married and....oh no I'm blushing....
7. Basically being the Militia Mom when everyone made poor decisions and got drunk. Iban, no more drinking in taverns in Rathfall!
8. Chatting late into the night on Sunday! And learning just how much Beans knows about the Percy Jackson series.

And the most important: feeling like I belong with this group of wacky, amazing people. I can't wait to see you all again!