So, how about that event y'all?


Rain playing Angana, and the whole scene there. I had been looking forward to that scene for SO long, and it was exactly what I would have wanted it to be.

Thank you so much <3


Sassing with Elryion, The MWE mod, RP with Valim, Vanyel, and Elryion after Alara's murder/sacrifice, and the Ritualist Conclave. I really wish there had been enough jade to try it.


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Cookie, Cookie, and Macaroon were great. Particularly throwing my last kinetic blast at Macaroon on Sunday morning and getting deathed for my trouble.

Another epic plan that didn't happen - the suicide run back to the Outsider control room. We'd have died horribly but it would have been amazing.


Finding a PC character that meant a lot to my character's past. (would be more specific but at the moment, my character wouldn't want to reveal it. ;) )
Getting hit by whatever glowy green eyed thing Greg was playing in the final battle only to have him say, "OH! Tyrran born! Tasty, tasty!" Sorry I couldn't return an earth empowered terminate - even as ineffectual as that probably would have been.
Seeing and RPing with people and characters I haven't been near for over half a decade
Having a physical obstacle course to overcome in the prison realm


Even though I may have met Ashyln (sp?) once, getting to actually hang out with her a bunch was fantastic. This eventually lead to her attempting to talk to glowing lights on the wall, attempting to healing arts them and eventually pressing the button and teleporting away followed up by "BOOP IT! BOOP IT! BOOP THE BUTTON!"


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Friday night and everyone involved were great.

Trying to squire appropriately by introducing all of the relevant noble people to each other.

Tairin handing VV the soul bowl, and telling her there's nobody else Tairin would trust with it.

LORE. Intelligence was a busy pursuit.


Everything was awesome, but my personal favorite was leading the barbarian war rite Friday night. I'd actually be very interested in hearing the opinions about it from the others who joined me since I'm considering doing things like it more often.
Rain playing Angana, and the whole scene there. I had been looking forward to that scene for SO long, and it was exactly what I would have wanted it to be.
The fact that the event was so frackin huge, and all of the diversity of RP and experience that offered. When plot was swamped there was more than enough opportunities to keep your hands full with other PCs.

Like, I had no idea Angana had made an appearance, and I was specifically on the lookout for her.

All of the PC/NPC interactions around Valkyrie/Silverrose Plot , even though we didn't achieve everything we wanted with it. I know it's not everyone's IG or OOG speed, but it was amazing to watch so many people get excited about participating in their own chapters.


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Seeing friends from last year from Acarthia and making new friends from Calandonia this year.