February 2.0 Event! 15-17th 2019 - Pre-Reg closed

Lia Lonalys

Kansas Staff

2.0 Event Date: February 15-17, 2019

The next 2.0 event is upon us!
Once again you will be using the Character Management Application (CMA).
Thank you all for your patience as we begin the transition to the online database!

**Characters must be finalized 1 day after pre-registration.
SATURDAY February 9th
This is when character sheets will be pulled for the game!**

TO-DO Items:

1. (PC's) Pay &send in your Production Form!
Click here
When filling out the form, *Make a Copy* first, then email a link to Logistics at

*** Note, as of 8 Feb we are experiencing some technical difficulties with the website.
***For this month, please send direct payments to
AllianceKansas@gmail.com ****

2. (PC and NPC) Use the Character Management Application (CMA) to pre-register for the event!

*Please include the following your CMA pre-registration NOTES!*

Magic Item Information:

-Item #
-1.3 Ritual (circle)
-2.0 Ritual (circle)
-New Rep Info

GS Production: (100GS limit)

Food? (If Yes, Allergy Notes):

3. (PC's) - Set up your Spell Memorization in the CMA!

***First time accessing the CMA?***

- New players, create an account!
- Follow Steps 1 and 2 after that!

* We recommend using the
Character Builder Spreadsheet
to play with builds before you create it in the CMA!
This sheet was made by another player of Alliance Larp.

Kitchen Shifts!
We pay $10 to anyone who cooks a meal, and $5 to anyone who takes a full dish shift! Below are listed the available shifts for this game!
If you would like to sign up for one of these shifts, please either reach out to @Kix on discord, or email into AllianceKansasLogistics@gmail.com

  • Friday Dinner
    - Illise Cooking & Lily Dishes
  • Saturday Breakfast

    - Illise Cooking & Lily Dishes
  • Saturday Lunch
    - Lily Cooking & Serraby Dishes
  • Saturday Dinner
    - Skyler Cooking & Serraby Dishes
  • Sunday
    - Lia Cooking & Renynn Dishes

This is the last month if you want to try two different builds -

Travelers, 2nd Builds and those with no CMA account:
**The pdf needs all sections visible from Character Name down through all Purchased Skills. **

Remember, your actual character cards are still in the old Database.
Thank you for your patience during this transition to the CMA, and we look forwards to seeing you in game!!!
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Chief Technology Officer
South Michigan Staff
Please keep in mind Tuesday the 5th, the changes for the new packet will hit the live version of the CMA. Your character build maybe affected. (This is especially true if you're a character with high magic).

You might want to change or tweak your build based on that.
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Chief Technology Officer
South Michigan Staff
I've finished the upgrade. If you'd like to change your build, @Lia Lonalys or @Kix can help. If something looks wrong, feel free to reach out to me.