February 2019 Favorite Moments!

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  1. Leora Wambach

    Leora Wambach Newbie

    Hello Alliance family! It has been our tradition to post our favorite moments here for others to peruse and enjoy. Please share yours so that I (and others) can live vicariously through your fun and also share our own.

    Also, here's a link to the BGA form and event feedback form. Please fill out both to help plot team, and yourself! BGAs are due NO LATER than two weeks before the next game. <3 I'll post another reminder as we get closer.

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  2. Bealocwealm

    Bealocwealm Newbie

    First game!

    - My char managed to get some Seriously Good Reasons To Remain In New Acarthia, despite the chaos of the gathering and the fact that it was Only Sort Of in New Acarthia. Which, for a new char who wasn't even sure he wanted to be an adventurer at the start, is some pretty serious ****.

    - Watching Puck and the elf whose name I have no clue of, wrestle in the snow. That was hilarious and also adorable

    - Pretty sure some Scion yelled across the tavern at me, "Get me a glass of water, ratman!" and my char just stared at her really puzzled and she's like "AAAH IT LOOKED" and started laughing and it was quite funny, despite Fife not going to pursue it.

    - The way Belshwin scared the absolute crap out of Fife when they very first met. Fife totally thought he was some sort of wealthy merchant or lordling using their power to extort what little loot he'd found from him.

    - Running from the Chaos... Lord? That gave us thirty seconds to get out of the cave.

    - the conversation about blood magic tho
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  3. Jerilynw

    Jerilynw Newbie

    I loved getting whapped in the back of the head by the Kobold playing a game with us - I'd never experienced such a shock like that before! I also loved being the only healer with the Destined on Sunday - first time in that position, and it was really great practice. I also really enjoyed the extra challenge of traversing the snow, oddly enough. It was interesting. And crafting with my fellow crafters! And shooting arrows with Fife in the deep, dark cave.
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  4. Leora Wambach

    Leora Wambach Newbie

    Here are mine. This list took some time to come up with. It was a very weird game, for me. I think I was a bit thrown off my immersion but I still had some really good RP.

    * Accidentally bringing all of the gather with us whilst trying to bring only one group to Valarion, and then ending up in a chaos plane instead. Whoops. Our bad, guys. Look on the bright side, at least we didn't leave any of you behind. You're welcome.
    * The reconnecting of Nirrabex and Alis brought me so much joy.
    * The whole complicated slew of emotions around finding Nytillit. The lead up, the event itself, and then after were all so good and SO intense that poor Nissa had to check in with me after game to make sure we were okay, lol. I also really enjoyed the part where Nytillit made Alis try to kill her. This is going to be fun.
    * Cynder's choice.
    * Although I didn't get very much of it, all of the RP between Alis and Parzivel was intense and good this game, and that's always enjoyable for me.
    * Sitting in the cold with Elwin and Arlen while Alis had a huge attack of imposter syndrome. Thanks for being hardcore, guys. <3
    * Walks in the snow with beloved people.
    * Nytillit being confused about why the petmen were just allowed to roam around free and untempered.
    * Nirrabex challenging and claiming what she wanted.
    * Helping Izual figure out his birthday.
    * RP with Hvalr was oddly fulfilling considering he doesn't talk. I really enjoyed it a lot.
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  5. Arlen

    Arlen Newbie

    *My first team game!
    *Being left behind by the rest of the Scions, only to catch up enough to see them getting ambushed going into the tavern. This left me staring at the back of the entire Saturday-night Chaos Elemental fight with no way to get to the tavern. Luckily, they were distracted, so I found a window where I could actually ambush someone and get into the tavern.
    *Getting knighted as a knight of Face Horn Town
    *Complaining about/mocking the Acarthian Times with Gillian
    *Smacky time!
    *Very Serious Discussions
    *Actually talking to Peat!
    *The Juggernaut fight
    *Heated cabins
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  6. Mike

    Mike Newbie

    Going all weekend long without anyone discovering that I was a doppelganger. jk maybe?

    First game as a PC
    *First kill, 10 elemental flame to a stone elf kidnapper whoosh
    *First fall, blocking the door as a corpse so big bad chaos elemental couldn't get in, but being only 2 feet away from a great and lovely healer, mostly by accident
    *Learning so much about elemental marks, looking forward to learning more, stonemarked/watermarked I'm looking at you
    *The mage guild meeting, feels like this place is one lava lamp short of a hookah lounge
    *Listening to veteran players stories, listening to players, listening to NPCs, listening
    *Finally coming to the conclusion that my build works just fine, after 4 months of debating
    *Figuring out that Tabitha was the sleeper
    *PC bunks are better than the NPC bunks, also heated cabins
    *The sudden change in the biata and all related hijinks
    *Teaching Sirobbie? how to pick locks for fun and profit
    *Opening my first locked chest, killer magic item inside
    *"Oh thi...is that a trap? I would have walked right into that"
  7. Belswin

    Belswin Newbie

    Props to Aneria for decorating and Anders for the laid back feel!!!
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  8. Ken

    Ken Newbie Alliance Logistics

    • 100% debt free!
    • Getting dragged into Merchant's Guild drama. Less enthused about missing Healer's Guild meeting because of it, but drama!
    • Apparently actually getting the Merchant's Guild drama sorted? Looks like boots are back on the menu.
    • Finally, my first crafting commission! Aaaand it's booze.
    • Peat party!
    • Uncomfortable chat with the petman and some scions. YOU MONSTERS.
    • That conversation about blood magic ;)
    • Finally getting to chat with Ivy, Aneira, etc.
  9. Mark of Chaos

    Mark of Chaos Artisan Denver Staff

    Warchester lecturing someone else on their poor choices.


    Yeah. I know.
  10. Leora Wambach

    Leora Wambach Newbie

    Sorry Not Sorry. It would help if we had more Wylderkyn and less Petmen. ;)
  11. Pandi

    Pandi Newbie

    • Warchester time! I’m glad we have cabins to accommodate the team together again.
    • Helping the scions. I don’t feel like I did a ton but being present and around felt important to me.
    • Snugrasil forever. This may never die.
    • Also finally snuggling Noah once leaving our guard shift.
    • Congrats to Anders
    • Still loving Mage build in new rules. Except Jesse not knowing I was there because my magic storms don’t sound the same.
    • Talking to new squire bad choices about said bad choices.
    • The crossroads crew. Thanks for the photos and the laughs.
    • Sunday morning serous talks. I’m sad they interrupted cuddles but I was glad to be involved.
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