February Rumors 523

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“As part of her movement to unite Gavaria, Queen Pavia bought a bunch of Moridium powder from the Garrett Trading Company. It’s supposedly pretty low-grade stuff, but it’ll be enough for a few quick trips, and I heard common folk can requisition some in order to seek help from afar when they can’t get help locally.”

“Good thing Cinem is safer again and they got that last harvest in. Now there’s plenty of food to go around! Not sure if it’s a good thing that there are plenty of Trolls to go around as well, but hey, if it means food is back on our plates, it is what it is.”

“More ships have gone missing along the coast of Atish than usual. Losing a ship here and there to bad weather is one thing - especially with all those nasty storms the further you head out to sea - but there’s no way weather alone is responsible for all the disappearing ships lately.”

“Some of the High Ogres in Cinem seem particularly bent out of shape that the old lighthouse on Bajin Island has gone out. The thing had apparently been lit when they first sailed to the island and it never went out until that Brura troll showed up. They say it’s an omen of bad things to come…but if I’m being honest, High Ogres can be a mighty superstitious lot.”

“I heard some excavation team from Skain has been hired to dig further into Atupal. I’d have figured they’d want to keep their distance after what happened to poor Roy, but this wouldn’t be the first time Skainites have done something stupid for the sake of discovery.”

“The Blackmoon Sentinels ‘ave gotten real strict ‘bout their dragon huntin’ licenses lately. Seems they don't want nobody huntin’ dragons ‘less they say ya can. At least some color dragons are easier ta get licenses for than others.”

“Count Tillbane just gave away a week's food for everyone in East Passwall, all without levying any additional taxes!”

“A large shipment of building materials was shipped to Winter’s Rest by Lady Bancroft. Perhaps the town is getting some watchtowers set up to avoid another disaster.”

“The Miranda Family's trade lines are doing even better than usual lately. Must have secured some new, juicy contracts.”

“My aunt’s is a Royal courier, and she says that General Daybright and Countess Thorn were both being sent formal summons to Rosen to speak with Queen Pavia about something. I wonder what it could be.”

“Remember all those purple-striped jellyfish we used to see everywhere when we went to the ocean as kids? I haven’t seen one in a while. I wonder what happened to them all.”

“Copper’s getting pretty rare in Skain, since it keeps getting used up in different experiments and inventions. I know Duke Desmond is on the hunt for some new copper veins in the mountains to satiate demand, but in the meantime, some of the researchers are willing to pay out the nose for the stuff.”

"I saw some of the royal soldiers from the capital on their way to Passwall! Queen Pavia must have sent them to help with the undead problem."

“Golden Clank Conglomerate is putting a tax on octopus poaching or some such nonsense. What do they want with all the octopi?”
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