Fellow scroll users

Josh Voorheez

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So i have acquired a decent collection if scrolls and I was wondering what others are using to keep them organized at game.


Alliance Logistics
I've got a small leather photo album with scrolls spanning the pages, but it's just for organization, not combat use.

For combat, one of my bracers has some metal studs. If I put holes through some scrolls I can put them on and keep them there with some little leather bits. I also tie a few scrolls to the grip area of my staff.


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For combat I bought an extra large windowed playbook bracer. I use this and blacked out the Nike logo: https://tinyurl.com/y6jm55ox. You'll need to make your own scroll props though as they're non-standard sized.


guest check holder from a restaurant. I added some packing tape to the inside to make a full pocket.

I have what I call my “scroll bracer”. It is made of leather and is worn like a normal bracer. On top of it are two leather flaps that are held close with magnets. When the flaps are open there are two sets, four total, stacks of folded up 2x8 scrolls that unfold for easy use. The scrolls are all hole punched and held to the bracer via Chicago-screws. It has made all the difference in my scroll-o-mancy.

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Similarly I also use a bracer with a scroll binder attached to it. I'm pretty sure this is the binder. Binder: 4pkt: Dragon Hide GY https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EV3XABC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Si8aDbYE0YZDX I added Velcro dots to its pages to keep them open to the selected one in combat. The binder can be used well with out the bracer if you don't mind holding it while casting. I prefer to use that hand for a staff.


I don't like having things attached to me, so I made a small scroll book that fits into my satchel. I took a cheap 4x6 photo album, wrapped it with some faux leather in the way that I wrapped textbooks as a kid, and I put the scroll reps into the sleeves. I even made some simple reps to make them stand out and faster to sort through. In the future, I'm going to print them out of different colors of paper to make it even easier.


I have about 25-30 scroll reps attached to the back of my shield; and then carry reloads separately.