Female Armor


jpariury said:
I do admit to a teenage crush I had back when I first started playing NERO. I forget who she was... she wore a full suit of red scalemail and fought two-hander almost as well as Alaric.

That was me in drag.

I believe that one year for a fund drive, the SCA had a Female Fighter of the SCA calendar where they took female fighters and put them in all of the typical swimsuit calendar settings and poses but they wore their full armor.
Deadlands said:
Yes, full plate is hot. On a woman it clearly says the following: "I am not here to be a healer. I shall own your face. I will smite thee, and make your spouse hold my cape while I do so."

And, well, that is attractive. I feel.

This is SO the truth...


Deadlands said:
Full plate. Sword and shield. Beautiful blonde or redhead, and the hair has to be at least shoulder length.

That is my future wife. I have no further criteria.
Duke Frost said:
Deadlands said:
Is there something wrong with me if I think that a women in full plate, Joan of Arc style, is far sexier than in armor that just protects the crotch and nipples?

I guess what I'm asking is...am I gay?

We had been wondering that for years and we finally came up with this answer:

"No, just metro."


Nothing wrong with metros! :) But everything wrong with a guy who eliminates brunettes! lol


To be a little more helpful:

http://www.schmitthenner.com/ The biggest variety of functional female armor I've ever seen.

Amelia I believe was trying to sell her set in the marketplace section FYI.


kittenpunk2 said:


fits like leather looks like mettle made of fiberglass and air plain quality plastics? "shinny me want" **sad face at price....**

For the record, I used to work at this shop and it is actually how I got hooked up with NERO when someone came down in 1992 to the shop for some special armor. The armor is vacuum-formed with plastic that is used in many luggage pieces (the plastic is called kydex). The design work is actually pieces of cast latex that are then hot glued on and the entire thing is painted with a metallic drybrush technique. It looks good, feels VERY fake but it's great for the stage so that dancers aren't trying to leap with 20 pounds of metal.