Few new Suits of Armor Made, Commissions open

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Ithica, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Ithica

    Ithica Adept

    Hello All, I know its been some time.

    1st, I am opening my commission Cue for custom orders, turn around time for your custom stuff is DEC 2017.

    Also I currently have a lot of wares in made and ready to go, from bracers, pauldrons bags as well as Breastplates.

    2nd, Here are a few new , UNIQUE Sets of armor I have recently completed, Available for sale. More pictures can be seen at
    https://www.facebook.com/Warlords-Crusade-272602992846890/or www.warlordscrusade.com , As well as other Suits/Armor available.
    "Emperors Armor"

    Distressed/Weather "Doctorae" Musculata IMG_1168[1].JPG

    "Warlords Breastplate" Circa 2017 #2
    And Though not unique, but for a limited time. "White Segment BP" Fully articulating Plates.
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  2. Parzivel

    Parzivel Artisan

    Your work is just amazing. Does your armor generally count as 1 point per area (before workmanship bonuses)?
  3. Ithica

    Ithica Adept

    Thank you much for praise,
    At this game it is 1 step below max per location, or used to be, I believe. Scale-mail gives max. I have not played in some time. Other Larps/Dragonhir, it is one step below plate, in most cases Giving equality to Ring/chain.

    In full contact other groups, such as SCA, personal use it. Except where hard point are actually required such as head, sternum, elbow, knees, throat.
    Apologies for the delay in response, I do not get on these boards as much as I'd like to anymore.
    -Todd S.
  4. Ithica

    Ithica Adept

    Here are a few more recently done, should get you max points in a few locations. And near Max in other.

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  5. Crowsson

    Crowsson Newbie

    Hey I'm new to LARPing and I want to make my own Chainmail and I was wondering if you could give me some tips and tricks.

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  6. tieran

    tieran Duke Gettysburg Staff Marshal

    I made my own (and some for others) years ago and I would heavily advocate for just buying it already made.

    I realize that is unhelpful for your stated goal, so, here's some other thoughts.

    If you feel you have to make it, buy the rings already wound and cut.

    Theringlord.com is your best resource for rings and they also have a ton of good info about what to buy and the differences between materials and different pieces of paraphernalia and tools, etc.

    Galvanized steel rings are probably your best bet for a mix of cheap and durable.

    For the same size ring, and a lower cost (both per pound and over all for the suit), but with a significant drop in the durability, aluminum is an option.

    If you don't mind the extra cost and want to save on weight, but not give up on durability, titanium is the way to go, and looks amazing.

    So, there's my two cents.

    If you do make it, post pictures!
  7. Crowsson

    Crowsson Newbie

    Thank you for the help I'll check out theringlord.

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  8. Muir

    Muir Fighter

    Even if you want mild steel, hit up ebay. A few Indian companies have started doing flat ring and round ring riveted steel suits in the sub-$200 range that aren't bad. When you figure the time investment to make one on your own, that's a downright steal.
  9. Ithica

    Ithica Adept

    Making a chainmail piece is tideous, but a youtube video is far better at explaining than I ever could in a message. I honestly only do about 5% chainmail, I work with plate and scale, and then mostly leather. As for supplies, The ring lord .com as Tieren above said, is a great place to get it, probably have some tutorial videos.

    Back to my OP, my custom work commission cue is now closed and filled until April 18. I still have plenty of bracers, belts, and my breastplate styles in made. So hit me up if interested.
  10. Crowsson

    Crowsson Newbie

    Thanks todd!

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