Fight Practice and Craft Day

Grull Grok

Hello, I'm hosting the fight practice on 1/28 and the Crafting day on 1/27. For the fight practice please bring your own weapons if you can and extra if you have any, I do not own enough weapons, shields, and packets so more helps. Then for the crafting day I do have some tools but will not be supplying pvc, foam, bird seed, fabric, ect. Please bring what you need to craft.
Crafting day 1/27 at 3pm
2150 Cliff Road East, Burnsville MN

Fight Practice 1/28 at 5pm
Fall out arts co-op
2601 2nd ave S MPLS

P.s I will have some food and beverages but if you wanna bring more (like a pot luck) then please don't hesitate.